How To Use Healthy Food | Go365

if you're a go 365 member you know the importance of working hard to maintain your health good nutrition is a major part of living a healthy lifestyle that's why we've teamed up with Walmart to offer healthy food a program that allows eligible members to save money on healthier groceries marked with the grape for you icon at Walmart stores nationwide in order to participate members must first request their healthy food shopping card start by signing in to go then visit the healthy eating page and follow the prompts to request your card your healthy food shopping card will arrive at the address we have on file in seven to ten business days once you receive the card it's ready to use visit your local Walmart and shop for items marked with the great for you icon like certain whole grains fresh fruits and vegetables and some lean meats and dairy items and receive savings on your bill at the register follow these steps make sure the cashier scans all of your items generates the subtotal then scans your healthy food shopping card before you pay check your receipt to see how much you saved healthy food is just another way that go 365 helps you live a healthy lifestyle you

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