huge fitness / workout haul! i bought new gym clothes hehe

[Applause] hey guys what's up good morning hello happy Sunday it feels so good to be vlogging I honestly really wanted to vlog yesterday but I was just so tired so that did not happen but we're vlogging today so yeah really not much is going on but I figured I would so anyway it's a security as you've probably already been able to tell I'm not ready so let's put some makeup on and honestly I'm probably just gonna have my hair air-dry today because really not doing too much so there's that but yeah let's put some makeup on yo okay yeah please do focus on my face I kind of want to do a chitchat get ready with me because I feel like haven't talked to you guys he's so freaking long shove hi what is up what's new with you guys I feel like I have so much new at me but at the same time not that much no we're good ok ok so I was gonna marry makeup done and then I wanted to let you guys know and I figured oh I'll vlog this okay you guys know Taylor she's in my vlog slot she helps me film a lot we've been friends for like over a year now she kind of works for me cuz she like helps me filming stuff but we've been friends for like so long so that's fine she's always in the bogs I've seen so many people wonder I'm like yeah so with Coachella coming out which I'm so excited normally how it works is when you get brand deals they'll give you tickets and whatever long story short for the past like 3 years I always have a few extra tickets but you don't really know if they're gonna come or not but you can usually kind of guess so I told her like a month ago I was like hey like hold off on getting a ticket I might be able to get you one but I really didn't talk about it much since then and I've known for a while that I've had one or her but I wanted to surprise her but then she mentioned yesterday that she needs really needs to buy one and I was like shoot I don't want her to buy one and waste money so I want to like surprise her so I figured I'd FaceTime her right now and let her know what's up and I have one she's gonna be so excited oh my god oh my god I'm so excited I'm also really hungry that's a thing Coachella is so being sued I'm so excited and my fitting is tomorrow so I'll definitely vlog that for you guys I feel like this week is crazy because I just so much to do if you did it now Coachella Music Festival I go every year it's so freakin fun and you guys know I'm literally so extra hence my merch of course I go all out and it's fun and it's just like not only for the music with the outfits and just the planning I'm obsessive Palm Springs and I admit that I am obsessed with it and it's crazy and whatever but luckily Remy is just as obsessed about it as I am so I don't feel that it's crazy but also well it was really nice to believe also I have had Billie eyelashes new album on repeat like the whole thing is so good the first time I listened to that I was like oh really it's really good no on repeat I'm not it repeat does it repeat repeat I say things really sometimes I'm like – am i saying the spirit or is that weird I don't I can't wait to see her perform also excited for Khalid I'm doing but I can't say that just kidding man sometimes I have like contract things that I want to talk to you guys about and then I'm like oh I can't say that yet it's a struggle but it's okay bronzer okay she said she's gonna call me in five minutes man what else is new with me no I've been so good I actually let me know what you guys think I've been wanting to do like a sit-down life update type video and I'm not sure if I should post that on my vlog Channel or even my main channel part of me wonders if I should just film it and then see what I feel like afterwards because I feel like it's kind of needed and I think I don't know I feel like a lot of you guys would probably agree I feel like my life has changed a lot don't only in the past year but also this quick like within the past few months so part of me kind of wants to do that with you guys I'm even open to putting out my main channel which you guys know normally I'm like really picky with my main channel but I've been trying so hard to care less I've even been trying to care less a lot about my Instagram I don't know I'm just so over trying to make my life look perfect when it's totally not what I granted if you look at my Instagram it's still like aesthetically pleasing it still goes all together but believe it or not like I've been trying a lot less lately than normally like how I would have a year ago and you know what's crazy is the podcast has actually been such a huge help for that if you didn't know because I don't talk about it enough for I mean I have a podcast called pretty basic and you guys should download it we're also doing live shows at the end of April which is crazy it's basically this month where you guys can come listen to us record and then you can do the VIP off Riaan come meet us take photos so I'm so excited for that but the podcast has helped me so much like open up and be okay with opening up because that was one my biggest fears for so long of being scared to offensive line or see this is why this is why I want to do that video because I feel like I need to just lay it all out and stuff I don't know so let me know if you guys would like a video like that and just saying a whole bunch of things answering questions whatever I feel like I would really enjoy that and I just wanna make sure you guys would – that was a really weird like point thing TK call me I have good news for you like don't care today I don't even know if I'm gonna put eyeshadow on today okay I'm not gonna light a huge motivation for me vlogging today is I have had a whole bunch of fitness clothes that I've been waiting to wear so I could vlog them for you guys and do a haul because they don't wear at all I don't know why wouldn't it comes to hauls I don't like hauling something unless it's brand new like if I've worn it to me it's not new so I'm not gonna haul it I don't know why I've always been that way throwback to like my old hauls the years and years and years ago I've just always been that way nothing's wrong when I call you okay well I have some news for you know are you ready yeah I have a VIP ticket for you yeah and I wanted to see your face yes also I am vlogging if you don't mind that no mention that last night you said you needed to buy one and I was like oh my god she cuz she knew that I had one for you and I was like I need to like tell you before you buy one so make this on I did no eyeshadow and I just did some simple lashes so yeah but yeah oh my god you guys TK was the cutest thing ever oh my god I love her so much she's like ah love her she's so excited we talked for a while after that and it was just anyways I am stole Ashley salad and before everyone comes for me wine I did ask her I was like hey are you gonna eat the sweet green because I will totally eat it she said it's fine this is a very unpopular opinion I don't mind leftover salad you know on Twitter when it's like a threat of unpopular opinions I like don't mind it like I know that the lettuce is a little more wilty and whatever