How To Stay Consistent With Exercise

So instead of being either, or, so either
you do the perfect one hour workout or you do nothing and stay home and order pizza express
and eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and go to bed and wake up feeling awful the next day
and then continuing that cycle for another week or two until you get tired yourself and
start all over again, aiming to have only perfect weeks for the rest of your life or… Hi, guys. My name is Amanda Louise, Physical Therapist
and Personal Trainer, and that means I help women just like you get in the best shape
of your life. Today, I’m going to talk about how to stay
consistent with your training no matter kind of what your life throws at you, no matter
how you feel, no matter how motivated you are, how unmotivated you are, how do you actually
stay consistent day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Before I really got into fitness, I wanted
to lose some weight. I was living quite unhealthy and my approach
to weight loss and to fitness was that either you had to do two-hour workouts every single
day, just go running, do super intense fitness classes and then eat 800 calories. And if you couldn’t do that, you might as
well just not do anything because that was the only thing that would work. And I remember, I was working my first job
and I wanted to get in shape and then when I came home for work, my plan was always to
go to the gym, go work out, go back, then I didn’t do any weights but I would either,
why don’t you go to a fitness class, a spinning class or go for a run? And then when I came home from work, I was
usually super hungry so I would eat something. But then, what would normally happen is that
I would be so hungry because I have been starving myself all day that I would over eat and then
I would feel so full and I wouldn’t be able to go out running because I cannot run and
do activity if I have food in my stomach. Even today, I prefer to work out faster that
with a little bit of food in my stomach, especially if I’m doing any type of cardio, I have to
eat very light before. So that was also a problem back then. But back then, I would say that if I cannot
go for this 30-minute run, a 5K run minimum, if you can’t do that, then I might as well
just stay home and eat some low cookies because if I don’t go out and run, then what’s the
point? Nothing. Nothing else will give me the results I want. And for me, that was just this vicious cycle
of either doing everything 100% or 120%. I could go really, really hard. I can eat super healthy or goes to the gym
for two hours every single day, and then I would do that for a week and then I just couldn’t
handle it anymore, I got too tired, something happened in my life and then I would just
not go to the gym for two weeks and it would be this vicious cycle of me not going to the
gym, overeating on junk food or restricting all my food choices, only having chicken and
salad and green tea and then going to the gym for two hours a day. Very unhealthy. And I know I was an extreme case. That was probably why I had to become a personal
trainer to kind of help myself in the first place. But I found that my issues were also the same
issues that so many other people had. And my reason for becoming a personal trainer
and for staying in this industry is that I want to be that voice that I would have wanted
to hear back then. So in this video, I’m going to share with
you how I went from being super inconsistent to being consistent. With my training, since probably 2011, end
of 2011 I think, was the time that I started training regularly with this approach and
I have not had any major breaks from the gym since then. I have had one or two weeks here and there,
but I’ve not had like major breaks and even, usually, in those one or two weeks and it
would be, of course, I’m moving, I’m on vacation, something like that, I’ve been sick. But other than that, I have been going regularly
to the gym since November 2011. So yeah, eight years now, eight years running. This is the approach that worked for me and
it will 100% work for you too. And in the same process, you might even get
rid of all that stress and all those bad feelings of not being good enough and not doing good
enough or not whatever we tell ourselves. So as I touched on in the intro, my turning
point was in 2011. I’ve talked about this before and especially
on my blog, I’ve talked about this a lot, but what happened is that I was at a job that
made me super, super stressed. Then I decided to run a half marathon and
again, because this is the type of person I am, I signed up for the marathon, but I
never got myself to train because again, I had this issue that I would eat too much and
not be able to run and then I will just not do anything. So on the day of the half marathon, I had
actually been binge drinking two days before that. But since I signed up, I’m also a person who
will always do what I intend to do, even if I don’t prepare for it. So I went out and ran that half marathon on
second day, hangovers, without having trained for it, being about 10 kilos overweight and
I completely smashed myself. After that, I got really bad anxiety and I
had to stop working, just I think my body just shot down back then. This is a long story. I’m compressing that very long story a lot
right now to make my point in this video, but what happened is that I had to stop working
for two months. I quit my job and I went on sick leave with
anxiety and stress. And during that time, I somehow understood
that I had to just be very gentle and set the bar for myself much, much lower. I always had such high expectations for myself,
even when it came to exercise. And it was not doing anything good for me. On the contrary, it was making me sick. That half marathon, I’m sure that was what
made everything in me just shut down and my anxiety got so bad because that physical stress
and my mental stress and my own high expectations together, that just completely broke me. And that’s what happens to so many of us in
society. I know I’m not the only one who suffered from
these things. I think, for me, I was just lucky or unlucky
enough to have it happen at a very young age. And then I was lucky enough to be in a situation
where I could just take two months out of my life and just focus on recovery and thinking
about, okay, how can I prevent this from happening in the future? And I know not everyone might be that lucky
or they might not think that way or I don’t know. But anyway, that was what happened. And I realized that if I put my own expectations
