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hello and welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm gonna be talking about how to live a healthy and happy life that's a vegan thing why are you walking away baby so many of my friends also my followers like people around me in general are all going vegan and I think for all sorts of different reasons I think mainly environmental obviously with seeing the devastating impacts of eating huge amounts of meat and the way we're kind of destroying our planet not through just eating meat but all sorts of other things like consumerism buying too much being very wasteful so a vegan diet is definitely incredibly impactful however a lot of people that are not educated enough might not be balancing their plate in the right way so I want to show you how to balance your plate right so that you can be me in and still feel really good and be giving your body everything that it needs so one of the biggest questions when you go on a vegan diet where'd you get your protein from now protein is actually probably one of the easiest things I think to find on a vegan diet but that just comes from balance things things right so there are nine essential amino acids and we need to have all of them that's why we call them essential now I think one of the best things to do is to combine things together so combining things like rice with pulses so things like lentils chickpeas are really good sources of protein you combine them other ones like rice and quinoa and you can get that kind of complete protein also other things like tofu or a really good source of protein nuts and sea but I think with a vegan diet it's about variety and making sure that you've got lots of different components on your plate I also love a protein powder one of my favorites is poor nutrition a really delicious vegan protein powder because some of them aren't that delicious and that's just really nice to kind of boost my person in the morning it keeps me full of the longer just love it so one of the vitamins that often can be quite hard to get on a vegan diet is bitten indie however you can get that in mushrooms and also fortified cereals do you know what whether you'll be going or not I would really recommend you supplementing with vitamin D especially during winter months when you don't often get it from sunlight so this is really good thing to be having it really boosts your mood it's very essential Frog buddies and trust me once you just kind of get in the habit of taking it every morning it will just be so easy to implement into a life b12 is probably the most talked about vitamin as a vegan so it's something that you just can't get in a plant-based diet and that's fine because we can supplement for that so b12 is mainly found in animal sources it's really important because it's used in the production and development of the brain so we don't want to mess around with it when you eat an animal-based diet you often have a reserve for around two years so don't worry if you've gone begin and you haven't started supplementing with it absolutely fine but it is really important that you start doing that and implementing that in every single day omega-3 fats are also really important I'm very rich in meats and fish but you can find them in things like chia seeds walnuts a really good source so just adding a sprinkle of these on your porridge in the morning to boost your omega-3s having lots of healthy fats avocado just having them in every single meal will help boost your omega-3 that's your really important for inflammation for joint health for beautiful hair and skin as well so it would be making sure we're having those every single day iodine is also quite hard to find on a plant-based diet so this is really important for your thyroid and your hormone production you can find this in things like seaweed and also iodized salt switch aren't as common over here but my family from New Zealand I'm pretty much ooh thought has iodine in it which is super cool you can obviously get this in a supplement as well calcium is a mineral that often can be lacking in some vegan diets of course we know that there is a good source of calcium from milk and dairy products but you can also find calcium in other foods such as tofu dark leafy greens sesame it's like tahini I thought on literally everything so you can definitely get it so make sure you're having like a nice ball of green leafies with some tofu just to boost that calcium I also find that a lot of plant-based milks have a good source of calcium I know my oat month that I use only has calcium already added into it so if you're kind of swapping normal milk for this milk you'll probably be making sure that you have the same amount of calcium and they often put vitamin D in there as well so they're kind of like looking after you they're making like smoothies and teas taste delicious but also adding that extra goodness link is also an essential mineral and it's really important in wound healing but also in your fertility as well so we can find this in miso paste in tofu also and nuts and seeds pumpkin seeds are a really good source of things so we want to be making sure we're having like a nice 1/2 of pumpkin seeds or having a bit of music haze like in our soups just to boost that sources name iron is also slightly harder to get on a vegan diet because we don't know desorber as easily in a plant-based form as opposed to an animal-based form but you can add things like eating iron alongside vitamin C to increase absorption things like kidney beans and other beans and pulses a really good source of iron as well as green leafy vegetables nuts and seeds and often you can be feeling quite tired and lethargic is a sign of being quite low in iron so it's really important to be speaking to your GP while doing this to make sure that you're monitoring your iron levels and you're not getting to your deficient of course and supplement with it as well I know that I find when I'm eating a more vegan based diet that I get very anemic from it which is why often don't do it completely but of course for some people and they really feel passionate about not using animal products they can supplement and just make sure that one is chained I think it's really important to always check in with yourself like is this diet right for me I do think that you can eat from the environment without going completely vegan I think that there needs to be a balance in between there because the most important person is you and they cannot see you and I think sometimes we think that eating a vegan diet eating a certain diet will save us or make us feel connect with other things remember that this is just one way of eating there's lots of other ways and if it really feels right for you because I've got friends who are vegan and they thrive on it it's the best thing that's ever happened to them but I think it's just constantly staying true to yourself like is this working for me always checking in with your GP getting your blood tested making sure that you know especially things like b12 iron levels are at an adequate amount so that your body is super healthy and happy because that is the most important thing so I really hope this video helped you and you can kind of take some tips from it to help balance your plate so if you were choosing a vegan diet whether it's now or forever that you're doing it in a really healthy and sensible and balanced way thank you so much for watching give this video a big thumbs up don't forget to hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in my next video okay bye


  1. Great tips! I also take complex B vitamin and vitamin D. Those are the ones that we mostly can't get enough from a plant-based diet. Omega 3s are also often forgotten but as long as we keep a walnut and flaxseed intake, we should be good on that end. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Essential 5 suplements( bones, tisues, organs, hair, blood vesells)

    1.Turmeric +Curcumim

    2.Qunol Ultra

    3.Probiotic 40 mil CFU

    4.Ancestral Suplements must have!

    5.Grass green Superfood

  3. I have a spoonful of blackstrap molasses to get iron.

  4. I wish you didn’t show that bright green seaweed. If it’s green like that it’s food coloring. I love it but stopped getting it in Asian restaurants and stores. Whole Foods sells it in natural form which is brown and unappetizing looking, but it tastes the same.

  5. Veganism is not a diet. A plant-based diet is a diet. Veganism is about not using other living creatures and exploiting them.

  6. I love Alpo almond and coconut milks and love that they are fortified with B12 and Calcium!
    Great video and very informative! I have been vegan for almost three years now and can't imagine any other diet! X

  7. I take take a multi vitamin and liquid iron is that not enough?

  8. Great video. It would be really helpful to know what might be missing if you are only having meat twice a week…my family is cutting down a lot but not going vegan. I'm not sure where that leaves us on what might be lacking.

  9. Thank you so much dear Maddy

  10. So good✨✨✨✨✨✨

  11. Which b12 supplement are you taking?

    I’d like to take them so I googled it and amazoned, but there were too many b12 supplements to decide which one to get. Do you have any recommendations?

  12. Love all the tips you shared

  13. Really helpful. I am naturally very anaemic so can’t follow a vegan diet all the time 😊

  14. Why are there eggs in the thumbnail? 😂

  15. Really helpful video 🙂

  16. 🍽✅👍🏻

  17. ❤️

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