Hzhtube Kids Fun visit monkey healthy food shop

whoa crazy grandpa lady grandpa are you Oh monkeys here where's lady grandpa oh okay um well then can we please have some apple caramel okay thanks tell me all up miss them right here job please look at three of them here I'm a real Apple but I ordered a caramel apple and there are pretty expensive we already had an apple today this morning and one apple a day keeps the doctor away and they're really healthy but we were too even this morning today so I ain't yeah exchange it grandpa I thought the monkey was here there's no monkey but I'll give you what you are they're like what I ordered thank you here you can keep the real apples no no no always eat you through first Oh keep the real Apple and eat it but it's healthy for you ok ok thank you we'll even later these kids have to eat their fruits first healthy food one of my favorites yeah comment down below was there really a monkey of the shop and also comment down below which Apple caramel thing you like the best don't forget to put this ribbing so I'm like you striving to go check how are you

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