How To Stay HEALTHY in COLLEGE | Dorm Room Tips + Meal Ideas!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be talking all about how to stay healthy in college now staying healthy in college certainly can be a challenge but it's definitely not impossible so in this video I'm gonna be talking about healthy eating in college in general but I wanted to specifically focus on living in a dorm room because when you're living in the dorms you I think you are the most restricted and have the least freedom to you know cook for yourself and make healthy meals and stay on track and things like that so that's what I'm going to focus on the most number one because I think it's the most difficult living situation to stay healthy in college but number two this is actually requested me to do actually one of my sorority sisters Morgan reached out to me she's still at Penn State now and she was like listen I am moving back on to the floor this year our dorm floor at Penn State we don't have starting houses we have started dorm floors so she was like listen I'm moving back onto the floor and I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous I lived in an apartment last year I had like the freedom to cook for myself and now I'm just a little scared on how to stay healthy you know while I'm there living in the dorms so I was like don't worry I'll absolutely make a video on it and share my tips and experience so Morgan this video is for you and of course all my other beautiful path eyes and anyone else who just want some tips on how to stay healthy in college so in this video I want to give you my personal experience and advice as well as from a nutrition and dietetics standpoint some healthy meal ideas and also some strategies to stay healthy while living in the dorms and navigating the dining halls and things like that the first thing I'm going to talk about is living in the dorms and what I think that you need as food staples that you should keep in your room to stay healthy and then second I'm going to give you guys some tips and strategies on how to navigate the dining hall and not fall into the trap of just eating crap everyday in those dining halls because it's so easy because it's there every single day every single meal so first let's talk about the dorm rooms you definitely are limited in the dorms however it's not terrible I mean let's get real you're living in like a cement block box definitely not the most glamorous thing on earth however you can totally work with it at least from like a healthy eating standpoint so for me I always had staples in my room um I always had stuff to grab like as far as healthy snacks but then also stuff that I could whip up like a quick breakfast or lunch so in the dorm room you're going to have like a mini fridge and I'm most likely a microwave I know Penn State provides microwaves I'm not sure about all schools but even if they don't I would highly suggest getting like a microwave or a toaster oven if it's allowed just to get something that you can heat food up with but so in a dorms it's totally easy to make your own breakfast and even lunch every single day as far as breakfast I would recommend having some kind of cereal on hand whether you like hot cereal like oatmeal that's always my fave I'm eaten it almost every day for years as well as cold cereal if you like if you like that instead you can easily keep milk in your fridge and then just store the cereal box in your room one thing about cereal though I mean at least for me I have a hard time stopping when it comes to eating cereal I can seriously like four bowls in a row cuz then you got that little bit of milk left you're like oh that's more then you got to add more milk and then all of a sudden you have a whole nother Bowl cereal so if that's something that you have that same issue then I wouldn't recommend getting cereal because you're gonna start randomly eating it as like a snack instead of like a breakfast at least I know I would if it was sitting in my face in my room every day another thing that's great to have on hand is like healthy bars I love Laura bars Clif bars or I loved Luna bars and I was in college they definitely aren't like the best they're pretty sugary so regardless what kind you buy I would just suggest having a healthy bar on hand so you can grab it as a quick breakfast if you have an early class or even as like a healthy snack an afternoon before you know you head to the dining hall for dinner but I just want to say about bars um just try to make sure it has a decent amount of protein I mean you want the carbohydrate and the protein in the bar to be pretty even if you have a bar that is like twenty five grams carbon like four grams of protein that literally is not going to tie you over whatsoever it's all sugar so you want to make sure you have like upwards of like nine grams of proteins something like that something with a decent amount of protein if it's going to be your breakfast because if you just have like a little sugary bar that's not going to do anything you're going to be hungry five minutes later so make sure if it's going to be something that you need to hold you over for at least like two hours you want it to have a decent amount of protein in it and then one more thing I wanted to say about breakfast this nut may not always be the best option if it's early in the morning but something that I always kept in my dorm room was one of those little magic bullet blenders I also know that you can get like the hamilton beach ones at like Target or Walmart and I think they're like 30 bucks they're not that expensive but it's great because you can make a smoothie and you can drink it right out of the cup and then just watch the cup and move on with your day you can keep frozen fruit in your little freezer you can keep some almond