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I guess we're just on the way to the gym it's a little bit later on today right now we have been spending the whole day looking for apartments cause you know we're currently living in Britney's mom's place but haven't found anything yet we've kind of let down by what we did see so about six apartments and it just wasn't we were looking for I think we were just looking in the wrong area because we're currently in downtown and we're going to a place downtown tomorrow we've been looking like outside the city but we think we should be looking inside the city because they're just gonna be like newer builds there's the update on apartment searching we're doing a back workout I'm gonna be trying something a little bit different I'm gonna be dead lifting to start off I'm gonna be trying sumo deadlift I've actually seen where they lifted just once before but it was like six months ago in Boston and it's something I really want to get bear up so we're gonna try that today while we break in our in the belt because I have actually used it yet I was recommended to use a sweat pad underneath my tank top to like help break it in but like and a bitch so I'm gonna break it in the right way I'm also really excited to deadlift today as well because I actually took two days off over the weekend because I didn't realize I've been training every single day for two weeks and just like it got to the point about three days ago where my whole body was just in pain I was like struggling to even like touch my kneecaps let alone my toes like my hamstrings were so tight my back hurt I just felt like I was wearing a corset around my rib cage because I was just like I'll basically damaged trying to lift so heavy on my compound lifts so consistently that I felt my body needed just like a two day rest so I rested over the weekend and now we got back at that time we got CG's new pre-workout and we're mixing it with a mango BCA's pretty big scoop maybe a little bit more I've never actually tried these two together I've tried C G's pre-workout by itself that was like a nine out of ten the mango by itself is like an eight point five so together we had to find out this is so good you told me this was good it's got nine point five what would a 10-bit holy shit first set out the way right now I'm gonna try to get like a feel for the movement and the weight and just like the change of position of my feet but please let me know in the comments if you have any pointers any critiques like I really want to get good at this lift and if you guys can help me out with this lift like I'd really appreciate it all advice is welcome like if you want to tell me I'm shit tell me I'm shit and I'll obviously try and get better we're gonna put two plates on the bar right now and see if it feels like any more sturdy because I feel kind of off-balance it's strange but we'll see looking back at the fridge there's three things never like I'm fucking up I never wear shoes when I deadlift but I feel like if I wear socks my feet will slip on the wood so should I wear my squat shoes to help me out with a balance like are they just squat shoes or are they deadlift shoes as well can I use them for deadlifting I'm not sure number two I feel like I'm overextending my back like I feel like I'm bringing the weight who far back which I know is bad for your spine but while I'm doing the lift like it kind of just feels natural to feel like I just don't need to bring my back as far back as I am and then number three I feel like I'm not bending my knees enough like I feel like I'm not bringing my body low enough like I'm almost using my lower back too much and not engaging my hamstrings and my glutes enough but that's just my own critiques if you got anything else for me lay on me definitely feel a lot more stable like I fill up my toes with the ultra booster like pushing out the sides which like makes me feel unstable but with the squat shoes I feel like a brick cemented to the ground so yes for the squat shoes five sets in total we've sumo deadlift I'm gonna convert back over now to regular deadlifts to still feel like I'm doing something productive and I still want to lift a little bit heavier so let's break this in I am still gonna be including sumo deadlifts into future backup clothes really do you want to figure this format and get better at this no judge please let me know in the comments like help me get better so I can help you get better a little bit give and take you know I'm saying wearing this Belton is going to be so hard either I have the curl strength of a small child or I'm just a bitch I feel like I've been doing it wrong as far as like trying to get stronger in these lists I feel like I need like a schedule some sort of programming because I've been trying to PR every single time I deadlift or bench or squat and it's not the smartest way to do things I know you need to build up to these big lifts okay I'm not trying to be a power lifter I just come to the gym to be the best at everything that I can be the best at so I want to look as good as I can look and I want to be as strong as I can be almost like power building but not because I still wanna like body bill which is mainly high perch feet