what's young guys welcome to today's video we are currently 42 days out or if you come to 42 days out from my competition we are currently in Birmingham which is in the UK real girlfriends didn't unbend and I just have a video going to Nabil right now this is the second half of the last video you saw which I just blogged and cut up real quick so that's transferring yeah we went to the pink carpet after party last night [Applause] what you get like the best [Applause] four-four time [Applause] got home probably like 12 45 ish and yeah I've got some nice sleep there's the legs I did have some cookies last night yeah that happened had some chicken with these cookies and yeah this is like the third time I'm recording this so see how they beautiful I had you there 10:30 [Applause] Isis to be honest there's not a ton of like options here but this is kind of what I whipped up one requested 12 egg whites with no oil so did hydrate then this doesn't look like talked about yes for a second plate even though I really really really felt annoying and then I've got one apple some oranges and some watermelon that's probably all I'm gonna have the honest as a croissant and it's awesome really nice-looking chocolate croissants over there but scheana ignore him and I actually got a little bit of coffee with the food packets and some skim milk you can't feel annoying asking I felt suddenly asking for two now it's do you know yeah portion of foods are smaller here two parts I become the bodyguard in 2013 will you read it everything is the main entrance Brian it's taking the ghost booth but check it out that's huge we got miss alley here we got Miss Caroline mr. Gary look at this one man that's the very first short we ever launched what 20 2015 oh thank you Anne look at that man best my way my first hurts miss max is for sure what's your name an Amy and Amy hey well we appreciate you up okay so we're about to watch grannykins break when they're gonna back up here some familiar faces we're all the way to the thing goodbye Brandon come and grab us when he's about doing so we're gonna get back to why'd you kill it have you day yep yeah [Applause] let's fucking go in same row in say you got it you got it point that Jews name perfect timing first do it great ready what on more character on it I like it name three bodybuilding poses five step we're lats frat boy going on campaign for your glutes crap okay Oh like always I've showed it and I'm like Sal that's over there yeah that's to go right there sorry twice [Applause] better time 1:39 at one point I please switch yeah but waterfall [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] race so you get so much air off the stairs every thing that came out of the bag trip my better eat this turkey why I can't like I just Wow a boa or two it can't film can't even fake I had a light at 6:00 a.m. what yeah it takes off at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow oh my god you suck that's gonna suck so hard yeah damage t go the gym with whoever wants to go there's no time I get your cardio got late I've got to be ready for dinner at 7:00 so hopefully the company's not coming Yeah right Carolina's damn feet are rent this hotel has the best biscuits as we call so and have one of these and we have one of these all I've had today is a breakfast power Crunch bar yep we're trying to round up the team Howdy's already back into hotels we're all and we're at a different hotel so we're not in sync issues these is really new I these are sick shoes aren't they oh yeah pros actually commenting on how severe these are the new you all right these are good these are sick yeah yeah this is like this like heavier than my leg do you have a pair of these yeah yeah I think the color the blush I mean you pull it off then you pull it off I'm more of like an all white kind of guy you know what do you know what that place okay Heidi minutes here at Dino's gym check it out realistic in how they treat us really well the Emporium and I know Jim like they vote you said well we're feeling it and feeling it get pumped pump that wouldn't say nothing for travel right yeah they've got to start celebrating progress company that's that right there is max and I at this is that time last year we're pretty late that's not too bad that's not too bad I'm leaning like a fat way dan looking chat god that's just like okay yeah that's not yeah little lightweight dumbbell oh you're next rob her go that fast everyone brian news set number one no warm-up 120 hundred percent right here come on good yeah what the hell number I'm about to hit that shit here is perfect are you still messed up I called it I said seven reps [Applause] there you go [Applause] which crazies like you look really good at person like on camera looks like way better than like man I'm not saying like but it's just crazy I'll go get different it looks different on camera looks like though just a special animation – guys the cooler the odd he's far too fuckin strong [Applause] embarrassing ready ready 3 2 1 two three long day just managed to dinner like 8:35 p.m. I was at 6:00 that edit video hey lots better I wore my drinkin pampers right give information to the doramas on for a spots gonna it actually is I'm not I like I really didn't do a very good way yeah they're gone so I thought it was even got a shot I was like I think it's just like a thing that there's a little bit yeah we go we go fairly good you can see where it was yeah but it's just you have better better today's the second day out of the last six plus weeks that didn't do cardio I didn't have time literally didn't not have time welcome at six this morning's edited vlog went to bed at 1:30 she had the pink carpet event did six hours of Expo straight to the gym got ready now we're here at the ghosts you dinner it's almost like 9:00 p.m. a notice like Sun or just a like but throughout