How to Use Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Wrist Support When Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

hi there Kevin waist from body performance personal training and in the last 30 years of being a competitive bodybuilder both on national and world stage as well as a competitive power lifter I've learned a thing or two above what works and what doesn't the last thing you want when you're handling a heavy weight whether V with deadlifts rows pull-ups pull-downs anything like that where your grip becomes a factor is your grip to slip on you so today I want to show you something that I've used over the years and a great product that I've come across that really is going to help you out with that so the product that I want to share with you today is the ripped toned weight lifting strap and I will just want to give you a real brief description of how to properly use these so the first thing that you're gonna do is you're gonna take find the loop slide the one in and through and then slide it onto your hands so that the strap is down your palm you don't want it this way over top down on your palm and down on your hand like this you don't want it up on your wrist because that's not gonna support it at all down onto your hand and cinch it up like this then that's ready to go so now I'll show you how to wrap it around the bar to get to your best grip possible okay so your starting position for this is close to the bar with the strap going underneath do not go over top like this you'll still be able to wrap it around like that but you're not gonna get a tight grip put it underneath the same way your thumb would go underneath even push the strap underneath and then grab it on the other side with your with your fingers like this and pull it taut now that you have it like this it's a simple matter of just flipping it over flipping it over each time you flip it over if you really want to keep it tight which works good as you do similar to a motorcycle grip or a motorcycle throttle twist it bring it around twist it so real simple bring it pull it twist it pull it twist it you're good to go and then you just simply repeat that with the other hand it's as simple as that now I got a good grip that's not gonna slip out of my hands at any point in time all right so that's all there is to it real simple product and it's gonna make a big difference in any exercises the right grip is gonna be a factor I'm Kevin Weiss from body performance personal training have a great day


  1. bring pull it twist it bop i… err lift it!

  2. Thanks for this video i will surely try this.

  3. Explain yourself better man

  4. Love the pakistani made straps, still going strong!!!!💪💪💪

  5. I had to buy these because even the 155lbs barbells were slipping out of my hand when I deadlift. FML

  6. I can never get them grapes together

  7. Good video, straight and to the point, beautiful

  8. Who the hell approved this music

  9. Is the length of the strap important??

  10. Thanks!

  11. Hi! BulkPowders straps are good?

  12. I wear straps in every lift I do, the effects of arthritis destroyed my grip even when using lightweight, you do what you have to to stay in the game

  13. Thank you man.

  14. This guy doesn't really show you how to put them on correctly. It is never clearly shown. Not sure if I am putting them on right.

  15. My coach didn't show me to grip the strap so I was wrapping but still gripping raw metal….That helped a bit but gripping the wrapped strap is 10X more comfortable.

  16. Best video on this subject. Thank you.

  17. Hope that I can get some for those lousy bodybuilders that drop the dumbbells like they own ‘em

  18. I thought the strap should parallel the thumb not headed in the opposite direction towards your pinky? Looking at the palm of your hands the strap should lay between your index finger and thumb; if I am wrong change my mind.

  19. @RipToned great video, i been working out for a long time without the straps but after watching your video i bought these straps and they work awesome, thanks for the video

  20. Thank you so much

  21. Hes getting a smoke job boy I background LOL moaning

  22. there must be some ppl out there who don't knw how to use lift straps…

  23. So wait, you want it to face away from your thumb? I’ve been wearing them with the strap going between the thumb and pointer finger.

  24. Great video! Very informative and concise

  25. thank you

  26. Straight to the point, no nonsense good advice. Thanks Kevin.

  27. Surely a deadlift should be done with an alternating grip though?

  28. great advice. thanx man


  30. I used straps for the first time today and i did it completely wrong and almost felt like i was going to drop the weight cuz my grip wasn’t that tight and correct. This video is really helpful for guys like me.

  31. My grip always comes loose even with straps 🙁
    5'7, 149lb female, DLing 450

  32. I was wrapping it over the bar and couldnt figure out why it wasnt working 👍

  33. Thanks, Kevin. I had no idea how these work, but now I know.

  34. Got these today in the grey camo and the colour already grew on me. Just in time right before I head out to the gym, and it so happens to be Deadlift day as well. Gonna see how these compare to my old straps of similar build and material

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