much lower in life, but in this video, I’m talking about towards exercise, if I expect
less from myself and just do what’s so easy that what I consider to be so easy that if
I don’t do it, I can’t look myself in the eyes because it’s so easy. Not because I have to do it and it’s hard
and I’ll do it even though I’m going to struggle. I picked something that, to me, was so easy
that if I did not do it genuinely, even though I was depressed, stressed and had anxiety,
I would know that I was just, I just given up on life. So what I picked back then was that I had
to… mind you, I was doing nothing at this time. I was literally not doing anything but laying
in the bed, watching TV shows. That was all I did all day and what I’ve been
doing all day, maybe when I made this decision, maybe [inaudible 00:07:52] to do that for
two weeks. And my psychiatrist told me that I needed
to start exercising. So I chose that I had to go for a walk outside
for 20 minutes everyday. That was my personal version of having super
low expectations towards myself. And it’s going to be different for everyone. You just have to pick something that is so
easy. If you don’t do it, you can’t look yourself
in the eyes. So for me, that was 20-minute walk everyday
and later on, as I got better and even now, today, I know that if I have decided to work
out five days a week, if I don’t feel like working out, unless I’m sick, of course, you
sick is different or if something happens in your life and you just can’t make it to
the gym that day, that’s also different. But if you have a day where you actually do
have time or you have some time, maybe not a lot of time but a little bit and you just
don’t feel like going to the gym, then I always pull out my 20-minute walk and I tell myself,
“Just go to your apartment gym or go outside if the weather’s nice and do 20 minutes of
walking.” That is all you need to do today. If you do that, it’s fine. That concept has changed my life and when
I say I’ve been going to the gym consistently for eight years, this is what I mean. This has saved me. Now, of course, since I’m feeling better,
my mental health is better, my physical health is good, I’m not as busy with work, so I have
more time, of course, now, usually, I go with something a little bit more difficult so that
could be, I will go for 10 minutes on the treadmill and then I’ll lift weights for 20
minutes and then I can go home. But it’s all up to where you are in your life
right now. I use the 20 minutes walking as an example
because walking is something you can just, put on your shoes, go out and walk. If you’re in the office, go for 20-minute
walk in your lunch break. If you’re on vacation, go for 20-minute walk
around the hotel neighborhood. It’s something that you can do almost no matter
where you are and you can still fit it in. 20 minutes is such a short amount of time
that if you don’t have 20 minutes once in a while for yourself to go for a walk wherever
you are, then maybe you should start looking at your life circumstances. But some people, 20 minutes is too much time. They can’t take that time out of their lives
and instead of 20 minutes, it’s doing a one-minute plank on the floor before you go to bed or
doing 20 jumping jacks, 20 squats and 20 lunges. It can be whatever it is to you. I’m not going to judge. I’m just going to tell you to pick something
that’s easy for you, that’s so easy and so convenient. This is what you can always pull out and just
do and you can check that box and move on with your life. That is how you stay consistent with your
training. Now you may be thinking, “Okay, Amanda. That’s all good, but it’s not my goal to do,
what’s my minimum thing that I can do every single day and have that to be what I’m consistent
with. I want to work out hard. I want to make results. I want to get in shape, I want to be strong,
I want to be fit, I want to lose weight, I want to gain muscle,” whatever you want to
do. And I fully understand that and let me just
put everything into an example for you so you can see how I use this minimal effort
tool to stay consistent with my hard workouts as well. What you do? Let’s say that you are a person who can train
three times a week. You can train Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday every
single week. You can do one hour of training on those days
and this when you’re highly motivated that you will be able to do, let’s say, 15 minutes
cardio and 45 minutes of strength training. And you’ll do a full body split and you do
that, like I said, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. That is when you’re highly motivated, when
you have a perfect week, when your boss doesn’t call you to come in to work early or stay
late and when you don’t have deadlines or birthdays or sick kids or whatever, you have
in your life that comes in and kind of disrupts your rhythm. So on a perfect week, you work out three times
a week for one hour at a time. That is your consistent, perfect week schedule. Then, of course, we all know that life happens
or maybe you just don’t really have motivation to go to the gym on those three days for some
reason, it could be because you’re tired, you didn’t sleep enough, whatever. Now what you do is you have this perfect week,
which is what you do most of the time or as much as the time as you can, this is my workout
schedule. You have a set plan, you go in the gym, you
kill it. All right. You do that on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday,
the first week, perfect. You feel great. Next week comes along, Sunday, you’re fine. Tuesday, you’re fine, then Thursday comes
and on Thursday, you are so tired. You’ve had the worst week at work, your boss
made you stay late and you come home at 9:00 PM and you know that Friday, you have to wake
up early and do whatever and you’re just not feeling like spending that one hour in the
gym. So instead of being either, or, so either
you do the perfect one hour workout or you do nothing and stay home and order pizza express
and eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and go to bed and wake up feeling awful the next day
and then continuing that cycle for another week or two until you get tired yourself and
start all over again, aiming to have only perfect weeks for the rest of your life or
knowing that you are prepared and you have this low effort workout that you can always
do, even if you feel like shit, even if you don’t want to do that easy workout, but you
know that you cannot look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself yet you decided not
to do that incredibly, ridiculously easy workout. So you do it. So that is always your plan B.
