HOW TO USE MACA POWDER | 3 healthy recipes

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone welcome back
to my spotlight series This is series where
I highlight a specific ingredient usually requested by you and I show you how to use
it three different ways as well as talking a little bit about the ingredient, how you can
find it, why it's good for you and all that jazz. So today we are talking about maca. A ton of you guy have
asked for me to talk about maca powder so we're
featuring it today's video. Just like the other videos in this series I'm gonna start with
the food because I know that's what you guys are
the most interested in and then if you wanna
learn a little bit more about the nutritional
value and why it's good for you, where you can
find it you can stay tuned to the end of the video
and we will talk about why maca is so great. So for today lets first
start with our recipes and I am really excited
to talk about these recipes with you today
because I have got a few different options the
first is a really delicious lemon protein ball. These are a healthy nutrient
dense snack that you can take with you on the
go super easy to make and they taste so good. The second is a maca
maple granola and this granola is one of those
breakfast foods that just is delicious, it's a staple in my house. I love the combination of
maca and maple together I use quinoa flakes in
here to boost up the protein and give it a
little bit of a better texture and it's so good you guys are gonna love it. And then last but not
least the third recipe I'm gonna show you how to
make is a super food hot chocolate recipe this is
something that is staple for me in the winter time especially it's warming it's cozy it's
energizing it's sweet and it's still really healthy. So you might have noticed if you guys have watched some of the other
videos in the series that I am tending to go
towards the sweet sides of things with my recipes
and that really is just a testament to the
ingredients that you're asking me to spotlight so if you
are more on the savory side have no fear next week we are doing a savory video so stay tuned for that. And for now lets go
ahead just dive into the recipes and don't forget
to stay tuned to the end of the video and
we'll talk a little bit more about maca. Let's start with the no
bake lemon protein balls. For this we'll need 12
dates one cup brazil nuts one scoop of vanilla protein powder a tablespoon of maca
powder a tablespoon of lemon zest tablespoon of cashew butter half a teaspoon of
cinnamon quarter teaspoon of sea salt and a little bit of water. You're going to start
by just adding all of the dates and the brazil
nuts into the food processor and then just
whiz them up together until they form a course meal. (upbeat music) Then you can add in the protein powder the maca powder the lemon zest the salt and the cinnamon as well
as the cashew butter and blend it again until
a dough starts to form. (upbeat music) You might need to add
about a tablespoon of water so it'll help
everything come together but you really want it resemble this type of texture where you can
squeeze it in between your hands and it sticks together. Then you will just form
it into balls using your hands you can just
roll it between your hands and repeat until all of the dough has been used (upbeat music) and that's all you have to do. These make a great snack
you can store them in the fridge or freezer
and they are great meal prep option as well (upbeat music) Our second recipe is the
maca maple quinoa granola For this we will need
one and a half cups of rolled oats one and a
half cups of quinoa flakes a cup of coconut flakes
half a cup of pumpkin seeds one tablespoon of maca powder a teaspoon of cinnamon
and then half a teaspoon of sea salt a quarter cup of coconut oil and a quarter cup of maple syrup. And we'll start by just adding the dry ingredients together the
oats the quinoa flakes the pumpkin seeds the
maca and the spices and you'll stir that together
and we're actually gonna reserve the coconut flakes for after we bake it for a little bit then you can add in
the coconut oil and the maple syrup and you'll
just stir everything together until it's
totally combined you want the coconut oil and the
maple syrup to fully coat all of the ingredients then transfer it to a baking sheet spread it out evenly and
then you'll just bake this in a 350 degree oven
for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes add the coconut flakes and stir everything
together this just ensures that the coconut flakes
don't burn and you just wanna press it down so
you can get some clusters bake it for another 15
minutes then let it cool completely and then
you can break it up and you can serve it store
it in a steel container. I served mine with a little bit of coconut yogurt and some blueberries and it was the perfect breakfast. (upbeat music) For storage I like to
store my granola in a large mason jar and I keep it
in the cupboard and it stays good for at least two weeks. And our final recipe is
superfood hot chocolate. For this we're going to
need a quarter cup of full-fat coconut milk
one and quarter cups of water two tablespoons of raw cacao powder one teaspoon of maca
powder half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two
tablespoons of maple syrup. You're really just gonna
combine everything into a small sauce pan and then you can heat it over medium heat until
it comes to a small boil you can froth it with a
frother you can blend it up to get it nice and
creamy or you just serve it right away and that's
all you have to do. It's seriously so simple
and it tastes delicious. You can see how nice and
creamy it is and it's nice and foamy because of the fat from the coconut milk it's
one of my favorite winter time beverages. (upbeat music) And there you have it my friends that is how to use maca
in three different ways I hope you enjoyed today's
video and as always if you have questions
comments thoughts any other ways that you are using maca in your diet please leave them in the comment box below that way we can all
learn and share from each other and I also now
wanna quickly talk to you about what maca is and
where you can find it. Maca powder is a super
food powder that comes from the root of maca plant. Maca grows in the high elevations in the Andes mountains so similar
to where quinoa grows you can find maca and it's been used for thousands of years. It's traditionally been
used by the indigenous population in the Andes
mountains and they use it for energy they use
it for hormone balancing and they of course use it for the flavor because it tastes really
good but it's really about the energizing
quality and it's also really high in antioxidants. So finding maca powder
can be a little bit tricky if you don't have a
natural food store in your area then I recommend
that you look online. I have found that you can buy it in bulk on Amazon in like a one
pound bag for a very reasonable price so of
course I will link that in the description box
below if you wanna check out the one I buy and
you can also usually find it if you do have a
natural food store in your area in the where you
would find other super food powders so in maybe the bulk section or maybe in like cereal section anywhere that you might
find like acai powder or cocoa powder sometime
even the baking aisle. So check your nature food
store if you can't find it there you can always buy it online. And that's pretty much
all I have for you today. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video I know a lot of you have been asking
about maca so I hope that these recipes help
you and it's really one of those ingredients
that you can add to almost anything I have found that it's delicious in oatmeal
you can add it smoothies you can add it to any
flavor of your energy balls you can add it to a maccha latte you can add it to tumeric
milk you can add it to no bake granola bars you can even add it to cookies so
it's really one of those ingredients that's super versatile and I hope you just enjoyed the three ways that I showed it today
and if you do end up trying them please comes
back and let us know what you think and of
course thank you guys so much for watching
thank you for subscribing and next week we are
celebrating Valentines Day and I'm going to show you how to make a raspberry swirl brownie
so good you guys are gonna love it and of
course on Friday I have another lifestyle video coming your way. So thank you guys so
much for watching I hope you have a great rest
of your week and I'll talk to you very soon bye (upbeat music)


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