milk in your refrigerator section of your mini fridge and then even if you want to add protein powder to make it more filling or more like a quick meal you can store protein powder in your room so that's another great option I went through a smoothie phase that where I had a soother like every single day because it's just so easy and I mean it's healthy you can't you can't go wrong with the smoothie okay next moving on to lunch lunch is another one that can be very simple you don't need a whole lot to be able to make a lot of different options you have a refrigerator and you have a microwave so you can really make anything so as far as preparing food in your actual dorm room it's pretty easy you can you can have bread or wraps in there you can store deli meat or anything like that and the fridge along with cheese you can store like some lettuce to add to a sandwich that kind of stuff is really easy another thing is this isn't technically in your dorm room but they had like a deli and one of the little convenience stores within where my dining hall was one semester I got like the same like veggie wrap every day from from the deli counter and that was like you know it was you said I was a vegetarian at the time so I didn't eat meat but I mean you could have like turkey or something like that I would just avoid getting like salami or ham or anything that's going to be like higher and fat and also salt so stick to like the leaner meats turkey chicken things like that a one-semester I made like a half a PB&J everyday with I had a piece of fruit and like a Greek yogurt I would always just buy like the individual Greek yogurts I would always go to the grocery store and like stock up on stuff for like two weeks and then I'd be fine so I would always buy those at the grocery store if you don't have a call yourself find a friend that you know has a car and every time they go to the grocery store tag along with them it's totally worth it just to make sure that you can get some staples in your room so you just have healthy stuff on hand and then as far as snacks I would always keep like nuts in my room sometimes I dried fruit but that can get really high in calories that's easy to munch on and you don't realize how much you're eating same thing with nuts but if you eat them in like a small portion then it's then it's totally a great snack but you just want to be careful with those kind of things you can keep like cheese sticks in your fridge you could keep like hummus in your refrigerator if you like hummus and you can either dip like whole-wheat crackers in it but my absolute favorite thing to dip in hummus this is so random but there carrot chips and I don't mean like fried or baked like healthy chips like they're actually carrots cut into chips and they're like little wavy carrot chips you can find them in the produce section like where the carrots are I am NOT carrot fan I just don't really like them I'll eat them when they're cooked but like baby carrot sticks like I want nothing to do with those that grossed me out I don't like the taste they're too crunchy I don't know there's just something about carrots I don't like however accurately an entire bag of these carrot chips like they are just I think those are like thin thinly slice so those the flavor or the carrot is like not as strong so those are excellent to dip in hummus really really really like those definitely a much healthier option than using like tortilla chips or crackers or something like that so the carrot chips and hummus is a great snack you can always keep like rice cakes and peanut butter those are really easy to store in your room that's another great snack I said cheese sticks you can always keep fruit in your fridge have fresh fruit on hand oh and for the peanut butter you want to make sure that you're getting a healthy peanut butter and not one that's actually going to be detrimental to your health I did a whole video on peanut butter a while ago maybe a year or so ago I'm talking you through what to look for a label how to know what is a healthy peanut butter so I will link that video down below but yeah peanut butter having that on hand is great so I mean there's plenty of options for breakfast and lunch is so easy to just have stuff in your room that you can throw together and if you buy all healthy stuff and it's all healthy holes snacks or foods that you have in your room you're only going to be eating those healthy wholesome snacks when you're in your room unless you leave so that's kind of the next thing I want to talk about is when you go into the dining hall or like convenience store situation because that's when it gets much harder as far as the dining hall um I would say the best strategy is before you put anything on your plate take a lap check everything out I mean this is a good tip for any kind of buffet situation because when you're in those situations it's kind of all-you-can-eat you have any kind of food you'd ever want like in one spot you could have pizza Chinese food Mexican any kind of dessert you ever want um pasta hamburger hotdog chicken fingers I mean you get it any kind of type of food you could ever want is available all at once so it can be really hard not to be like oh yeah like I'll take a little stir fry and yeah I'm gonna grab a burger and oh that pizza looks really good today so I mean it it adds up so before you put anything on your plate walk around see what they got today or you can check the menu oh my god I used to check the menu all the time I'd be like 3 p.m. I'm like time for dinner yet and I look at the menu so that's another thing check out the menu see what's what's going on that day and pick what you really want and put that on your plate first and then you know if you still have some room on your plate then you can start to grab a couple other