I Ate Nothing But Healthy Food From Delivery Apps For A Week

eating healthily is all about balance and having a bit of everything you fancy in moderation however getting regular takeaways isn't generally associated with nourishing your body but does this need to be the case I love fitness and I love healthy food but I also love getting meals delivered to my door and enjoying them on the sofa so I've decided to see whether it's possible to eat healthily or during all my meals from delivery apps for a week just eat uber eats and delivery and I won't allow myself to order the same dish twice for breakfast I'm just gonna have a simple bowl of porridge every day and then I'm setting myself a budget of 30 pounds per day for lunch and dinner I think it might actually be quite tricky to know what's really healthy because the delivery apps don't tend to share any nutritional info and you just don't know how things are cooked and whether there's been loads of oil but I'm really looking forward to giving it a try and taking a break from cooking the first day starts really well this looks pretty good the mail feels like a good healthy start and it's speedy delivery from delivery unfortunately the same can't be said for my dinner from just eat that evening with just eat you can't track the driver so my journalist finally arrived only half an hour late it turns out it's cold and it's come with instructions saying I can either cook it in the microwave for six minutes all the oven and I just don't have time for that so I'm gonna have to eat it cold the end result seems to be quite a healthy meal but when I check the ingredients list I realize it's pretty high in sugar I've also spent 29 pounds today eeek it's Tuesday and I've ordered myself a protein packed lunch feeling good it looks pretty good and they say it's 400 calories calories all the nutritional info is available which helps and it really fills me up now I know most people don't usually think of Mondays when you think about eating healthily however you can actually get some really healthy stuff eating well certainly doesn't mean cutting out carbs this pitabread is delicious also one thing I'm noticing about delivery is that I can often find the nutritional info on the restaurants website even if it's not on the app but on Wednesday things start to go somewhat off-track I use the nutrition calculator on the salad bars website and I'm shocked by how high-calorie my choices are the food's delicious but I realize it's not as lighter lunch as I thought my dinner is super tasty and it's a lot of food for just over 500 calories which by certainly enjoying however I do end up feeling super bloated afterwards which is less enjoyable on Thursday I end up regretting my food choices this was almost unbearably spicy for me and I was promised a whole cauliflower which I certainly do not receive I think I actually ordered some really random stuff that doesn't actually go together mainly just because I was trying to make healthy choices and then for dinner that's just so much food and it's all quite greasy the chicken has loads of skin and not much meat and there are no veggies in the meal either it also arrives early while I'm still in the shower because you can't track the driver to be honest I've basically totally failed tonight in my quest to have a healthy dinner probably both through the food I ordered the quantity I ordered one silver lining this is the fourth day that I've come in under budget having ordered two large portions a day going into the final day I'm feeling pretty positive ordering from delivery but I'm also shocked by the amount of packaging that I've accrued this week seriously so many of the restaurants are included unnecessary packaging Flyers and extra bits of paper I basically have got a fajita but – the wrap with like extra chicken for extra games I finished the week on a high with this delectable dinner this smells amazing delicious and delivery pulls through with the order and I'm within budget again so at the end of the week what have we learned well if I had to rank the apps in terms of healthy food options and overall delivery experience I'd put deliver at the top and it would have to be just eat at the bottom there were a few restaurants that were available on multiple apps but generally the best quality food options were on delivery is it possible to eat healthily using delivery apps I would say yes but you just need to know where to look and there are pitfalls making healthy choices involves doing a lot of research looking up nutritional info online and scrolling through the apps for ages and it was pretty time-consuming and the whole process certainly isn't cheap I barely managed to get a good filling lunch and dinner for thirty pounds a day and imagine if you did that all year round you'd spend over seven thousand pounds what's more I managed to accrue a terrible amount of plastic packaging so is it possible to eat healthily or during all your food from delivery apps yes but it won't do your wallet or the planet any favors


  1. this is literally my entire life as a college kid with access to uber eats

  2. Oh i love it 🥰

  3. Looks healthy and delicious.

  4. The first meal from is from The Protein Kitchen who use no single use plastics in their packaging!

  5. Lazy people are not healthy

  6. Downfall of western civilization, don't have 6 mins to heat up dinner (LAZY)

  7. How much weight did you gain, blood pressure increase>?

  8. Too much trash and expensive !! no thanks

  9. this host is annoying. first she says doesnt have 6 minutes to microwave the dinner and than she complains there is too much sugar in the dish. However, she is more than happy to wash it down with the cream soda it came with.

  10. I love how people in the UK call it take away and us Americans call it carry outs. It’s cool seein how others have a way of saying things differently

  11. She’s fukin. Hot

  12. I feel queasy by just watching most of these meals.

  13. wow nice

  14. HeY EuRoPe SCoTLaNd hAs A MeSsAgGe FoR yOu

  15. so you mean you ate outside food that is "supposedly" healthy and wasting loads of money instead of just cooking it at home, let's be real for once

  16. Did she say eat healthily?

  17. CAT:Cute Alien Type

  18. When I convert UK pounds to Canadian dollars it just gets even worse

  19. £15.89 for that garbage.

  20. In indonesia:
    Gofood from gojeg
    Grabfood from grab
    Opangfood from ojek pangkalan .

  21. Define healthy lol

  22. This girl is annoying.

  23. Wtf? You don’t know if it’s healthy or not but you’re still going to try?! Then what’s the point of the challenge roflmao. And you don’t have time to microwave something for six minutes?! SIX MINUTES?! So you eat it cold. Give me a moment please….

  24. Your daily food budget can feed a family in a week here in the Philippines haha. Great video though. I like watching what kind of food other people eat in different countries. You guys are lucky in terms of options. Here, its either you cook your own meal (cheapest way to do it), fast food, or mid-tier restaurants which is also considered expensive here.

  25. Lips & voice are off, thumbs down.

  26. I don’t understand why people think showering after ordering food is a good idea, like what do you expect you don’t know when the delivery person will arrive and like you’re also wasting their time. Just go on your phone or do something where you don’t get too busy doing something.

  27. Watches while drinking a Milkshake

  28. Is it just me or, man is she cute.

  29. 😲

  30. Cook your own food

  31. £30 lol what a joke

  32. So go shopping and, cook your own food?


  33. Honestly no one gives a crap. I'm sorry

  34. EEK

  35. jesus christ so much plastic and paper waste… No wonder the sea is filled with trash because morons like you eat out every meal..

  36. She eats a lot, she could split meals in half

  37. People on a diet do that y’know.

  38. Spending too much Money 😎

  39. Soo many single use plastics 😭

  40. none was healthy shes a fail

  41. You really didn't have time for putting that food in the microwave for 6 minutes lol?

  42. All that healthy food and no weight lost ok she looked the same so was it healthy

  43. The story of my life as a very busy college student on a health kick haha

  44. Nice way of advertising here 😂

  45. Im Not a good cook but sure I can do better cheaper healthy from my village Bio vegetables méat/fisch so I Will Not try this as I refused to buy frozen foods 😒

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