How to use a YOGA WHEEL / Video Tutorial

Hello everybody 🙂 I’m Cindy welcome to my new video and today i will show you some exercises with a yoga wheel start with a back and shoulder stretching breath deeply feel the stretch put your elbows on the yoga wheel stay in the pose for 30 secs yoga wheel is not only for stretching you can use it for some body exercises too! we will start with yoga abs try with 10 reps it’s not easy stay in balance do the exercises slow and control your body stretch your lower back don’t hurry up stay in pose and breathe now, we will do the wheel pose first on knees and forearms and then we will straight the legs for the forearm wheel with straight legs stay in pose and breathe here’s some advanced poses we will do forearm headstand with a yoga wheel it will give us balance yoga wheel is perfect to improve your split let’s try the headstand pose yoga wheel will help us here are some variations with legs stretch the lower back again yoga wheel can help you to relieve back pain now we will do forearm headstand with an inversion to the starting position control your body relax and breathe now we will repeat two exercises for lower back fist with bend knees and then with straight legs to the end, massage your back thanks for watching my video see you the next time like and comment if you want and ask me if you have any questions see you!:)


  1. Yoga u izolaciji <3

  2. 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 💞💞💞

  3. Prekrasna si i prezanimljivaa, jel mozes snimiti q&a video da te bolje upoznamo🤗 i bila bi stvarno steta da snimas samo videa o jogi, pliz snimaj i nesto o sebi, vlogove s putovanja, bilo bi prezanimljivoooo

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