things but definitely take a lap because if you start like oh that mac and cheese looks really good you put that on your plate then you walk around you're like oh but that's my favorite I'm gonna get that and then oh but I kind of wanted to get that because I feel like I'm gonna you know it's not going to be here for a little while you know take a lap first check out the scene and then choose things based on how much you want them and then also another just easy tip is just always try and fill your plate half with vegetables which I know not everyone's going to do but that's just an easy way to keep yourself accountable and kind of automatically keep yourself from like eating a ton of calories at one meal so just you know have a little bit of salad on your plate or make a little side salad and you know also have some vegetables on your plate with some lean protein and maybe like a like a whole-grain or something like that but with the salads make sure they also have like every kind of salad dressing you could ever want so stay away from like the really heavy creamy ones because if you're dumping a ton of thick heavy creamy dressing all over a little bit of lettuce you're totally canceling app canceling it out you're getting hundreds of calories just from that that dressing and it's kind of like oh why'd you even have a salad I mean salads are supposed to be light and you know healthy and then my last tip for the dining hall is try and get a dinner buddy I used to go to the dining hall with my best friend Kylie almost every single day for dinner for a lot of the time that we were in college and it really helped you know every night just being like okay I know I'm gonna go and I'm gonna like get a healthy meal I'm gonna get different food groups in and it's just nice to be able to go everyday knowing that you're gonna have like a nice like nice whatever meal at the end of the day because I think sometimes you get busy and it's like I like to study and then you know it things just get away from you and it also knits like eight or nine o'clock and you've missed the dining hall and you're like okay well I guess I'm eating Wheat Thins for dinner because I mean you know it's just difficult so always kind of have someone you know make dinner a thing make it exciting make it something that you look forward to every day to go and just kind of get away from everything enjoy some food and then move on with your day so those are kind of my strategies for handling the dining hall first and foremost always take a lap check out and see what's available before you put anything on your plate or check the menu before you go number two try and you know get your veggies in maybe fill half your plate with vegetables just to kind of keep yourself automatically on track without eating a ton of food and calories in one sitting and number three get a inner buddy or ten dinner buddies I mean get people to go with make it a thing make it something that you do every day so that you don't get stuck eating crap for dinner because you miss the dining hall hours and then lastly I'm dealing with the convenience stores hands down that was always my downfall in college salty stuff and the sweet stuff and the crackers and the ice cream and the chips all of that stuff just sitting there like ten steps away from my dorm it got I mean I'm not gonna lie that was definitely my hardest thing that I struggled with as far as healthy eating because it's just so convenient and you just swipe your little campus card and it's like not real money but just as much as you can like try and avoid it especially late at night when you really don't need food but I guess my only tip is you know if you're gonna go and try and get something that's a little more healthy maybe grab some baked chips instead of the regular chips or you know whole wheat crackers instead of regular ones or you know whatever you're trying to get try and find something that's at least a little bit healthier but the small changes really do add up it'll help you feel better about yourself and when you feel better about yourself you want to continue to be healthy so that is pretty much it as far as my tips go for you know staying healthy in the dorm rooms and navigating the dining halls and everything like that I hope that you guys and Morgan or able to learn from this video and take something away from it I really wanted to focus on you know being in the dorms because I think that's the most difficult part of staying healthy and also because it was requested of me as far as moving out of the dorms and being in an apartment or a house it's a lot easier because you have a full kitchen to work with so that's more just like basic you know healthy living so that's why I really wanted to focus on the dorm room because I think that can be the most challenging and I was in a dorm room for my god like two and a half years because I lived on our sorority floor and so I definitely mastered the dorm room situation by the time I was done I hope you guys enjoyed this video and to those of you who are in college or gonna be entering college this year I wish you the best of luck have so much fun definitely try and be healthy but don't let yourself you know be too crazy about it enjoy it while it lasts get some late-night pizza or pokey sticks every now and again because it's just College and that's fun and I miss it I wish I could go back so enjoy every second of it because it flies by but yeah so that's all I have for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you liked it because it really helps me out and of course don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any of my upcoming videos um so thank you so much for watching this video right now and I'll see ya in the next one


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