winning it is Wednesday morning and this morning we're doing something a little different for those of you who are you for the first time excuse me next to all of you but excuse me but over here we are here for the press go ahead and subscribe that is a to station I am in the lab in an outpatient transplant clinic so outpatient clinics are kind of set up the same way and on my channel I talk about hospitals a talk about clinics and talk top Sebata me and talk about what amazed do LPN to RN s do here in this clinic so yes go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss out on anything I have this series that I'm working on that I've been doing for a week maybe two weeks out off and on I'm trying to get a schedule for it where we can talk about or to bring you guys information on working from home in healthcare because I know a lot of us are transitioning a lot of us are full lot of us have aging parents kids you know up with the words full of things yeah a lot of things you know that can go on and sometimes we want to be holland or near the home and i'll people don't even think will realize that there are things you can do at home to make those a nice change in healthcare so you know do some go over a few things this morning the other thing I wanted to say was I forget sometimes when I'm in here in the mornings outside you know what I'll be back in afternoon and we'll do whatever whatever I do not remember what I said yesterday so that's why y'all going to see me yesterday afternoon so what I need you have to do comment down below like okay crystal don't forget or you know don't forget to do whatever or yes I want to hear you talk about whatever because when I look through my comments it was job our memories during the day and then before I leave in afternoon as I can take oh wait let me get this video up and make sense all right I hope so so I have a couple of companies I'm going to mentioned and tell you guys about this three and one is really really big that I didn't I didn't know anything about them and these are throughout the US so of course when you go to their sites and I'll link them down below if you don't see them linked like this morning 8:30 9:30 whenever this video goes up check back again in the afternoon because I have more time and sit down and put the links in but sometimes in the mornings like this and for those of you who are joining us for the first time it's usually about 6:00 a.m. and then I have to start working and doing them and I don't get on my list please always go back and check so the first place I want to tell you back to check with the first company if Humana do not sleep on Humana these are not also bottoming positions you matter right now part is hiring for customer care specialist inbound call center work at home now the pay is good they did not put the pay in the application but I'm bringing you these three because I know that the pay is really good and it's works at home so anytime you see virtual remote work from home you know it's a work from home position so with Humana of course you guys know they are Humanity is pretty big I think they're based though out of oh my gosh I want to say around Ohio somewhere I'm not for sure could be wrong so I thought I had that written down or somewhere anyway it's a call center of course anyone call centers and schedule patients or appointments and make sure that they know what to do when they come so to their appointments so yeah educate customers provide providers and employers about products and services over the phone so check them out and I know also that you know basic its basic qualifications so for some of you who are right out of high school Humana would be great for you because they're asking for high school diploma for some positions the positions they do want be a bachelor so you know just just check around but this is someone I pulled it off the internet so that I can actually see it and I have to sum through the computer this morning so number two is like I said they're across the US and just put in your area where you live some of them are you can relocate to sometimes they do train you like you men I think they train you in Ohio and then they put you wherever they have the positions available I've never heard of this company it's PA RA LLL in peril on pair Parul on Carol Carol on I know Carol Carol on you get it anyway they are hiring medical schedulers as well so this is a good way to get your foot in the door whether it's lobotomy in any school you know yet you know you're uncertain you just want to take some the medical field you're going to learn so much and you get your medical terminology down some of them want you to have experience some of them don't check them out it's a work from home they have the position available it's a leading health care conference on a leading healthcare company offering a great opportunity they said they're looking for dynamic candidates to be a part of our team in both these companies that I've mentioned they have four oh ones they have bonuses tuition reimbursement medical and dental so you guys know what's going on with health care fees these days so the I'm not going to give you jobs that does offer benefits and of course Humana I think this kind of speaks for themselves as Humana so yeah don't forget they're headquartered in Kentucky I see it now because I did have a circus circle I said Ohio but they're in Kentucky they're based in Kentucky I think they seen you to Ohio for training that's Humana Caroline I think you can just basically if I send their name right you can just basically apply for them same thing online and right there it's a better cold scheduler and you worked alone now the last one I've never heard of them either it's called utilized health 32 to 40 dollars an hour as a patient advocate part-time this is in Nashville Tennessee however it's part-time it's a remote position however don't forget to put in your location because they are wiring they're hiring nationwide as well thirty to forty dollars an hour I had to rise on here so I wouldn't forget but this is the company I wrote the name there but it's down here somewhere but it's so small they also have benefit and basically what you're going to be doing is you're an advocate you're going to work remote remotely and you're looking for they're looking for a detail-oriented person who is interested in working with an emergency healthcare company and their similar duties are like case managers care transition nurses and discharge planners so you know sounds really really interesting and you can't beat the money so they also have benefits you don't need a lot of experience maybe two years I believe medical terminology so look them up and yeah I'll put the link down below like I said but 30 to the point dollars an hour part-time you can't be stacked it makes me want to go and check them out so anyway utilize Health Humana and paralyze if I'm saying that right apparel on consultants so yeah let me know what you think I'm going to continue this series which is actually to really like it and I'll be back this afternoon snapped me I G me tweet me let me know what I say so that I can do what I say I'm going to do a good last time I forget what my day starts rolling when it's 2:30 after lunch I'm ready to go home and I forget that's all I'm not that I don't want to do it I just leave it some ago I need the to legislation I've already done two TPS but I need to clean up and it's connector six so those up dumbs up if you guys really really are interested in me keeping these series the series going about the work from home because I know a lot of you are interested so those of this video and I'll see y'all later


  1. Hi Krista, great stuff, always looking for either in-home opportunities or to help other people like myself with disabilities to gain employment working out of their home, would love to discuss this with you, you have some great suggestions, and as a disability advocate, assess mental health holistic therapist, as a clinician part of the problem that people deal with is income related or not being able to be self-sufficient when you have disabilities differences or or you have unique circumstances thank you would love to contact you, great stuff, thank you so very much and blessings

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  50. Humana is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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