Humana Health Care and Insurance……the Definition of Government Waste

it was Larry Cohen and for the past year or so I've wondered why companies health insurance companies that get all of their funding from programs that the government the US government provides that is Medicare why the United States government needs these companies to run their programs and some of the things that these companies do actually are border on the ludicrous today we'll talk about two examples there's something that accompany this human company called Humana has called the golden sneakers Club and what this allows is people who are signed up with Humana can use a local recreational area to get in shape as if we need humanity tell us that we need them to get in shape the government can't do it we need Humana and we have to pay Humana to tell us to do that second example and I think this is the most outrageous one there's something called the you're invited club that Humana again getting their funding from the US government sends out a brochure and if you accomplish the activities at least five of the activities in this brochure you will receive a $10 actually you will receive five $10 gift certificates or gift cards to companies such as Applebee's Walmart Cracker Barrell or shallow oil if you live in the shale oil british petroleum BP or other companies such as Marshalls Best Buy Home Depot TJ Maxx and pay less now it's nice to get a gift card from anyone these days but to get it from Humana which is funded completely by the US government under their Medicare program is another example of a complete waste of money some of the activities that one is required to fulfill and one must fulfill only five of these include an annual wellness visit a flu shot a pneumonia vaccine a hepatitis B vaccine or welcome to Medicare visit now anything so stupid is a welcome to Medicare visit a bone mass osteoporosis test cardiovascular disease screening which would be a lipid profile lipid panel profile routine screening mammogram not well that could be for men too don't don't it's not exclusive female problem a routine pap smear would be a female issue public exam colorectal cancer screening prostate cancer screening blood glucose screening alcohol misuse screening behavioral therapy for cardiovascular disease sexually transmitted infections STI or STDs HIV screening behavioral therapy for obesity and finally depression screening if anyone completes a five of these you're entitled to receive five gift cards from these companies now why does the United States government have to pay Humana our tax dollars back giving it back to us in the form of gift cards by the way we're not allowed to get any cash reward and it must be in the form of a gift card who negotiated that deal so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls whatever this is how your tax dollars could be a golden sneakers come on and gift cards gift cards for getting a flu shots No thank you very much for watching this this is going to be one of a series of videos where I will talk about Humana as well as other third care third-party payers where these companies receive money in from Medicare and then dole it out so to speak to worthy individuals worthy qualifying individuals


  1. Mr squearl are you trying to get a nut you should be happy u get insurance so if u no like get a different insurance and stop bitching maybe u need a nut.

  2. i signed up for humana they stated the price i agreed and signed, they sent me a payment booklet with that price on it. then they said no your premium is 5 times what we said. I tried to cancel. they said i couldnt until next period. can anyone help me out. my solution is i wont pay, but pretty sure these sneaky guys will somehow get to my social security. I was actually going to pay them 3 times what my prescriptions cost for their coverage. Then also their co pay. Anyways kinda at a loss here. Any help to make them just go away?


  4. Humana is not committed to service, wellness or health. Period. Mother in law had a major stroke 3 months ago. Humana keeps denying service and want to discharge her from the skilled facility let alone approve her to move to rehabilitation. Every week we've had to appeal just to keep her in the skilled facilities. Even the doctors provided proof to Humana with progress and recommendations of moving to rehab and Humana is still denying her. An absolute joke for a health insurance company where you pay your bill faithfully and when you need the services you've paid for, Humana denies you and makes it almost impossible to the care needed. Roadblock after roadblock. Horrible company. Humana should be ashamed for the absurd trickery they use. If you like headaches and arguing on the phone, being pissed, waiting on hold only to be hung up on (multiple times), getting confused, appealing denials every week, calling your states insurance commissioner, and paying an ass load out of pocket expenses, then sign up with Humana.

  5. And they don't pay their fair share of property taxes in Louisville while their board member and former CEO raised our property taxes as a school board member.

  6. There not worth a damn .First I sign on april 1, 2014 payments of four hundred a month assign me a doctor that is not taking any more patients.they want a credit card for payment had to call and talk to them three times to get that changed,my doctor set me up for a MRI that i never got a call to schedule me for .I called to see how much the insurance covered for the MRI  they could not bring my account up on there pc . ALL CAN SAY IS DONT GET SICK YOU WONT GET HELP IN THIS FUCKED UP COUNTRY.

