How You Can Get Rid of Neck Hump With a SOCK. Dowager’s Hump.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinions of course. Yeah, by the way our subject today Brad is how to get rid of neck hump with a sock Oh boy, isn’t that intriguing? Huh? Yeah? We have a sock right here Not just any sock, but a rolled-up sock. That’s right a rolled-up kind of solid socks Yeah, okay Well, we’ll get into this trick in just a little. Before we do please if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free And we upload every day. Also go over to Facebook and “like” us because we give away stuff and we like to be liked I didn’t say it, Brad. You were ready for me to say it and I didn’t say it. So all right, so neck hump it’s that big bump you see on some people right here And so often actually it has a little bit of a fatty deposit, and it’s called dowager’s hump Dowager’s. Like from a Doctor Dowager? I’m sure it is, what else would it be but Brad’s already putting the neck in the position, and he’s showing you what is forming that bump. So if you go down, There’s seven cervical vertebrae and the seventh one is often the one that’s the most prominent one. It’s sticking out that little bump on the end called the spinous process. So kind of like this There you can see that bump right there sticking out. It’s close enough. So what we’re gonna do with the sock is we’re gonna provide a counter pressure right there Right on that hump to help correct that and move it back into place again There should be a little bit of an arch in there But it’s obvious and everyone’s seen people in public or whatever with that posture you may know someone, you may have yourself So how could we correct that, or better yet How can we stop it from happening in the first place? So you can do some of these exercises that prevent it if you start heading that way already. So I took a sock. Actually, a pair of socks here. I guess that’d be two, and I rolled up the first one and I just took the second one and I rolled it over the top of it So this one rolled this way and on this one I rolled right over the top. Is this how you keep your socks in your drawer or do you do the other method? I just throw them in there All the same color, don’t worry about matching. I think I’m good today, so you got a nice solid sock here And now this is gonna provide the counter pressure, so you’re gonna need to be This works well for me in my car now I’m not gonna recommend that you do it while driving no But you can do it as a passenger or you can do it before you start driving is do some of these exercises With the sock in place. Now we don’t have a high enough chair to do this to simulate the driving, so what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna take a chair, and we’re gonna take a foam roller You want to do it Bob, yeah I’ll do it. By OPTP. So if you have a chair that’s tall enough, back that goes To your top of your shoulders you could use a firm chair It’s not gonna work in a soft cushion chair it has to be a firm chair Or you can use a foam roller like this, and we’re gonna show you exactly how to do this So you put it right in place here right at C7 there and I’m gonna do some chin tucks While it’s in place, and it really feels good, to be honest with you This is my treatment I do in my car every day. I’ve seen him do it I actually drive with this in place. Right, my kids ongoing joke is you know we get in the car, my sock’s not there I’m going where’s my sock. The kids know I won’t leave until the sock is found. I’ve seen him use a glove Yeah, I’ve done a glove and I’ve done everything. So you do chin tucks But also if this isn’t in the way You can actually do some extensions that way and you can do some side bending Back and forth, all that while keeping that sock in place and working on it And if you notice Bob’s shoulders are back the whole posture thing is being attempted to But people are gonna wanna know, what 5-10 repetitions at a time I’d say you could do 15 to 20. It’s just one of those things that feels really good And you almost can’t get enough of it. So obviously if you don’t have that another way to do this is just on a hard surface. You could do it on the floor, so carpeted floor is desirable Tile would be tough. Yeah, but this is not a floor obviously, but we want to show you just so you can see it This is a fairly hard surface, but same thing I can put it right in place here Now, it’s right on C7 again, and now I can do my chin tucks with this in place It’s right in here. You probably can’t see I suppose. If you rotate your body a little bit here And you could do a severe side bending this way too Brad It feels really good. I almost want to have you try it but I guess we’ve taken our time. I’ll do it, but we might need more time for everything. All right next one Brad This would be a really aggressive one Because this is gonna work on a couple things all at the same time We take our foam roller, you want to take the softer one, and that is a little more comfortable So Brad and I are big fans of this foam roller. It’s a little bit softer. It’s by OPTP. It’s down in our list below. People really like this one And they look nice, it’s a win-win situation I always have trouble getting on this thing a little bit. Don’t don’t worry about it Bob They’ve got time. This is good not only for Now this is pulling the shoulders back, stretching getting