sallie for our viewers out there that don't know who you are yeah tell us a little bit about yourself your work and how that might actually connect with baby I knew I wanted to go into psychiatry and like most medical students who take medical school to figure out what kind of specialty they want I knew I wanted to do psychiatry because it ranges from you know molecules to Shakespeare I mean it's just an amazing range of really frameworks of analysis by which you can interpret human behavior a lot of researchers that are you know are inside the e-cigarette space say that those smokers who absolutely aren't gonna quit they can't quit they've tried to quit and they're just unable to through all the traditional methods those are the ones that are more likely to mate and they're also the ones that are more likely to die if they don't there's no question in my mind there are these genetic differences that make substance more rewarding to some people and that withdrawal symptom more intense also people self-medicate there's there's no question about that when you're talking about an intoxicant drug and that's not nicotine you have a whole different set of consequences to deal with and their immediate when you're dealing with nicotine or really it's not nicotine it's not the problem when you're dealing with smoking the consequences are delayed and that's always that's always a problem for behavior change so I do think that many smokers affect almost most smokers could quit but for some they don't have those intense negative consequences that wife isn't leaving them you know this kind of thing plus it they have to be so vigilant every minute of every day then it just probably takes up too much psychological energy and they say the heck with it and that is exactly why vaping is such a god-sent for people like this because it provides the medication or I should say the substance that they're looking for the nicotine and also you know the whole ritual of smoking which is very reinforcing and time almost in some ways can become the thing that one's addicted to because nicotine itself is actually not incredibly addicting it is there's no question it's an addictive substance but it is not overpoweringly addictive but it's the whole constellation of behaviors and sensations that go with it that's that's extremely reinforcing you are talking here at the spoda event in and tomorrow from what I understand it's going to talk a little bit about the hypocrisy of harm reduction what is the hypocrisy of harm reduction in your mind let's see the inconsistencies I guess where you're from Canada and specifically Vancouver one could say that's almost ground zero of this inconsistency or hypocrisy what I mean by that is that for certain kinds of drugs like heroin and opiates that community has frankly bent over backwards to erase the harm as much as they can and the form that the accommodation takes or needle exchanges for the record I think that's a fine thing certainly control of aids is incredibly important and injection centers where people can come and inject and if they were to overdose there is staff that can revive them with narcan even heroin distribution now whether you agree with this or you don't the fact is it exists in a city that is vigorously skeptical of opposed to the whole vaping Enterprise which is shocking why is heroin harm reduction okay but nicotine harm reduction is somehow anathema I mean that makes no sense why do you think that's happening that disconnect well is it on purpose or I'm not sure people I'm not sure how conscious it is but one of the people in public health are also fairly puritanical a lot of these people are armchair public health experts I mean they're in it they're in and I read our so I don't think they even get their hands dirty in the real world to understand that you have to be trade offs you wrote a book what was the total you know how politically correct yeah it was PC MD how political correctness is corrupting medicine what does that mean and and are there lateral relationships here to what we're seeing baby I do think so I define the word political political correctness ISM an orthodoxy intended to maintain a victim status so that that theme was present in every chapter of my of the book and one chapter was on public health in fact there are there are various victim classes in society knowing did victim classes a lot of vapors believe that the science on baking is to be kind not true to be harsh purposefully misleading is there are some truth in that and if so why is it happening some of it is misleading there's no question about that is it purposeful i I don't think purposeful in the to the extent that these researchers are thinking how do we warped our data so that it fits our agenda frankly they might be but somehow I think this is all part of that that a kind of intuitive process is that that is how they interpret their findings because that is their general perception of the world around well of Ana vaping in particular you mean a prejudiced towards vaping war that vapors are not in the anointed class a victim I'm just speculating here but somehow I don't think they think vapors have faces I think they're much more interested in vaping nicotine there's a lot of cover for certain scientists that the CDC are a lead agency on public health provides I mean they have done all the things that frankly I think are undermining the success and the promotion of e-cigarettes how does it make you feel being a scientist a part of this group of people its enormous ly frustrating and I I do think this may seem excessive but I really think that there should be an oversight hearing and in the house on the CDC's treatment of this of this issue you know when you're talking to someone who's adamantly opposed to something but you could show them you know paper after paper and data upon data that all their anxieties are not are not illegitimate but they're not founded for example doesn't appear to be any gateway effect should we continue to study this to see if maybe there is yes and even if there is that still raises the question of you know how do you balance the concern about children with the concern about smokers but the point is after collecting data for five years the CDC has not found a gateway effect if you looked at the CDC page you would come away if you were a smoker thinking of switching you would be more hesitant then you might otherwise be if you if you knew nothing and we're trying to get to the truth because if you read a lot of headlines you'd certainly again be alarmed that's how serious I think this kind of misinformation is because people who smokers who think of switching who already switched and worried oh my gosh if this is if this is just about as bad as what I was doing before I'll go back to what I was doing but it's it's not and it's a lethal misinterpretation and one that is being fostered by hourly government agency on public health


  1. smoking "addiction" is a funny thing, sure you are to a certain extent subject to the nicotine and other drugs that are addictive and come with smoking but it goes much deeper then that, last time I quit smoking before e-cigs come out I quit for a whole year so the effects of any drugs were out of my system but I still yearned to smoke, I would see people smoking in the street and think how lucky those people were and wished that I was them, I would wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming of smoking and feel so sad to find it was only a dream and the yearning got so bad as to force me to revert to smoking after that year not for the same reason a drug taker might revert but basically because I missed my friend. vaping is the only thing that has helped my stay away from smoking for the last 4 years without having any of these bad feelings, when I see people smoking now I feel like going up to them and telling them to try vaping, and sometimes do if I know them. the flipside is true when I see people vaping I feel like going up to them and saying hi and well done like they were a long lost friend because I know what they have been through.

  2. Neither of these individuals appear to be physically fit. Everyone has an excuse for abusing drugs and it wears thin after awhile. Is it 'Puritanical' to say that it's up to the individual to take responsibility for maintaining their life long physical fitness? Not 'wellness', fitness. Yeah, I know, everyone's a victim.

  3. Dr. Sally Satel is awesome

  4. Recent studies have shown Psychedelic mushrooms to effective against addiction.

  5. Thank you, Brent and Dr. Satel.

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