How to Warm Up Your Car | Hyundai

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] We know it’s
been really cold outside, so we want to help you keep warm inside. Please follow these simple steps for the best way to warm up
the interior of your Hyundai. First, drive the vehicle with
sport drive mode selected. This allows slightly higher engine RPMs and gear hold under
certain driving conditions to help warm up the engine coolant and automatic transmission. If your vehicle is equipped with dual automatic temperature controls, then initially set the temperature
to 73 degrees fahrenheit for both sides and press auto. This will allow the
system to be on standby with lower blower speed initially, until the engine coolant
temperature and heater core become warm enough for the blower speed to increase gradually. The system will
automatically adjust the vent to temperature, airflow
mode, and blower speed to compensate as operating
conditions change. If your vehicle is equipped with manual temperature controls, then mimic the automatic
temperature control method by doing the following. Allow the engine
temperature gauge to warm up before using the heater and blower or select minimum blower
speed until heat is felt. Once heat is available,
moderate blower speeds until the cabin temperature becomes warm. Do not use maximum blower speed. It may prolong the warm up time and the ducted air temperature
may actually be reduced due to less heat transfer
time through the heater core. Also, if equipped with
any of these features, use heated seats and steering wheel warmer whenever possible. And don’t forget, you can use Blue Link to remotely start your vehicle and the climate control will automatically be set based on the
temperature you select. To activate remote start
with climate control using the Blue Link mobile app, log in, and from the home screen,
select the start icon. Set engine duration and
temperature control settings and press submit. Now, enter your Blue Link pin
and the engine start command will be sent to your vehicle. To activate remote start
with climate control using your desktop computer,
log on to, then hover over the Blue Link
tab and select remote start. Set a desired engine duration
for the remote start, choose your temperature control settings, input your Blue Link pin and click submit. Your engine start command will
now be sent to your vehicle. Remember that remote
start with climate control will automatically shut
off after ten minutes, or after the selected engine
duration timer runs out. While this feature is active, the parking lights will blink until the vehicle is turned off, or the vehicle is in operation. To continue operation of the vehicle, the proximity key must
be inside the vehicle with the driver, prior
to pressing the brake and moving the gear shift lever
from the P, park position. On behalf of Hyundai,
thank you for watching. (bubbly music)


  1. Sure, how much does this cost?

  2. How dumb do you have to be to not know how to keep the fan speed low when the engine is cold (sending cold air out the vents) and then turn it up when it warms up (sends warm air out the vents)? I clicked this video thinking hyundai had some fancy trick up their sleeves.

  3. Are the flashing parking lights really necessary as it warms up? I don't think any other brand does that with remote start.

  4. So your saying we should drive the car in sport mode  ie" the most aggressive setting" when we should be driving with the most caution  lol hey up here in Canada it gets really cold , maybe you could install RACE mode like a  super car,  that way it would warm up really fast Sport mode and  ice / snow shouldn't go together  Bet this video didn't get run by legal did it

  5. Blue link suuuuux

  6. how to turn on the seat warmers with remote start?

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