the neck a little bit of a stretch, too But I’m gonna go ahead and put the sock in place along with this. I’m too far down aren’t I So you want to get the roller so that your head can rest on the roller and Bob’s a tall person. If he can do it pretty much anyone can. This is aggressive. Lost my comb there. But this just laying here Now I’m not only stretching this part, but I’m also stretching that bump I’m working right on that bump, so this is just a real easy one to do For some of you you probably won’t be able to get your head down, right So shall we show them a little trick. You can use a small pillow They do make a nice little arch that fits on here and stays right there works really nice. Yeah, actually it does. Good starter thing and again you can just lay here This is often recommended for people who even have the hump in the mid back If you’re having trouble with that a thoracic outlet syndrome a lot of times they recommend I like to just lay on this After I work out just to relax And things just fall and I don’t think I have the hump yet But I want to maintain so I don’t. That’s right. I would confirm that you don’t have the hump Brad. You’re doing fine The other thing you can do without this is put this down here I’m gonna bring it out again, and you can lay down on it again And I’m gonna put it in place and now with this in place, I’m gonna do my snow angels I’ve got my arms out to the side, my elbows are down, and I’m going back and forth like this So I’m getting some strengthening now. This is what it looks like from the top I’m doing some strengthening and I’m getting a counter force on that C7. You don’t have to go out in the snow bank to do this. Right at home is just fine If you want to you can. You can do that if you got that climate if you have trouble getting the neck all the way down you might just use a thin pillow to start or You could use another sock or rolled towel Bob and I we like to keep things simple So you don’t have to go and buy something every time you turn around, unless you want to that’s fine Do you want to show just one strengthening one Brad? Nope I don’t want to. Just kidding. Yeah, I’d love to. Should we start with the typical scapular retraction? So if you got some bands, stretch band exercise band. We’re big fans of we decided to pick a band that we’re going to endorse and this is sank band We’re not paid by them But we’ve got those down below because they’re really good quality bands and the price is right He’s squeezing his shoulder blades together And that’s helping strengthen the muscles that keep you from going forward like this. I’m always like, why do I do this to myself? I think bring my sternum out that way and my shoulders back and you can really feel that extra Stretch but not this. Back like this. If you’re doing it in bad posture, it’s not going to help you It’ll exaggerate it I’m not kidding. Don’t worry about people watching if you had your health, you don’t have to worry about it unless your kids are your wife or your spouse is watching you. The thing about this you can do lots of repetitions. I mean you can honestly do 50 of these It’s a postural muscle. There’s a toning muscle. So it’s not one you’re bulking up. It’s one you want to really do Do you want to go like this and then even down. I wanna tell you if you have never done this before and you can go 50 of them, you’re going to be sore the next day. I agree, you’re not gonna start off with 50. Now obviously I need to come in this way so I’d have so much resistance and then that’s what you were talking about? Yeah. I like to call it the hitchhiker, and this not only works at postural, but it gets a rotator cuff muscle as well and this one is hard to do. I’m not going to get 50 of these. I’m gonna do about ten and Then why don’t you finish with one last one Brad just point down low and kind of get the lowest of the lower muscles. And then we’re thinking about going down and you get the lower traps which is a nice muscle to promote. Good postural muscle too. Down you can see my shoulders. Tell them about the scapular thing where we put them into your back pocket right He’s trying to picture in his mind, he’s trying to Squeeze the shoulder blades and push him downward, so they’re going down into the back pocket It’s a weird thought, but that’s what you want to be thinking about, is taking the shoulder blade down into the pockets. That imagery thing can really be helpful with getting the right motions. All right Brad. I think we’ve done enough. We’ve done enough to confuse these people, let’s give them a break They can go work on these exercises. And remember we can fix just about anything with a sock no we can fix just about anything except for that broken heart. But we’re working on it. The sack is about the size of a heart though. If we get a red sock. That’s true Yeah, we’re going right direction Thanks.


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  7. in my case, the neck hump (with fat pad) is called buffalo hump. which is a symptom of cushing's disease. the body redistributes the fat to protect vital organs. once you get treatment/surgery (tumor removal), it gets better and there will not be a bump as the person loses weight and the fat redistributes again.
    so all neck humps are not same, or don't have same the cause and thus not same treatment.

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