How to train your dog to sit, quick easy no physical training.

today I'm going to be showing you how to train your dog to sit down and it's very easy and simple you're not gonna be having to put your hands on your dog or anything you're just gonna have a treat in your hand and you're not gonna have to forcefully make them sit down lots of ways that people train their dogs to say is pushing their butts down telling them to sit and that doesn't always work so well and a good way to train your dog to sit is just without forcing or anything is just like this putting the tree above the nose and it's gonna want them to sit down one because they don't like the tree in their face like that – they're trying to avoid the tree in their face or just something in their face but then you want to put a word to it saying sit good girl reward them with the tree so here we go again you want to go like this and while you go like this before they sit down you want to say sit make them know what the word means they don't just want to have little symbols like this okay so sit see now she knows what this means it means to sit and she knows what the she were teaching her what the word means right now so there you go again peanut come here sit and if your dog does not do it and and if that your dog does that and just tries to jump up grab your arm tries to get the treat like this up you know tries to do stuff like that don't let them you want to get the treat close to their face close to their face they don't like it so they're gonna sit so ready look you don't want to go like this sit sit see that's not teaching them anything sit see that's not teaching them anything if the tree is too high still want to have the Treat in the face say sit and they're gonna say and eventually you just keep repeatedly doing that doing that and they wind up knowing what it means so come you a quick way to get your dog to sit as a distraction or anything you want to call them over so call your dog over and say sit sit now now instead of it being a trick we're doing it as an obedient term so come in you want to put your hip your hand in the face acting like it's a trace okay say see they know that that's a term of sitting and they know what the word means – so this is kind of like a symbol to teach them sit down this is not a trick it's an obedient term so you don't always want to reward her with the tree you may just want to say good girl and reward her with petting or saying good girl stuff like that because she knows tricks are for more as in like tree it's always rewarding them for a treat but as long as you make sure that you don't always reward her with the treat and once she knows what the trick is or how to do it then just keep rewarding her with pets don't keep rewarding her with the treats because then that'll teach her that that it's a trick and she will not do it without any treats so here we go again Peter sit so there's your tutorial on how to teach a dog to sit I hope it helps and yeah

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