hey everybody it is the afternoon I is raining outside this is a second take for me I actually recorded this topic outdoors you know I go outside from a break but it started raining my camera got wet and I think there's still stuff on the lens I got wet the camera got wet my notes got wet so I said you know what let me do this over when I get inside here I am inside and we're going to do this again I just wanted to bring these data entry positions to you because I don't think I've touched on them to entry and I know a lot of you are here for phlebotomy registered nursing medical assisting those things because that's what we that's what we do here however I'm here for the entire healthcare field for those of you who are transitioning for those of you who are trying to go school or just need a job so yeah if you're here for the first time go ahead subscribe because that's what I'm here for and this series came about just people asking like I can't seem to find that surviving job I can't see me get into medical assisting right now do something else don't wait on that and become discouraged if you want to be in the medical field healthcare field get in where you can and make it work and work at home a lot of people want to do that these days we have families we have aging parents we have young kids you know just conflicting schedules and with telecommuting / virtual positions / remote those are the three terms you want to look for you can pretty much make your own schedule so the three positions that I'm talking about or we'll talk about are across the region I think there's one one of them is in California one may be of Virginia and the other is in like Maryland but when you do search for these positions if you google search them or if you go on any of the career building sites you can put in the title and the titles that I'm giving you and you can also put in your region and see what comes up these jobs will pay you anywhere between 13 and 22 dollars an hour depending on your level of expertise so or your level of education I should say so don't be discouraged when you read the requirements for the positions because lots of times they'll have requirements and then they'll have preferred so you'll fall somewhere within them within those two sections so don't ever be discouraged by them just go ahead and apply and I try to tell everyone that you see it you like it apply for it so the number one position that you want to search is care coordinators care coordinators are people that help families with billing issues with transitioning issues with every type of issue you are a care coordinator you're there for the family there for the family members to give them instructions advice and just lead them through the process of going into the hospital leaving the hospital go into a clinic or leaving the clinic and making things move too smoothly for them so don't sleep on care coordinators this position I found is located in California there's one also in Pennsylvania and there's one in New Jersey and if you want to look up United Health Group that's the one to look up for care coordinators the second one is medical intake coordinator these are remote positions like I said and you can earn anywhere from 13 to 20 dollars an hour the care coordinators and think you can earn between 13 and 17 but of course depending on the region you may earn more than 17 dollars same thing with the medical intake coordinators they can earn anywhere between 16 and 18 dollars an hour and this is a work at home in Columbus Mayor MD Columbus Maryland area you're going to be answering calls you're going to be documenting those calls and you're also working with patients trying to make arrangements that come into the hospital for when please stay or it could be physical therapy or anything pertaining to healthcare which is why I'm bringing these to you and because you are at home you have the flexibility as far as des will go you're basically just making phone calls and putting this information into the computer system and of course these positions were required that you have a space at home like a small office where you can have a computer setup and phone service landline phone service so that is through healthcare strategies and I'll link them down below as well the third one is central scheduling coordinator and it is a remote position as well you can earn between sixteen and twenty dollars plus being essential scheduling coordinator you're basically taking information again all of these positions because you're working at home you already know you're on the telephone and you can probably get from the first two that you're assisting patients sometimes you will also be assisting clinics hospitals a variety of healthcare facilities set up appointments there was doing issues collection issues and things of that nature so yeah those are the three that I came up with that I saw that I came up with but I saw them and decided to bring them to you that position is with st. John's Medical Center so I think they're actually know that there are st. John medical centers throughout the u.s. so if you to check out the jobs in your area you can always search central scheduling coordinators remote virtual telecommute and work it home and see what pops up so these three artwork at home positions so do not sleep on those if you have any questions please comment down below but if you enjoy this series please please please go ahead and hit the like button and I will continue the series and I will continue to say that because I don't want to keep doing these if no one is interested so I'm doing my research to bring this information to you and I really really would appreciate if you let me know that your like it I think so yes that thing for me this afternoon I did not want to leave here and not have an afternoon vlog for you all so yeah I will be back in the morning I am going to go don't let forget anything no level of education for most of them is a high school degree or more an associate or a bachelor's degree and like I said if you don't have the preferred they will take the required but the pace you know the pace like you ate so when that happens so it's no big deal and you if you really want to get in you know I say take it and just see what happens you can work six months to a year and you building that experience and then you can do something else so yeah thumbs up this video guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you all later bye


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