I Am CDC – Scott Scales

since 2009 I've had the pleasure of working at CDC before that I had a 27 year adventure with the United States Army where I was fortunate enough to travel the world meet the love of my life and fly some of the world's best helicopters at CDC after two years with the Division of Emergency Operations I was recommended for a detail assignment to the CDC Office of the Director and was ultimately chosen for my current position is the advance team leader my team consists of 12 professionals who provide full-spectrum support to three primary customers the CDC director principal deputy director and the chief of staff we manage all of the scheduling invitations meetings logistics travel research projects content prep and VIP visitors my team also travels with our agency leaders to provide direct support during demanding engagements we spearhead their strategic placement so they can have the maximum impact and effectively promote and protect America's health safety and security we work in an environment of constant chaos and changing priorities and we rapidly adapt to situations in no matter how diverse like many I hate my – plus our community today my saving grace is knowing that I get to work with such an amazing enthusiastic and talented group of professionals it's infectious and I love my job I'm Scott scales and I am CDC you

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  1. Vaccines cause autism, SIDS and other autoimmune diseases. The vaccine program is the epitome of fascism run amok. According to Mussolini, fascism is the merger of state and corporate power. Merck and the CDC are one and the same.

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