How to Stay Fit in College – My Workout Routine

good luck you know what's happening guys it's your boy Nick che today I have a special guest with me on the channel this is Richard he's a junior at UCLA we're going to be doing a video talking about how to stay fit how to stay active and now just get more exercise while you are in college so Richard tell us a little bit about yourself yeah yeah good to be here so my name is Richard I studied biology and entrepreneurship at UCLA and I'm currently a junior and one of my biggest passions is helping others become healthier whether that's through working out sleeping better or being more productive alright so first off obviously it's going to be Fitness whether it's doing exercise going for a run going to the gym all you need to do is be active and about for you know 30 minutes to an hour ago you can take the hour that you have and just be a little bit more productive so for me you guys know I'm a big fan of going to the gym I just think that hitting some weights going for a quick run is just a great way to get some workouts in this past year I wasn't very effective with my workout routine I would go for 4 to 5 days a week you know do a half ounce workout and not really get the most out of it by the time that I was investing it but Richard really well knowledge and his workout routine so won't you share that with us I'm a huge believer in getting great condensed high-quality workouts in I give you the best bang for the buck and so I actually only trained 3 times a week for about an hour and a half two hours of workout and what that allows me to do is I don't have to go to the gym every single day or four or five times a week in which I'm wasting that time walking over to the gym walking back I have a shower and it takes a bunch of time so big tip for me see you guys would definitely be to possibly lower the frequency of the number time to train and get more done within those workouts for the workouts that I train I tried to incorporate as many compound movements as possible so compound movements are exercises that allow you to move multiple muscle groups at one time so a bicep curl we'll just be training your bicep that's isolation movement while a compound movement would be something like the benchpress where it's your chest your abs your triceps and your shoulders you want to focus on compound movements because these will definitely give you more big and for me I focus on three compound lifts within my workout routine which is squats deadlift and benchpress and because I'm able to push really hard on these exercises and increase my weight on those I'm able to build muscle much more effectively quickly and save time when I'm in the gym that's super helpful because I feel like every time I go to the gym like you said like the process of going out getting ready showering afterwards it just takes up a lot more time especially when you have a busy college schedule you just need to be there's got to be more cognizant about how you're spending the time and just be more aware of that so number two we're moving on to how you eat in college now there's a big stigma obviously of the freshman 15 now personally I don't think that the freshman 15 is negative connotation because for me I think I was as soon as I got here I was trying to put on a lot more weight and muscle so that I could bulk up so for me hitting that freshman 15 was kind of like a good sign brothers and a negative freshman 15 but in order to avoid that you need to be eating smart you need to be eating healthy I know that dining halls have a lot of variety and options but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for the healthier options whether it's avoiding the pizza every now and then avoiding dessert so once you tell us a little bit more about that yeah absolutely so definitely be being more aware of the foods that you eat so I think a lot of times because we get so busy we kind of just grab whatever is convenient at the dining halls and oftentimes what's convenient is pizza it's the late-night ramen simply being more aware of what foods we eat is really really important and the second thing I'd say here is to just really make it simple you want very clean carbs a clean source of protein and then you want your micronutrients through either vegetables and/or fruits I love big guys so after my workouts I'll try and make a smoothie just throwing in some ice frozen fruits you know milk protein powder that's just a really you know get your calories up and just a very efficient way to get a quick snack on the go I will add on this quick thing of guys alcoholic is going to add a lot of calories that will negatively impact your Freshman Fifteen just be cognizant on what you are consuming putting into your body because honestly your body's a temple you need to be protecting it you need to be keeping it healthy and well-fed when you get to college I know that it's easy to get carried away with all this freedom that you have but you need to have that self-discipline and awareness of no I shouldn't be drinking my fifth beer or the day when I haven't eaten properly or going for the salad instead of going for whatever else you're going to get and the one thing all out here is well definitely when we're young the effects of eating unhealthy food is not really going to show until you're much later in life of 30 40 50 years old and so it's really really important to be aware right now okay so third and finally the most important pillar of your college health and wellness is going to be how you rest those eight to ten hours of sleep that you should be getting every single night how you are relaxing in your downtime when you don't have work to be doing that's all very critical and important aspects of your health and overall well-being not just for your physical health but also for your mental and self-aware health as well I'm a big believer I'll just taking time for yourself to you know watch Netflix if you need to go for a walk listen to music what tips you have for just getting more rest yeah absolutely so with rest I think the most important thing here is finding the amount of sleep that works for you everyone's different I know some people that can get six hours of sleep at night and they can do that seven days a week and they feel super good and other people they need at least nine ten hours of sleep and if they get anything less than that they don't feel so good and they have to back that up with caffeine which gets really unhealthy waking up consistently at the same time and going to bed consistently at the same time is really going to allow your circadian rhythms to be balanced and that's gonna allow you have more energy for energy for the day dude a problem that I have it's like I'll be in bed I'll try and go to bed by 11 p.m. and then I just stay awake at like control for another hour or so the one thing that I'd say for there is you also have to figure out how are your energy levels throughout the day so a lot of people because their sleep schedule is so out of whack they might take a lot of caffeine energy drinks monster Red Bull and that's gonna prevent you from going to sleep the next day also if you're not exercising typically your energy levels are gonna be pretty high personally for me on the days that I work out I'm really really tired by the time it's 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. so I knock out just like that so I think it has to do with the amount of caffeine stimulants and other things that you're consuming as well as how much exercise you're getting you know like we've been saying when it comes to health and fitness guys in college it is going to be a little bit more on yourself to be more proactive and aware of how you're working out how you are treating your body because it's just a lot more independence and freedom because that's a great Uncle Ben said with great power comes great responsibility so rich I also have a YouTube channel he does videos entrepreneurship health and fitness what can they find you yeah if you just go on YouTube and search up Richard view my lessons why you UCLA they'll definitely come up make sure to leave a leg if you guys enjoyed this video drop that any suggestions you guys want to see and it'll always stress finesse


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