How to warm up before exercise

what's up team and welcome to your pre-workout Walmart straight in take your feet slightly white and then hit with you either go down with some squats so if you've never done a squat before or you've got to remember the basics keep your weight in your heels keep your chest proud and don't let your knees rack up so you lift up on to the toes so warming up it's so essential before you workout because you want to make sure your joints and lubricated and your muscles are warm so what we're doing at the moment we're warming the quads we're activating the hamstrings we're switching the core on and by extending the hips we're gonna get someone into the glutes southern war it's such a massive extended muscle group so some people might go well I don't have to do a warm-up but just remember there's a lot of people who don't know what either warm-up is it's a pulse raiser getting the body ready to work especially if you've been sad desk all day or you just got out of it so from there step back go into a lunge lift the knee and then switch so now we're getting those hip flexors working the core is having to work a little bit harder to stabilize the body and we want those arms to start working now so lift them up start rotating the body and you should start to feel your heart rate rising give them nice and balanced so most warm-ups it's a little bit of a gray area of how long you should warm up so immediate depends on how active you've been throughout the day is it the first thing you are doing today is your workout the last thing you're doing today I normally say be safe anything between for 8 to 10 minutes all the time make sure everything is warm you don't want to get any injuries so don't cut corners it's all about being dynamic so now with that in mind we're going to change it look up flick the heel now I'm gonna get those hamstrings warm just find a balance if you have to you can touch down up river the red flick it up flick the he'll get a hamstring nice and warm it's two more each side I'm gonna switch legs shake it up up quite actually a little bit of good and had a lot about it all right definitely starting to come up a little bit so I hope you're gonna enjoy your next work now because it's gonna be a lot harder than this warmup one more time get the higher end a little bit more shoulders now up onto the toes we're gonna get the cops warm as well and those delt so we're going to go for another five four three two that one and follow me down to the floor is if you get the triceps in the chest wall now if you want to start with the knees down a spot just because those joints are still a little bit card keep your core tight in some press ups so your elbows are tracking out that's why angle then up coming right out to the side over the hands back to activate those triceps to get the chest movement and shoulders stretching out pop I should be starting to come up a little bit if you can lift up switch the glutes on and the quads we need three more and I'm gonna get it going interesting work that's one right bring it in and out last ten seconds just to make sure everything is ready to go four more reps one two three you ready to work Tim let's go


  1. I warm up by starting from head down to toes.

  2. Hi,
    I started with this exercise yesterday and i find it difficult to do all the exercises at one go..Can i take gaps in between ?

  3. Nice

  4. I’m literally a teen and felt at least a few muscles pulled after this warmup 😭 feel so crusty and stiff

  5. 1. Squats
    2. Lunge & Knee
    3. Leg Swings
    4. Star Jumps
    5. Press Ups
    6. Squat Thrusts

  6. Poor thoracic control, did say keep the chest proud but he slopped forward with each squat. Rounded thoracic and shoulders, it pops the head forward on every rep. Poor hip and hamstring mobility too. Poor scapular control, bit of a pelvic tilt, bit of a lordosis, massive but wink. Good knowledge, do some mobility work though mate, you're bound up tight, more than likely from time spent working at a desk. A lot of compensation going on.

  7. How many reps and sets is that sir?

  8. My thigh muslces got messed due to this wtf I am gonna report this bastard

  9. Lol what kind of shiz is that

  10. Dude! I would totally have exercised doing all this. Look how hard YOURE breathing!

  11. too advanced hecc no

  12. How long should you warm up ??

  13. Thq u bro

  14. i need to start the change into an active human again.

  15. Wtf I watch some hitt workout for beginners from anabolic alien he never said any warm out movement before workout so I did by running in place as only warm up. but the first and second move from you are exactly like these except you do it faster and my main exercise jumping jacks are also part warm up wtf???

  16. Where's the neck rotations, arm rotations, torso rotations. This a whole workout you doing.

  17. One thing I liked is he started the video quickly and did less talk 👍

  18. Really. Warm up? That would be my full workout.


  20. I am having terrible knee pain am 26 should I consult a doctor for doing exercises

  21. Hi guys. The only thing in this video is that the music is a little bit loud, therefore you're not able to listen properly the instructions. Well done for the rest…keep it up!!

  22. this man is impossible

  23. That was stuff I have done!!!🔥

  24. WTF, How am I sweating from watching this only…

  25. Great warm up! Thank you!

  26. All i could say , it helped me alot thx!

  27. Shit i did someting not good and thats jogging for 1 hour non stop.. my bone hurts l
    Like hell.. Me stupid but Oki 😊

  28. does different sports have different warmups?

  29. nice and clean. Thanks man…

  30. Can u remake this vid without the talking because if u use this more than once it can get quite annoying (didn't mean to sound rude sry if i offended u)

  31. ok we have seen the workout, now wears the warmup?

  32. Nice

  33. Should I warm up before cardio????

  34. Awesome. Thanks

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