but like I kinda like it I know most people are gonna crazily disagree with me but I said it lunch time with Alisha if you guys are ever in LA you need to go to sweet green it's basically like uh Chipotle but only salads I'm it's so freakin good if you're ever wondering what I'm eating when I eat this okay for the past week I have had so much new workout clothes that I've been wanting to show you guys there's that I've been wanting to show you so let's do huh I also cleanse it's so appropriate to wear the new sorry honey also this is way too short I can tell you guys here is the pink so extra honey I am obsessed with it because it's like the perfect shade of pink I like how its light I don't know just suppose more mature cuz it's light it's not like super neon or anything I don't know like this is exactly how I pictured it and I love I love it so much hey babe you wanna come join I have a huge fitness haul that I would love to show you I have said for so long that I needed to go through my drawer and get rid of a whole bunch of old workout clothes like things that I've had for four years that are just like it's time to get rid of these so I bought a whole bunch of new stuff and I'm so excited for it all like I said they all have tags on them still because I've been waiting I'm so excited we wear all this okay everything's from like different places okay so I go to Equinox if you guys didn't know which is a gym out here they were having a 50% off like this rack which was crazy which I feel like normally they don't really do sales so I got three shirts there and I really needed more shirts like these just like tank tops and stuff and I love this material this one's like a grey one and the back has like a little twisty tie thing and every time I wear shirts like these I always tie the front to kind of make it like a little cropped and that's like my favorite workout top for sure so this was normally $40 so I got it forward to 20 oh my god this one's so cute it has like a little like tear right here which I thought was really cute this one was normally $86 like personally don't feel like this is worth $86 at all but you know for 50% off like $43 and that's still a lot obviously but I can't press a sale as we know so I got that and then I got another white workout shirt which is from beyond yoga it's very similar to the grey one with like the twisty back it's just like long and stuff so we love 50% off then I placed an order on Nike and I got this sports bra which I thought was so freakin cute I love like the band of it cuz it says just do it I really love this trend right now with like the brand logo so I thought that was super cute and then I got these leggings from Nike which I felt like I should return because I did try them on and I feel like they fit me really funny I don't know maybe I need to give them one other tribe they were a hundred and fifty dollars I just don't feel like it's worth it I think I should return this hot club I don't even care if they're the perfect pair of workout pants I just feel like a hundred and fifty dollars it's so much Chloe what are you barking at you want to love me yeah no yeah Wow so I'm probably gonna return these I don't realize how expensive they were and then this is the matching top I actually really like long sleeve workout tops I don't know something about this like just kind of fit weird so okay this I'm so excited for I think the rest is from revolve or a low you guys growing up this was my favorite color and then I feel like there was a few years where I kind of just like forgot about it and it's genuinely like my favorite color like if I had to pick my favorite color it's exactly like this light blue this is from year of ours but I really just like loved this so much normally I work out I wrote lots of like black and white colors I was really excited pulley you were litter eating your bone on my sweatshirt okay next I'm so excited for these leggings they're so cute they're from year of ours also and these are the leggings that like they kind of go in at like the hips area and then they tie in the front which I thought was so cute and this was normally it doesn't say I always get a medium and everything too because you're wondering but I really love like high-waisted anything so then this is from Beyond yoga it's a really pretty like mint tank top and I purposely got this for the days that you want to wear a crop top at the gym at the same time like you like don't feel as comfortable wearing like a really tiny one and you kind of want to like you know cover a little more so I got this one which I really liked it's just like basic but it's so soft I wish you guys could feel this in person we love that two more things oh this was also from Equinox with a sale this was normally $58 got it for 50% off and it's a white t-shirt but the front of it has this like crisscross I love how it's longer because you can still show your stomach if you want but without being like you know I mean I love this it's definitely gonna with that and then the last thing that I got I'm also so freaking excited for its this sports bra from here of ours and again it's the favorite color blue and I love it so much again like this trend of whatever this is I'm obsessed I love it and now I can finally wear these clothes oh my gosh I do need to return the Nike thing but other than that I love everything so yeah also I'm sorry it's my first time really wearing it other than the shoot so it feels so weird to just be wearing it with you guys oh my gosh I'm so excited it comes out April 5th get your so extra heady look who's home I feel like you haven't been in my vlogs recently like at all our schedules have been so off I told TK that I have a VIP ticket for her and this Login my FaceTime her she was like almost in tears she was so cute we loved I'm helping at home right now also I made a cup coffee it makes me so excited also do you see what I'm wearing shop Alicia Marie dot-com I'm going to set my box Sam's and the yellow box in the other box so the camera has to stay still Jory's no no no grab me a coffee cup oh come on you're already bring it closer yeah sorry sorry even stand there actually do the yellow one again we're a little closer I won't get in line with the purple yeah put it on top of the box I'm just kidding put it on the counter haunted baby content oh my freaking God this is crazy this actually been out for a while but if you guys haven't seen REM and I had our first cover shoot with low-cal magazine the first time having it a hard copy in person and oh my god I'm dying Chloe may you want to see what your auntie got you come here it's a mutt garita you want your margarita go get it yay we love my greta's rim asked me to send her a video I think it's safe to say she loves it it also kind of looks like a bone or like a ham thing Chloe you're happy it's from Daisy Mae oh my god she knows her name or does she just think I'm saying Chloe Mae oh my god so thank you so much for watching don't forget to buy your pink hoodie don't forget to come to our pretty basic live shows all the info down below ok bye love you


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