HPHC's Lawrence Rapisarda discusses Oracle Health Insurance Components

a lot of credit certainly goes to the organization to the service organization and the excellent training and the excellent value said that they have so we can't we can't forget that but but the strategy one of the very first things that we delivered in the strategy was a new customer service capability built in a modern technology that gave them all of the frequently needed information all in one one single page so that that enabled customer service agents to answer most questions right at the onset of bringing up the application for that particular member or or customer who contacts us and that was a great key first of all our membership database i remember data structure is built on Oracle's TCA and we have built that specialized screen that provides everything in one place and then of course the subsequent screens for more detail we've built that in Oracle's application Express on top of all of the api's around the Oracle e-business suite so it's really built into the e-business suite structure we have developed a strategy that's a component based strategy something that gives us the ability to put in place components that are best of breed in their area and the orbital health insurance product which is a first-rate adjudication engine is a perfect component for that for that strategy and so we've we've recently implemented that we're a good way into migrating our membership onto that platform and we've done it with and we are able to maintain our high level auto adjudication processing with the with the product so it's met all of our all of our standards does as well or better than the existing claims management system the legacy system you

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