but it would be nice to be strong at the same time when I call that day I'm dead list and yet on the rest of the back you couldn't already tell we're actually at a different proof fitness we had to come to one about ten minutes down the street there's YouTube and it's quite a shame that they are so close but even so the one who closed at nine o'clock and I spent so much time messing around deadlifting and trying to like get my form right that we ran out of time there's the back okay so it came to this proof to finish off it's about eleven o'clock right now so we're gonna head back I shouldn't have had a pre-workout this late honestly the CGT pre-workout it makes you sweat so freakin much like it feels great like I have a great workout on the pumps good too but just like I sweat profusely and I feel like it's a little bit unnecessary you know maybe I still looks half a scoop and see what that's like it's the humidity in the pre-workout just come back from the store this is everything we picked up this is the first episode of with Brandon soft buddy today we're going to be doing the Rosary I stopped because some popcorn the movie not we're about to watch it matrix three because that fucking psycho puffs this is the tower of sources as you can see we have a walk but a sweet onion salsa b-list Brittany things the other ones to spice a spin in Jakarta Joko Sanchez well at least I've never tried before orange Doritos Brittany's is already like them I think I loved it for Mexican cheese because Mexican doesn't know what they're doing with the cheeses and because a whip basic Instagram because tomatoes up ice cream because we're trying to save on calories I'm actually a skinny bitch yards I promise but we got these in flavor oatmeal book a peanut butter and jelly raspberries and blueberries then we have some tomorrow's four outlets in the morning they fit over to this seasoning that your men to season Pablo with but fuck you we're gonna use on chicken mushrooms we have some Baptist we have some onions we have some really not so lean burgers then we have some sirloin steaks because I'm a rich bitch and sell it so I like it then we have some actual chicken right here but as you can see the butcher did a very bad job at removing the fat it's basically still living why do we like that that has a notch I'm sorry I'm gonna do a NASA mom as you can see we have Cinnamon Toast Crunch captain lunch but Britney said I need to try the blabble versions of you got the first one the og Frosty's could not be denied and finally we have these beeps Britney really likes Bob Todd by head the man apparent it is three no self can be brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts and finally awesome and cheesy use stuff across the pepperoni pizza because I promise my diet starts tomorrow that is it for today as a mom I've already hope you enjoyed it – see you in the next one good morning guys it's from the next day now just go back from doing this and fasted cardio slowly implements in that back into the routine because I'm approaching wale status went to do some shopping realize it and get everything I needed last night for the following week because debating on doing somewhat of a mini Curt a couple of weeks ago actually a month ago we was invited to go to the Cayman Islands with everyone from Houston after summer shredding basically to celebrate the whole summer shredding you know event and Christian finishing his dieting phase afterwards he always goes to the Cayman Islands and he actually kindly invited me and Britney feel along with them but for some reason we'd like everything that's going on right now moving apartments trying to find a place moving to America in June and we thought we'd be little bit too busy so we're always invited we were like are we don't know if we can go last-minute decision the flights were exponentially more expensive we have now decided to go to the Cayman Islands with everyone that's going from Houston Max Christian Heidi Shirley Gabi a bunch of the about hopefully athletes Rueben be going to the Cayman Islands in just over a week's time so it's time to get back into shape because I could not be the only one because everyone's dies in everyone's literally getting shredded for this trip and I'm gonna be the whale you know the beached whale I can imagine everyone just laying on the beach I'll be off to the distance and like you know Christian will say max is that is that beach whale I try to lose a little bit of water weight I'm not gonna lose any body fat I'm just gonna like do this or I feel better about myself get an apartment Cayman Islands so much red in come back decorate the apartment because it is gonna be unfurnished so we need to do some serious furniture shopping or just like renting I don't really know we're gonna do we haven't got plan for that yet I'm gonna in the video here I've got a lot work to do today and I still haven't eaten breakfast so if you enjoyed this video please smash the like button if you haven't already join the dance club please subscribe fucking outta my shoulder mmm one shoulder it's gonna be bigger than the other eventually this camera is no joke if you haven't already please subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next


