I chose the date for my next Bodybuilding, Men's Physique Competition

what's up you guys rave Taurasi here and to answer your immediate question you're probably wondering why is raped Rosie half naked so I wanted to do a quick little video just to let you guys know that I have officially chosen the date of my next competition a lot of you guys have been asking when you're gonna compete again are you gonna compete again the answer is yes and I've chosen it today so some of you might not be familiar with me and the fact that I compete and I'm into fitness and all that and you're thinking wait this guy's gonna compete for bodybuilding he doesn't look like a bodybuilder and those guys are like huge and Jackson might look like the roided-out well in the bodybuilding competition world there are different categories that you can compete in so I can pee in what's called men's physique and that is when you see those guys wearing board shorts and they're just really really ripped yeah they a lot of them are still huge but they're just not gonna be like full-on bodybuilding competitors or the classic guys it's basically judged from the waist up I mean it's it's still a good idea to work on your calves and make sure you have proportionate size in your legs but for the most part it's focused on the waist up it's about size yes but it's also about how conditions you are meaning how rapidly you are as well as proportions that all your muscles are proportionate to each other that it makes sense aesthetically and that it's aesthetically pleasing and that also there is symmetry on both sides of your body but not one muscle on one side is bigger than the same muscle on the other side of the body so those are the primary aspects of men's physique bodybuilding on that now I would also like to point out that I'm competing for imba PMBA that's the Federation I NBA is for the amateurs PNB is the the Proust I did win first place in a competition last year for my gig so that made me Pro qualified so as soon as I step out on stage in August I will officially be from as soon as I step foot on that stage right now I'm Pro qualified soon as I'm on stage I'm abroad but the important thing to know is that they are a natural tested Federation so they follow wada regulations which is the world anti-doping agency that's also how the Olympics are run so it's Olympic level drug testing the standards that isn't to say that no one gets through who is taking some sort of performance-enhancing drug but for the most part that is the way the Federation is structured to level the playing field to make it as fair as they can and test when they can and all of that so that was something important to me because I'm natural lifetime natural I've never done any like steroids or growth hormone or insulin or anything like that so I wanted to really make sure I was competing on a level playing field with other people of course it would be nice to like compete against everybody but the reality is if you're not taking performance-enhancing drugs on the regular in the regular regular Federation's there's no way that you're gonna be able to keep up with those guys because they're just massive so the competition that I'm gearing up for is gonna be August 24th it's the San Diego and US Warriors is the name of the competition it's in San Diego which is Southern California right near the Mexico border and it's about it's good but it's about 16 weeks from now I think yeah it's about 16 weeks so I have a 16 week prep that's the longest prep I've ever done usually I do like 8 to 12 weeks 16 weeks and I'm starting right away got in touch with my coach he's awesome he just posted on Instagram that he had one he'd taken I think the year off and come back to competing he's proud of course and he won his first competition back so cool his name's William long you should check him out I'll put his Instagram in the video and a link to the survey down below so anyway I wanted to give you guys that heads up that I'm gonna be competing with you prepping and of course I'll do updates and let you guys know like what's going on with my diet and my supplements and all of that and my whole regimen and what McDade looks like and I also wanted to kind of show let's see where my body is at and then kind of give you guys an idea of the progress that what that looks like so this is me from the front on the side and the front so I'll post a picture right now this was I believe when I was carb depleted the week of a competition so if you compare the way that I look like from the side and that picture to what's going on right now and a lot of you are probably going to think I'm really lean but the reality is I hold a lot of fat here down in my lower back and my glutes which you know some people like that it serves its purpose but when it comes to competing I gotta get rid of all of it so yeah retain a lot of fat back here and the the skin if I do like a skin pinch which is a measure of body fat it's actually pretty picking my back as well so I know I have a lot fat that's just like kind of hit and you can't really notice it but when you see the before and after it's such a striking difference so I got a long ways to go but I have a good healthy amount of time to get there site I mean not at all worried that I'll be able to hit my mark if I just stay consistent my coach he's awesome he's gonna help me with posing as well so I'm not worried about that anyway that's all I got for you guys right now stay tuned I'm gonna have updates for you and please let me know any questions you have as far as my contest prep diets my workouts stuff like that or if there's anything else specifically related to fitness videos that you would like to see me do I'm happy to check out those comments and provide that content to you if if you guys want to see it alright like this video if you liked it subscribe if you're new here and stick around I got a lot more great content coming for you peace guys you


  1. That's amazing news!!!!! Congratulations and all the best!!
    God bless you all the way 🙂
    You're amazingly blessed!

  2. 🔥🔥 You got this!!

  3. Best of luck on your 16 week journey Raif!

  4. Goodluck raf,,,, how i wish i could be thete to see you but im here at the other side of the world ha ha ha love you,,,, goodluck wish you the best

  5. Can see the details on ur body 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Ur so hot.good luck

  7. Congratulations Raif, on pro status (when you step on stage in August)!!! #RaifWillWin

  8. Who doesn't wanna look at eye candy while listening to a great person lol…..Glad to see you again my youtube friend in my head. YOU ARE AWESOME. Stay beautiful and grounded.

  9. I’m so excited for you! With your commitment level, I’m sure you’ll do great in August! 😁🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽

  10. Looking great and hot!

  11. woohooooooo!!!!!!!
    congratulations!!! you're so damn inspiring man. Love you and your vids!💖

  12. I need to to TV show.supersize superskinny.iam so big (

  13. You look amazing🔥🔥 glad to see another video 🙂

  14. Raif, ALWAYS pulling for you, KICK their butts.. Your personality is just incredible because I can tell you care for others and you are NOT one of the Radical Hate filled FAGS. You really care for folks. I am a Gay dude so I am not racist by saying this. There is so much hate from the Gay community. if anyone does not believe in the same thing and agree Politically than they wish you hurt or death.. My platform is "Stop The Hate"..Ralf, thank you for not showing hate for anyone in your vids, you are incredible..

  15. Raif, my God ur looking good. We have been missing you.

  16. Congrats on everything. love your videos

  17. Wow you're so fit

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