How To: Tricep Pushdown (Life Fitness Cable)

What’s going on guys? I’m going to show you guys how to do tricep pushdowns. Now what you want to do first is get the V bar. I like using the V bar the best if you don’t have a V bar available and they have a straight bar or ez curl bar you can use those as well. It’s the same form and technique you can also use the rope I like using this the best. Now what you’re going to do is you’re going to using an adjustable cable machine just put it up kind of high and take a step back, I like to keep my feet together. Keep a slight bend in your knees arch your back, and you’re going to keep your elbows in front of your hips while maintaining a neutral spine okay? So bring your elbows in front of your hips just like this and push straight down and breathe out. Now once you’re all the way down and then come up just barely past 90 degrees and then push straight down and breathe out again. Come back up. Just past 90 degrees now keeping my elbows in front of my hips the whole time is keeping constant pressure on my tricep. And that’s how you do tricep pushdowns. For more great information please feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys


  1. ive seen a lot of tbis guys "how to perform properly" videos and he has great form and i like how his videos are straight to the point.

  2. you normally have good form, but here the elbows are too far forward and you're too far away from the pulley which affects the effective weight and the possible range of motion

  3. Thank you so much

  4. This is so overrated 90 degrees? cmon make a full range motion.. this is why most triceps are undeveloped.! make a stretch for full development..

  5. Will this help my flabby arms?

  6. Thank you! This is a much needed post

  7. Thnxxx soo much dude!

  8. Put a shirt on, buddy.

  9. hi! usually when i do these, i tend to get shoulder ache (been injured) in my final set, rarely in my 2nd set. am i doing something wrong or is this normal? thx

  10. i love you channel 😀

  11. So thats why you know shit about isolating different angles of the triceps! Thanks you 2 bro! X

  12. I can do 1 arm tricep presses with 30-40 pounds but turned absolutely retarded when I tried these and could do 50 pounds TOTAL and doing cable curls could only do 60 pounds but can bicep curl 40 with good form. I am never using a machine again i feel like I worked out my shoulders, more than my triceps I just couldn't stabilize without dropping the weight real low. I wish more of these tutorial videos would talk about how much weight they use and how much they started with. I feel like it would be really helpful for people like me who are always uncertain.

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  14. as long as u feel the tightness, muscles feeling warm on the triceps, u got it right, right?

  15. Hey man thanks for all your videos, your the first one I go to for help and knowledge. Your not up yourself and your form is perfect. 

    Thanks again mate!

  16. I wish I would have watched this before I did this today. 

  17. I love the V-bar and I do this exercise twice a week with it.

  18. this guy is laughable at best and has no concept of full range of motion or muscle isolation 

  19. Form is horrible. 1. Body should be closer to the point of action to take the shoulders out of the movement and isolate the triceps .2. You can keep tension on the triceps by pressing the weight down to a full ROM concentrically and back up eccentrically to your sternum. 

  20. Leave him alone about the tshirt! Scott you look great and I prefer you not wearing a shirt! 🙂 I've been lifting for a while and worry about my form. I noticed you brought the weight all the way to your quads. I will try that now

  21. I can swear he farted at 0:49

  22. lies

  23. fucking love you scott!

  24. Does this type of workout also works the chest out as well? Can someone respond asap please

  25. Thanks for all your videos man!  Very helpful!

  26. thank you kind sir very helpful

  27. Dem neck veinzzzzzzz

  28. i want you to become my fitness instructor

  29. Gracias amigo

  30. How many times a week should I work out each muscle?? once?

  31. Scott, how do I stop my overdeveloped traps from firing/cheating when I do this? :'(

  32. bullshit

  33. Thank you very much my good sir…I was doing this wrong all along!!!!!

  34. your camera man always is too close.

  35. sometimes it burns a little in my right elbow.. if learned that if i spend some more time on the warmups it doesn't hurt.. if it doesn't hurt when warmed up i can continue doing the set right?