  1. Looking natty buddy. Bet your chomping at the bit to up the drugs again u little inbred brit

  2. A7 deadlift slippers

  3. Most annoying cunt on YouTube

  4. The ASMR with Brandon Softbody a.k.a. chunga, face had me rolling, definitely the way grocery hauls should be done

  5. Do you use whey protein or mass gainer? Or do a low-starch diet, rich in protein and fat?

  6. Mate how is your grip strength THAT strong? 4 plates a side with no straps? mad tings

  7. That ASMR just reminded me of the Harry Potter scene when Harry talks to Sirius Black in the Gryffindor common room πŸ˜‚

  8. The ASMR FUCKING KILLED MEπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It was seriously the funniest thing ever

  9. Why does he talk as if every word is a question. He raises his pitch almost every word, fuckin annoying.

  10. Bro the ASMR part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Bring the bar as close to your shins as possible (hence why many powerlifters wear knee sleeves on their shins for deadlifts) and increase the angle your feet are pointing outward but not so much that you feel off-balance

  12. hahahaha 6:50 I'm dead this man just massaged the bag of popcorn

  13. If you do an asmr channel I am definitely going to subscribe!!! That had me dying!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Lol the ASMR part had my dead. Do it more often

  15. Back needs to be completely strait for sumo, try pushing through your heels! Squeezing more in the hams and glutes

  16. you need to look up eyes up ,ass low ,back straight and keep Good form all the away and I actually need help with some as well please text me at @woahh.ivan

  17. Hahaha the ASMR was funny af πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  18. The ASMR was the funniest thing I’ve ever watched πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Juggernaut Training System has a video series on deadlift (5) of them that were extraordinarily helpful. Check them out. Chad Wesley Smith is a fantastic coach. Major props on the weight though. I’d only caution about hyperextending your back and the type of shoes you wear when you DL

  20. Do the Olympia coward

  21. Asmr bit was lowkey incredible

  22. I watched all your videos feom start to finish.youre living proof that when you set your mind and soul into something u can accomplish it.ive been watching and learning from u and thats helped me out alot.thanks bro and keep it up with these amazing videos.

  23. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE ASMR telling the dog to shut up is toooo relate able lmfaooo

  24. Somethig that works for me… try to loock into a mirror.. have a profile vision while lifting.. helps you so much to do that mind conection and keep that curve on you back… nice job good body gg brrrrrandon

  25. I started sumo deadlifting unable to even reach the bar on the floor with my legs just outside my arms. I used to pull off plates but I slowly became able to touch it on the ground. I slowly got my stance wider and wider until I got to my optimum width. I’d recommend for u to do the same. As well as this, I’d say to sit into it as much as possible and to ensure ur completely aligned I’d say use a mirror side on or stand side on to a mirror and look on a light weight to see if you’re completely aligned. * also make sure your feet are around 30 degrees/ 45.

  26. I weight 150 but i max out at 215.. Is that good?????

  27. Literally dying at the asmr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. When you initiate the left. Push ur feet down and spread the floor.

  29. Guys i need an answer what does the deadlift traget? The back or the legs im confused!!

  30. Great video

  31. Take your shoes off or get some solid base shoes with no elevation on the heel, so converses will be the better

  32. Hey Brandon, I got a really good plan to increase your strength at compound Lifts. I tried out myself and it worked pretty well for me and my Trainer who is a professional powerlifter.
    Let me tell you how it works:
    So your current pr in the compunds are your base to start, from this point on you calculate 75% of your 1RM for the first week in which your going to perform 5 sets of 6 reps. In the second week you are doing 5 sets of 5 reps with 80% based on your 1 RM … so on and so on. To keep I'll break it down in a table:
    1 Week: 75 % of 1RM 5 sets for 6 reps
    2 Week: 80 % of 1RM 5 sets for 5 reps
    3 Week: 85 % of 1RM 5 sets for 4 reps
    4 Week: 90 % of 1RM 5 sets for 3 reps
    5 Week: 95 % of 1RM 5 sets for 2 reps
    6 Week: Try a new 1RM with the smalest weight you got in your gym so for me in my gym, I try the net PR with 2,5 kg added to my 1RM 6 weeks ago. If you can perform an easy rep try and get a PR even higher, if you fail, try and start the 6 week cycle again.
    Excuse my bad englisht πŸ˜€
    Keep up the good work, your a big Inspiration of mine.

  33. Keep going bro you are the best πŸ’ͺ🏻

  34. Yes you can use squat shoes. Yes no need to extend too much keep it shorter tension. Squeeze glutes and hams more πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏼 keep it up brother im the same boat rn

  35. Omg lololol that whisper portion reminded me of professor snape from Harry Potter

  36. To keep it all tight you want to set up as you’d usually would how wide you’d place your leg you then when at upright position bend over to grab the bar till you can feel tightness on your hamstrings to ensure you are not overly using your back an then sit it to a position where u feel comfortable you also look over the bar abit to much so try to keep back to ensure tightness

  37. Why do you never do pull ups?

  38. DONT USE FOR DEADS, they push u forward with the weight. i have the same shoes. wear flat flat shoes

  39. Just that blueberryyy partπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  40. Hardbody asmr

  41. This is a really great tutorial from a badass power lifter. https://youtu.be/JyZK6-QzX1A

  42. Did great job just with the sumo you need to pay attention to the direction of your feet and make sure both of them are equally into the direction that they’re pointing to there was a comment on here saying don’t use squat shoes I disagree whatever allows your heels to stay on the ground so your feet will be flat and besides you said that it felt great so I completely agree with you on that whatever feels best whatever makes you the most comfortable do it also wearing about the heavy lifts go as heavy as you can allow yourself to go you will come to a point where you are going to make slow gains after you reach that pinnacle so I say keep going heavy but be smart about it

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