  7. I suspect Human is NOT buying the gift cards.  Corporate merchants sometimes offer gift cards to get buyers into stores where they often spend more than the gift card value.
    My personal complaint with Human is their system is so inefficient , erroneous, nearly impossible to use!   I have been trying for 2 weeks to get an appropriate primary care physician (PCP) assigned.  First Humana assigned me a PCP whose office is >50 miles from my home.  I live in an urban area with hundreds of good doctors nearby. 
    I repeatedly tried calling Humana to get a reference for a PCP in vicinity.  Over and over again I was required to listen to the msg asking if I wanted to make a claim or change my policy or something else.  Repeatedly I was required to give my birth date and name, then I would be transferred to another line, where it would repeat all over again, and again.  Then, sometimes, I would be transferred to a courteous rep who would transfer me again to someone else.  Many, many times the 'transfers' would ring for a bit, then the line would go dead or a busy signal, requiring me to start over again, and again, and again. 
    I was so pleased the first time Is was able to speak to a rep who told me she could assign me to a PCP.  Relief!!!  ~ I thought.   At last I'm getting somewhere.   The courteous rep gave me a physician name, location, and phone #.  I thanked the rep and hung up. Then I called the phone # for the doctor.  I then spoke with the receptionist at the physician's office, who informed me the doctor was NOT taking any new patients thru Humana!  So once again, I was required to start over at the beginning. 
    It took so much time to call, again and again, and each time I was required to give my birth date, and be forwarded.  And several times again, through the forwarding process, the line would go dead, Again!
    I finally got through to a kind rep who again gave me the name and phone of a physician in my proximity.  Again I called the doctor's office.  Again the doctor is NOT taking any patients through Humana!
    Again I call Humana. Again I wait and wait and wait.  Again and again I give my birth date and get forwarded .  Finally I get another courteous Humana rep, who apologizes for the difficulties I have experienced, and she gives me a new PCP with phone #.
    Again I call the doctor's office, a clinic.  Again the receptionist tells me the doctor is Not taking any new patients through Humana!!!!
    But the receptionist tells me of another doctor in the office who is taking new Humana patients.  So, with all the difficulties and dead ends encountered to this point, I opt to take the new doctor the receptionist says will take me!  Even though this doctor was not on the Human PCP list emailed to me.  I scheduled an appointment with the doctor for the following week. 
    I had been trying to get connected with a Dr. for two weeks and had spent > 8 hours on the phone trying to get Humana to identify/provide a PCP for me.
    Finally, I at last have an appointment with a doctor to treat my medical condition.  But since this physician was not on the list Humana emailed to me, I called Humana to clarify.
    I was told by the kind rep that they would need to confirm/evaluate this physician for me and they may or may not do so, they may reject my request.  I related to the Human rep that I have been trying for 2 weeks, > 8 hours on the phone, to get a PCP and get an appointment to be treated.
    The rep told me my 'petition' would be considered ASAP, but it might not be approved, in which case Humana will NOT cover the physician fees.
    Overall my evaluation is personnel on Human phone lines are quite courteous, kind.  But the Human system itself is cumbersome, ineffective, inefficient, almost impossible to use or deal with.  My rating for personell on Humana phone lines would be ~ B or B+.  My evaluation/ rating for the Human insurance system as a whole, would be either D- or F.  I would surely NOT choose to enter nor utilize the Humana system again after what I now know.  I would investigate and select another health insurance program.  I would seem unlikely any other system could be so cumbersome, ineffective, , as difficult and as generally useless as Humana seems to be.  I hope my future needs for any utilization of the Human system are more positive and effective.   They seemingly could not be much worse, i hope!!!

  8. You've got that right!!


  10. good subject, however, you seem unable to think beyond ignorant bitching

  11. small wonder…

  12. My brother just got Humana and for some reason he is really pissed???

  13. The rebates from Massachusetts health plans were about 3.2 percent more than the $55.7 million refunded last year for 2011 premiums under the state’s “medical loss ratio” requirement that at least 90 percent of premiums be used to pay doctors and hospitals.

  14. You're an ignorant old fool. All of those things are good for you and incentivize you're fat ass to be healthy and not be a burden upon society

  15. Humana is not really dependable, they don't offer customer support during the holidays or after hours. You just cannot get no help from them. So don't get hurt during the holidays.

  16. I am going to make another Humana vid over the wknd…..have a good wknd…from me!

  17. GGG, I had to make some changes in that first vid,…I had to remove all of the comments…..thank you for your understanding… ,Larry

  18. This is the biggest scam since Ponzi or Madoff or ….well….you name it!!! The working stiff is getting body-slammed everyday in this country and when he retires he gets slammed again!!!! Thanks for your comment(s) and for watching!!!

  19. Humana's stock went up today with the announcement that Medicare and Medicaid premiums will be going up for private insurance companys that carry such. What a racket.

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