  36. Great video but you can go higher (full range of motion) and you're standing too far away from the machine👍 plus chest forward and straight back if you can't do that, go lighter 😉

  37. What's going on nation!!! Y'all listen to Scotty baby. He sure does know his stuff.

  38. I hurt my elbows doing these can someone please help

  39. subbed 4 eyebrow raise

  40. I've been doing them wrong this whole time!

  41. Is his back suppose to be bent like that? I thought a straight back was always important when lifting anything.

  42. I was doing this at the gym and some dude told me to keep my elbows by my sides…who is right?

  43. uh lean not big

  44. Is there an alternative to this exercise when I only have dumbbells available? I am slowly building my own home gym and only have a bench and a pair of dumbbells, and a treadmill for cardio as my main focus is losing weight and fat burning. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Love this workout! Thanks for the advice

  46. awesome video. Amazing work. learnt a lot from this video.

  47. These hurt my elbows and I feel nothing in my triceps…

  48. I'm no trainer, but I've seen some horrid form on this excercise

  49. I have problems doing this I used a straight bar and a rope both at the lowest weight and could only do 3-4 proper reps

  50. thanks !!

  51. Why does he say to push your chest out?


    Use pushdowns to really target that lateral head of the tricep!!

  53. You should looking for Unflexal if you'd like to get best workouts guide.

  54. I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover 🙂

  55. nice video 👍

  56. +ScottHermanFitness this video is still lit bruv

  57. I love your videos!! very informative and helpful!!!! Thank you!!!

  58. thanks but remove this intro please

  59. awesome. thanks scott !

  60. In short, which one is better, the "v" bar you're using here, or the rope? And why, thanks.

  61. I need to get better form


  63. I felt like freakin Robocop after my work out today 😉

  64. this is supposed to be a tricep cable pushdown what u have demostrated is a tricep extension

  65. How this is different from tricep extension?instead watch video from health site…kaizard..

  66. I love how to the videos are short and very informative. Great content, man.

  67. Nice one Scott

  68. i see people using the rope all the time but this is way better and can feel it in my tricep much more

  69. Doesn’t that work out your forearms

  70. Maintain that neutral spine dammit

  71. Lock and squeeze or not??

  72. Since I've started this workout program, I always refer to your videos to make sure I'm getting everything done right! Thanks again for your help!!!

  73. for best results it's ideal to use a rope.

  74. If someone like that kept breathing like that next to me I would chuck a dumbbell at their head

  75. What you are demonstrating is called a tricep extension

  76. Instead of keeping the elbows stuck to my body, keeping them fixed at a flared position and then pushing down , makes me feel better in the triceps. Is my form still wrong?

  77. Thanks bro 👍

  78. Why did it take me 8 years to find this channel? 😔

  79. Awesome

  80. Good videos but can't stand his fake accent.

  81. hii

  82. ure hand is not positioned corectly , fix it in tme

  83. Flawless demonstration. Thanks.

  84. Great vid man thanks

  85. Looks like young Mark Cuban

  86. Scott has the best form videos. Ethier is ok too but it seems like Scott has covered all exercises imaginable

  87. Linus Tech Tips got ripped?


  89. Rope is the best for isolating and really pumping the triceps

  90. Scott looks like guys from never back down movie actor

  91. Great videos man 💯please keep them coming 🎉

  92. I always do it them standing straight up. When I try to bend and have form like these people say, I can do more weight, but also it hurts my shoulders and back and I feel it less in my triceps..


  94. Words from the wise thanks man

  95. It's not fair this guy has pneumatic muscles.

  96. Thanks for confirming this, just wanted to know if I was doing it right and gladly I was, even though I used to always get the pressure on the targetted tricep but wasn't sure enough. Cheers

  97. Doing it wrong dude ur supposed to go all the way up, ur putting a lot of tension in ur tendons thats how u end up with tendonitis

  98. 0:49 he just farted

  99. Very helpful thank you

  100. Check this position of triceps push down
    Tell me in comment

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