I believe I can fly~ Flying Yoga(Aerial Yoga) with MARK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.12

Hey guys This is another episode of Johnny’s communication center And today as you can tell, I kind of have this sported look on You know why? Cuz today We’re gonna fly Flying yoga We have a special guest today You were waiting for it I was waiting for it! Okay JOHNNY and MARK! JCC! Anyway, For people who don’t know what flying yoga is Let me get the exact definition I don’t even know it, honestly Flying yoga Aerial yoga Oh I’m sorry I’m sorry, okay you read Aerial yoga is a type of modern yoga developed in 2014 combining traditional yoga poses, Pilates And dance with the use of a hammock Hammock? I thought that it was pronounced ‘hameok’ I don’t know Whatever We also have matching looks It’s like coupley looking Coupley looking Sizes are different though Are you ready MARK? I am ready She’s getting it set up for us Okay, shall we start now? Oh yes please We’re gonna hold these rolled up bits Holding the edge.. And shake it You see? The hammocks are getting loosened Put your thumbs inside it And fold it six times Just like you wrinkle it One, Two, Press it with your hands With your heels up Put your butt inside the hammock I’m afraid it’s gonna ripped No, it’s not It carries up to 1000kg, so don’t worry about that Oh, it could have been ripped If I had weighed 5kg more Hyung, that was close! Stretch your legs Tighten your stomach And put your hands here If you put your legs like this, you go backwards And strech your legs, there you go! You’re doing so great! We need to adjust a bit, Shall I go up again? I feel like I’m a monkey Yes! It’s a monkey pose You got it, MARK! Wait, I feel a little bit dizzy Oh are you? Then let’s finish the pose early Oh no, no Okay Because our heads are downward, you can feel dizzy I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep That looks really.. It’s a Spiderman pose Oh yeah~ Spiderman~ I’m finally a spiderman Four, Four, Five, Six, Shake, shake Seven, There you go You guys are doing great! Right behind your knee Relax your body You look so funny though I feel so good It’s actually relaxing I love this Do you? Now we’re doing a vampire pose Alright! Okay Like this A gargoyle pose Open your 10 fingers and.. It’s a vampire pose At the back, You can feel the rolled up bits But mine is really long That’s right, it should be long Bend your elbows and hold it like this A bit more I don’t know where to look at! You want to check your shoulder with your hands Push it with your feet So that the folded bits under your back can be unfolded There you go Push your legs over your head Pushing legs..? Stretch your knees We’re doing it like this And hold on for a minute You’re doing great on your own Now we’re bending our knees You’re going in? or out? You’re gonna do a vampire pose? Okay Now we’re gonna stretch our legs You know, I showed you a minute ago Slowly, stretch your legs There you go! you guys are doing so great Flying yoga! Yo, we’re flying Bend your knees and hold up your butts And we turn around Wow you guys are doing so great It’s your first time trying flying yoga, right? Yes it is But why are you guys so good? Oh, it’s hard Wow, it’s fun I was a vampire Hold your hammock tight Make sure your hands don’t slipped Start One, shake shake Two Three, looking down the floor with holding tight your hammock! There you go Looking down the floor Shaky shaky.. There you go And stretch your back slowly Push out your butt like a duck, first Then, stretch your right knee Push it back Try to make your body in ‘T’ shape Three… yes right Two One And stand straight Let’s do the other side It’s quite tough The other side.. We should do it It’s gonna feel weird if we didn’t And push it Are you guys breathing, aren’t you? Two Come to the left From here, raise your right hand gently with holding the hammock Press the floor with your feet And push your butt forwards and make your body straight Like you’re stretching the wrinkle of trousers Come to the middle Press your legs Slowly.. stand straight Press hammock very tight And hold it wider than your pelvis width Walking forwards.. The pelvis.. it sounds something’s broken Don’t worry, it’s okay I’m almost 1000kg.. Ah.. really? MARK, it’s not funny Put your hands one by one on the floor There you go~ Relax your neck Is it okay if I make you guys move? Can I push you guys a bit? Walk, walk Right, and pull your hands out And lift your feet You pushed us on purpose? Yes, you want me to stop? No, I’m enjoying it I feel like I’m a baby Is it painful? No, actually it’s like.. It’s like a massaging feeling Take off your hands slowly And put them down the floor and stop slowly Now we’re gonna stretch the legs to the floor And then, raise both of your hands at the back And hold the hammock Make sure your thumb goes down Stretch your whole body And come upwards I mean, you guys are doing so well! Stretch your feet and shoulder So that your chest can be open Make sure you butts are tightend Woah, it actually feels good Bend your knees while going down That’s right And do a cannonball pose And walk forwards slowly While pressing the floor Forwards, with big strides Put your heels on the