How To Workout Without A Gym! We're In Hawaii! (No Equipment Needed)

hey guys I'm Nina and I'm Randa today we're gonna teach you how to work out without a gym I know there's this big misconception that you need to pay for a personal trainer you need to have an expensive gym membership or you need to be taking a bunch of different classes just to be in shape and all that is really really fun but you don't need to do that in order to be healthy and workout and enjoy it so we're gonna show you guys some easy tips to stay healthy to stay fit all year round while you're on vacation you can do this wherever you go guys if you notice we are in Hawaii don't forget to subscribe and hit post notifications so you know every time we post a video and you don't miss a video let's get into the video that's good blues I'm in my sweatpants okay so our first tip for working out why on vacation or without a gym is to just use your surroundings as your gym whatever we find this high-step is perfect for activating those glutes building those booty muscles getting a good cardio workout I remember there was even a time when we were at the airport like two hours early they had like the same steps and we just did step ups exactly you can literally do this wherever you go if you just find a little step and the fun thing about this is you don't need to push yourself crazy hard like your heart is racing so much you just want to do your workouts or you can still talk to someone where it feels more like hanging out a good measure of how much to push yourself is to be able to talk because you want to be able to sustain a workout for over 30 minutes we've talked about this app before and it is an app called Tabata so you can get it in your app store I think it's like five dollars yeah in their total rent version totally worth it we use two bought us probable link it in the description and so basically you can take any exercise you could set the timer for like 30 seconds and basically you go 30 seconds go go go and then a ten seconds so you pick your exercise here we're doing step ups like go go go and then taking a rest you could do three different exercises within one circuit so you could do three exercises three different rounds for a total of nine different rounds and that ends up being around five minutes and you can set your timer to 30 seconds to 20 seconds whatever you want to maximize the intensity the great thing about circuits is I feel like it keeps your workouts interesting so you're not bored and fun thing about Tabata is is you can do them anywhere you can do them on the beach so here are a few different exercises that you could incorporate into your Tabata z– again just looking at our surroundings we found these little stone step sets we did running taps I don't know the name of them but this is what it looks like and yeah we're keeping our core engaged and like going like 30 seconds and then resting one more thing about the bottles that I think is really cool is if you have like a 5 minute thing it's like oh that's that's cool I can do that that's only 5 minutes and then before you know you do it like 4 rounds of it and you look at a 20 minute workout exactly you can just pick a bunch of different exercises each time and I feel like a great hack for working out is especially when you're on vacation is I'll just go to the beach and I'll set like a 15 minute time room and I just say to myself okay I'm just gonna work out for 15 minutes and then I do several different to bottom rounds of exercises and then the 15 minutes goes by really fast and then I just say to myself okay well I'll do another 15 minutes when I'm at home and then yeah by the end of the day you have 30 minutes of working out I think I hear a lot of people say like oh I just don't have time to work out it's like well everybody has 15 minutes you know if you make something a priority you will find time for it I also feel like a reason people don't necessarily make time for it is because they think they need to commit this full hour they need to drive to the gym they need to go somewhere they need to hire somebody else people just give up in their minds because that's just too much work when it's just like no you can work out at home and or at the beach or wherever you want and that's our next hack is you can look up online workout videos and guys we just started a brand new channel where we do live workouts and you can literally workout with us like 20 to 30 minute workouts we're gonna be doing ABS we have a booty workout full body literally all different types of at-home workout so go subscribe to the channel we have a booty workout that you can go check out and post it our first video so check out the link in the description when you're finished watching this make sure to subscribe hit the bell and I'm super super pumped to be making these new videos and I think you guys are gonna love them I think also a thing about working out is I personally don't like to do it alone and somehow can't find a partner to work out with them it's like well guys we're your partners and some work out with us now yeah another great hack for working out is exercise bands and you could purchase these on Amazon there's different types you can use the ones that we're showing in this video or there's the ones that are more like a rubber band like I'll insert a video and they're really easy to pass like resistance bands and you can use them for your glutes you can use them for your arms exactly like you said they're super easy to pack and you can change up the resistance and if you don't know how to use bands I mean they're kind of pretty self-explanatory I know some people don't understand we will make a video on the other channel so you can learn all the exercises to grow that yes another great workout especially in the summertime is swimming hmm I'm not a big person for lifting weights