to be 9 p.m. literally have any in your site in like a garage site that done I'm exhausted so today I'm gonna go ahead and have psych I think lash sure we got like some pastas a grilled chicken let's just a dish I'm gonna have some bread probably a little bit butter like I I just need I need a meal you know like when you're at that point really like you know what macros an accurate I feel yeah I mean if you haven't eaten all day just eating like whatever you want one meal if it's alright not only that like today before I did sleep right and then now Heidi and I have a flight at 6 a.m. like in the morning so we haven't we're hosting the ghost is hosting an after-party at this club here downtown until like 2:00 and we're 35 minutes away from our hotel we have to leave for the airport at 4:15 a.m. and then we have a 45 minute flight and then a connecting flight we have to stay up till 10:00 me and I are staying up to 10 a.m. straight so and then I was just sleep on that long flight so I don't know what my foods do look like for the next 20 whatever hours so I'm just having a meal okay don't want to hear it I feel like I look alright I got you know you're getting into diet when you that's like you're like don't get mad at me about my I'm eat the bread I'll meet the bread where no one says anything so it's like no it says they they I mean whatever I want guys okay all right you're gonna wake up a little great man probably not after certain assume Stairmaster backbone get my routine again by a Tuesday Lagoon just at the airport don't take any of the like the speed walk way it's just like walking I'm gonna I'm gonna drink times like we're hosting out I gotta have fun drinks every time unbe like drunk packing drunk the airport problems you live your life – yeah but suit suit you get some are drinking this is this be a girl 9:42 still have not ordered our food every second I'm withering we haven't ordered appetizers withering away I was changed but my super contract has been rearranged in the exact same spot I told max would be gone by now for sure he's not revived and fitness and party that's what we do even though unusually high side by – Winx drinks we chose to add an extra kick – you're working on a supplement that enlarges your job I have a forum a tightness you it's almost as tight as wines favourite tea as we do it the best let's eat drink party and put her livers to the test [Applause] I'll tell ya seizure having me appreciate that was great everything we need right here yeah it's nice Dicky's we're alright so I'm here with Caroline wow that's a the American Santos mobile money for my honey my mom okay so this chair on its first goes next up she is now unofficially she's died of that oh wow okay Caroline's first ghost Expo she is now an athlete with ghosts as of two three one two three months and how was it in here she's so cute yeah it's Ignacio it's actually at Rob's time with Heidi sailings even have a stand like my protein and go and I'll feed over you know I just speaking of we don't go so what else happened in last one with hopefully right Caroline's been shooting without fleet working without pay for year year and a half or so but as of we are we made this mission so Caroline sound an official outfitter think we actually have plans to go shoot crappy video right after the London trip but because of its summer starting together someone's going on we actually postponed it a little bit we were so excited to get it done and now shooting you guys Nabila now we're going to go to Cork Ireland yeah news report yeah how old shootin info yeah so like right from old are you okay cool so I'm 21 I'm from Cork in Ireland and to read strong us and redneck during the very bottom of the country and I'm currently taking a gap year so I was joining photochemistry and they took a canoe steering focus on my online business how far to make it in like how many years did he do the school I was going courier and it's four years in total oh you got a gap here you're smashing it right in your business and I'm socially eating all that youichi was actually doing great because I couldn't really commit to youtube when I was sitting every other days a little know like taxing right but you gonna press old on so it's not passing for you I'm gonna close VA I've worked more than I'm used to pretty taxing yeah so guys this is Carolyn she's a new member to the ghost team she is a new member to the yeah is that like soccer so is like rugby you can hold the ball and you can kick the ball I need the Irish people watching this thing I'm learning more about Caroline the averages here right now you guys are learning like yeah I know I should I should I'm trying anything else wait to leagues cuz I've been around fairways I know but we're just an official it's our first event here together without like it was appraised times when we had that meet up and nabila Hardin be going to Cork in the next two months or so and it wouldn't be what's important like what about sport like honestly it's the biggest campaigner but that's not what they're like the city is small there's just a lot of crap okay we're looking forward to us looking forward to the grass you can see the game time to down I'm down so we'll be out there to film a athlete video very very soon for Caroline again I wish I could have gonna release that here like a month ago it is what it is start of the fam the entire fan and it's gonna have you on the boat kind of like all just like it's just a good feeling man and good for good vibe so thank you guys for watching you can go into subscribe channel and link in description the person you are soon quickly channel if you liked you see subscribe we'll see y'all later okay how's it going pretty good thumbnail though we were later I know me get it done for you the pasta small is good to you


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