How to teach your kids healthy eating habits | Parenting Tips


  1. Mam my son is 1yr 9months old he had primary complex he has not grown well compare to their age old even his teeth what will do mam for his growth please reply

  2. Hi madam unga videos ippo da kekka start panni iruka romba usefulla iruku madam romba thanks,enaku oru visyam kekkanu madam en ponnu patti kekkanu ava romba innocent ta edu sonnalu udane alara romba stress aidura avgala patti yoschi enaku tension na iruku avaluku age now 7 2nd padikra school la miss edachu sonna kuda alara romba feel panra ava active iruka matra madam Ida epdi na change pannala plss sollu ga..

  3. Thank you for your wonderful information mam,very much useful in parenting.

  4. My son is 2 3/4 years old mam . Suggest some idea to brush his teeth properly . He alone wants to brush didn't allow me to brush his teeth

  5. I like your speaking all

  6. How to make 8 months babies to eat food when he is avoiding?

  7. Awesome 👏 madam I like to ask u my baby 👶 is 7 months old he is not eating anything except like adding sweets foods how can change this ?

  8. Excellent mam, like your speech very much mam, thank you so much for your valuable message.

  9. Super mam

  10. 2 yr babu ku epdi food training panrathu mam

  11. Thank u mam for ur tips

  12. U explained briefly and v understand easily doctor
    Thanks for ur video

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