on my on my arms mainly because it makes my neck hurt but I find that swimming is a great way to get that upper body workout so and you can do that anywhere and also swimming helps to relieve anxiety I mean we're working out in general helps relieving insight but in particular when you swim in the ocean there's something about the movement of the waves you feel so at peace and so at ease at the end of the day so definitely give that a try and just swimming as the waves kind of gently pull you back it's a good workout but obviously don't get caught in a Riptide guys we're not recommending that or not but yeah you can swim in a pool or swim in the ocean the ocean but just make sure you're safe when you're in or even a lake baby do a lake but don't swim out into the middle of the lake where it's super you know leave or if there's boats around don't do that either yeah be safe another great workout is doing sand sprints like we said we're just using our environment and doing whatever works and I feel like running on the sand is extra good for working out because it adds like this level of balance almost it's harder to run in the sand than it is on length totally and it's actually better for your joints to there you go and again you could do running Sprint's to your tabata zap because sometimes like you don't know how long do I workout for how long do I push myself for oh great I have a timer exactly I don't have to do anything just put it on some music put on some one direction listen to the whole you know first album and then you're done working out another great tip is just going hiking one this is a great thing to do with your friends it's a social aspect too you're getting that fresh air um this actually studies that show it's very difficult to be anxious when you're in nature and so it's really really important that I love that we needed to study to know we already knew that it's really great to just get outside of your house get out into nature and really recharge yourself hot with your friends I feel like again this goes with oh I don't have enough time to work out it's like yeah but actually working out makes you study better it makes you feel better it makes you sleep better it's like work no you need to do this to do your other stuff you know what I'm saying I find that it's so much easier for me to retain information when I'm alert when after a workout yeah actually when we can't come up with video ideas we go for a hike yeah that's what we do ooh yeah here we are guys another great workout or cross-training that you can do is yoga and again you can do yoga and wherever you can do it in your house we'll do a yoga video on our second channel if you don't know some yoga moves we will teach you we want you guys to take away from this video that you can workout anywhere and it's not about pushing yourself like crazy it's about having fun like we went kayaking yeah and actually was hard which was really tough like good on the ABS good on the cord good all are never we did not film it because Randa had dehydration from a run and puking six times no okay what I feel like I need to explain this a little bit more but basically guys it's very humid in Hawaii and hot and the combination I mean I've already read this I know you're not supposed to do keep and humidity but here I am thinking well whatever I'm like strong I can do hot yoga whatever I'll be fine and then like the first you know two runs or whatever it's like okay yeah I'm definitely a bit dehydrated but it's no big deal but then we don't have AC here well in our in our room specifically and just caught it I just you know was it hot tubs and like eventually after a few days of doing this I was just so dehydrated I was like three or four days anyway so we got to the acting which we really wanted to film for you guys but I was literally just I puked six times so we didn't film it I was like I think we're gonna skip today and it ended up being a blessing well not it wasn't a blessing that you threw up I'm just saying it was a good thing that I didn't bring our camera oh yeah my kayak cuz I was just like well I've never felt falling off of a kayak but what if by this chance that I do yeah and you did you play my Austin and I dude fall out of our kayak yeah and I grab a bag and it didn't sink to the bottom so the camera would have been gone goodbye but it worked out so Jen your workouts can just be part of your lifestyle sometimes you don't even need to set time to go and do a workout if you're incorporating fun things into your life you're working out our best tip for working out is enjoy it definitely if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to our second channel where we're gonna be doing workouts every single week so go subscribe to it hit the bell and we'll see you there and hit the bell on this channel as well and also if you didn't know this we also have another ASMR channel so I think thatรญs we don't link that all in the description box guys don't forget to follow us thank you so much for watching I hope you learned something from this video and don't forget to breathe as you're doing it and you want to try and jump as high as you possibly can good job guys


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  5. Good video and views of Hawaii which is very nice, thanks. I have a recumbent bike with a board across my lap raised between a table and a dresser. On the board is this computer, and all I have to do is move my legs, and dial in an appropriate tension level and just move while I surf the web, play game, study. I think it's what Doug Lisle says setting up the environment for success. I think Neil Barnard also describes that concept of setting up the environment for success. I am far from perfect exercising but I do it at least 5 times a week for some time on this machine.

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