How To Stick To A Diet – Part 1 Introduction and Mindset


  1. More vids about Sticking to a diet and make some italian

  2. Man, thanks so much for this video!!! Everything you said makes a lot of sense!!!

  3. Glad to help!


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  7. Thanks for the vid good for training

  8. Great videos very informative my main issue is weekends i stick to a diet mon-fri then sat and sunday i blow it ill order an ipod and say when it comes in the mail im gonna start working out cus i do need music to workout excuses excuses ill just start monday that monday has turned into a sad 4 years' i can only blame myself luckily i watch 2-3 of your videos daily over and over again lol it motivates me and ive finally lost 25lb in 3 weeks i see it as a lifestyle and not a diet 🙂

  9. I'm 13 and I have lost 30 pounds at my lowest of 168 but now, I'm 198. I NEED TO EAT HEALTHY AS A LIFESTYLE! Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. congrats on getting in to shape!! thanks for the vid!!

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