How to use an Elliptical Machine | Planet Fitness

The Elliptical is a great way to get some
cardio in without putting a lot of impact on your joints. To turn the machine on, simply step onto it. You can begin a manual workout by pressing the “Quick Start” button. Planet Fitness has several different types
of Elliptical Trainers, but they all have the basic features we will discuss. You can press the arrow buttons to increase or decrease your resistance. It’s important to work your way up gradually in resistance until you know what’s comfortable for you. You can always use the Talk Test: if you have difficulty carrying on a normal conversation during your workout, you’re at an appropriate intensity level. There are two sets of handles to hold onto while using this machine. The second set of handles can provide a full-body workout, as your arms help move the machine when it is set to a higher resistance. And the chrome sensors will display your heart rate on the console. Just like a treadmill, bike, and stepper machines, the Elliptical has a series of workout programs to choose from, which will adjust your resistance automatically during your workout. These programs are perfect for when you’ve gotten comfortable with the manual controls and you’re looking to add some variety to
your workout. The Elliptical is powered by your movement, so when you’re finished, just slowly come to a complete stop and step off the machine. As always, don’t forget to wipe down the equipment after each use. Thanks for watching the video. Come on down to Planet Fitness! The Judgement Free Zone.

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