How To Use Yoga Ball To Lubricate & Loosen the Joints in your Hips | Clever Yoga

Hi my name is Maryann with clever yoga
and I’m here to show you how to use your clever yoga stability ball to
lubricate and loosen the joints in your hips and core so like using my big ball
for this one just gonna place it someplace comfortable or you can just sit down on
it. oh! it’s a really nice place to sit if you have large size its awesome computer
chair I really like using this is a computer chair helps keep my posture
upright and work my core on doing it but in a really comfortable way but in
order to work the hips we can stand here go ahead and place your feet slightly
wider than shoulder width apart and you’re going to move your feet kinda off away from
the ball so they’re not under the ball you gonna play some about 90 degree
angles placing both hands flat on your needs are your upper thighs you can go
ahead and start rotating your hips and a clockwise circle lubricating all those
joints you start to feel massage your glutes your cores getting worked and
you can do this for several repetitions before turning and going in the other
direction breathing deep as you do this really extend those knees as you push
back really flex your hips as you move forward pushing those that pelvis that
really rotating that pelvis you can also go just forward and backward feel free to
bend at the waist lightly keeping that torso and added the hips and you can go
side to side as well again you have to maintain a really nice engage core with
your shoulders back nice and upright look you know far out front of you if
you can it always helps when you have a nice ocean view and you can just sit
here and rock and rotate and again you can use this as an awesome chair the
computer can use it if you’re taking time to watch a movie watch television
or while you’re watching this video so to find out more about the clover yoga
stability ball go ahead and visit clever or click on the link below you
can also search for them on Amazon and pick up here

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