Human Performance Lab – Heart Disease Prevention Program

my name is Brady Anderson I'm a graduate teaching assistant here I work in the heart disease prevention program with Tiffany lipsy work for the heart disease prevention program which is an outreach program of our department it allows people to go through and basically find out where they are I'm related to their heart disease risk factors and be able to do something about them the reason why that's important is the number one killer of people the United States so just try to be as still as possible under water for as long as you possibly can and make sure you blow all the air out I actually did my undergrad degree here in health and exercise sciences I was very impressed with the whole department the professors and faculty and the program in general so I decided to go ahead and apply for the program and got accepted in the fall of two thousand nine on one more minute and walking and then we're gonna get you run and get and that's what we're looking for is we want people to be excited about their study what they're studying and be able to feel like this isn't work this is play because it's fun it's interesting and that's what we want we want people to kind of develop that sense of curiosity and wonder and you want to take that with them

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