floor And roll up your body slowly to stand up There you go Stretch your arms to each side And hold your hammock Like you’re being handcuffed Oh, I feel trapped Get your left leg to the front Yes Slowly We’re gonna bend the right knee and go down While holding the hammock very tight, get your right leg backwards Slowly backwards Wow, we look like a bird Put your butt on top of your heels Doesn’t it feel nice? Yeah but a little bit painful.. Oh really? a lot? or not that much? Just a bit? A little bit… It was almost painful It’s close to the Maginot Line Roll up! Raise your body To the back.. loosen your hammock Oh, it went numb a little bit It means the blood is circulating through your body Shake your hands a bit Put your hands up We’re gonna hold the hammock with your thumb and ring finger And go down Lift your heels Protect your pelvis Move your feet one by one to the front Right leg, and lift your hands when you lift the left leg With your hands! Get your knees backwards And make a diamond shape Like this Stretch your feet! Stretch! And go down Bend your legs And you know the monkey pose We’re gonna put our hands down the floor Take out your right leg and we’re gonna stretch it Stretch~ That’s right Point your toes up slowly And turn around it backwards Turn around your thigh backwards You’re body is so flexible! That’s right! You’re doing it so great Grab your right leg with your right hand With your right hand.. right leg, right! Can you grab it with your left hand as well? Right now? Yes, right now Backwards Your bodies are so flexible It used to be like this? Um… I don’t know You don’t know? I’ve never seen a man doing flying yoga so well like you guys Take your hands off And move it back to where it actually was Slowly move your body upwards But don’t move your feet Grab hammock higher than your feet Then push your knees Are you guys ready? Push your thigh as a last step Is your thigh okay? It’s gonna hurt It’s like… ‘Hello?’ The air is different here How you doing? The oxygen is different here This is fun Usually for men, they really struggle to go up this high When they start trying flying yoga We’re like… born to be Born to be flying yoga? We’re born for flying yoga We’ve worked out for this moment Push a little bit more and more.. Stretch it out! There you go! Your elbows can be stretched as well Shall we raise our legs a bit more? At a time! It’s a Peter Pan pose Push your butt at a time! You can feel your thigh are very tightened Now we’re going down Push it like this and look at your belly button And go up, there you go Have some water Do you guys do plank? Sorry? Plank Usually? Wait, wait This question is dangerous one I don’t usually do plank I know how to do it Oh really? Okay When the hammock comes, put your feet like this I missed 1, 2, 3 Grab your feet while pushing it Right Wait, wait I missed it Like this and.. grab my feet I did it! Stretch your right leg completely It’s a flying Pegasus pose Flying! Pegasus Oh, there you go! Well done! Don’t do exercise by faces The flying horse? Okay, okay Okay, one more time At the same time Stretch your leg and bend your left leg Don’t forget your faces 1 2, 3 Pegasus! And down.. You guys are doing great My fingers hurt more Me too Bend your left leg Keep balance Touch the floor with your hands Make your ring fingers straight I can’t do more Great great Right now.. you guys are doing well! 5 4 Move your hand forwards and make your knees down to the floor Thank you I needed that Thank you so much However, we’re doing plank from now Oh my god 5, 6, 7, 8 There you go! Stay still! 1 4 5 Wow it’s already so hard 10 3, 2, 3 4 9 Shall I count 10 more? 1 5, 6 7 You can do more if you’d like You can go down now One by one Put down your butt on top of your heels Then go up rolling up your body Yes, great! Your hands down to the floor.. We’re gonna do something you guys wanted the most Angels pose, one more time Oh angel! I like that I like that Because we did a vampire one Backwards.. Lie down slowly Put your feet right here Right Push it and try to go up, like straight Massaging your trapezius muscle Oh yes! Stretch your shoulder a bit more, please Put your feet inside it The one you guys wanted Yes this is it! Woah, this is so good It’s a cocoon pose Ah, cocoon! Yes Could you pull it once please? Oh me too, please Good night~♬ Sleep well Take out your legs like you’re sitting down on a chair You ready? 1 2 3 Oh baby~ There you go Have a nice day and that’s a wrap for today Thank you so much We did it Oh yeah~ I can feel my blood is circulating through my body You guys did it so well though! You just had very smart students.. That’s what I meant Ah, now all I have to do is to go home and sleep Let’s go home We just mastered the flying yoga We mastered flying yoga first day I’d really like to recommend this sport or this.. what do you call it? This.. Relaxation, meditation Today’s lesson on Johnny’s communication center Was it a lesson for like, each episode has a life lesson? It doesn’t have to be about the talking It’s about the bonding Say thank you to Joh-Fam Joh-Fam! Johnny’s communication Featuring MARK! Featuring MARK Flying yoga The end


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