In between that, in between your perfect workout and your plan B, there’s so many options. So maybe you just don’t feel like going to
the gym but you could actually do a workout. So instead, you pull out one of Amanda Louise
Fit’s YouTube videos that she’s put up for you to do at home, at your convenience and
then you smash out a 20-minute leg session, interval leg session, whatever. You just didn’t feel like going to the gym
but actually, you kind of want to work out or maybe you do feel like going to the gym
but you just don’t feel like pushing yourself. So you go to the gym and you do a class and
have someone else push you or you go to the gym and you just do a lighter session or maybe
you just go for a long walk outside or maybe use your plan B, which is so easy that you
feel like, like for me, the 20-minute walk, for you, it may be something completely different. It may be a five-minute walk. It may be, yeah, like I said, 20 squats, 20
lunges and 20 jumping jacks in your living room before you go to bed, whatever it is,
but you can still tick off that workout. And then when Sunday rolls around, you don’t
feel like you missed a day. You don’t feel like you really messed up and
you can continue and even your body, you didn’t have five days off, you still did something
on that day and your body is going to recognize as exercise and your body’s going to keep
adapting. So working out, being consistent is all about
the body adapting to that stress that you put on the body through exercise and that
is how you build muscle, how you build endurance, that is how you feel better. That is how your brain gets more oxygen. That is how it lifts your mood because you
release hormones. All of that does not require a one hour workout. All of that just requires you to move your
body. On some days, of course, push your body, work
out harder, but on those other days in between that are not perfect, just doing something
will keep you ahead of the game compared to not doing anything. And all those little things add up. So having the habit of doing something, even
though you might not make it to the gym for one hour, but you still did something that
also keeps you in the habit of working out. And I know that most people, they go to the
gym because they want to get fit right now. But if you get into the mindset of this being
a lifestyle change and something you have to adapt and mold into something you can keep
as part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life, that is how you’re going to stay
fit and healthy and happy and have a good life. It sounds corny, it sounds exaggerated, but
that is the truth. We need physical exercise and unfortunately,
it’s not really a part of that many people’s lives and it’s really hard for us to make
it part of our lives because we have so many other obligations and things we need to tend
to and we have such high expectations of ourselves that we just push ourselves too hard and then
we just collapse and we take time to get up and get going again. And then we self-medicate with food or alcohol
or whatever we choose or we get depressed and if we can lower our expectations, if we
can get into good habits, if we can give ourselves self love and self care instead of criticizing
ourselves and expecting more from ourselves, if we can learn to do things that feel good
and still push ourselves but push ourselves at the right time, that is how you will be
consistent with exercise. That’s how you will be happy. That’s how you will have a good life. All right. I went really deep there, but anyway, it is
the truth. And being someone who suffered from anxiety
and depression and stress and had to get a new career and build herself up from nothing,
I know that what I’m saying is the truth, and I’ve seen how many other people are on
this journey. So anyways, I am going to wrap this one up. If you have any questions, feel free to leave
a comment. Also, make sure to subscribe to my channel
and click the little notification bell if you want with any future videos. And if you want more free content like this,
make sure you check out my blog and my Instagram, especially on the blog, if you search for
my story, part one, two and three, I describe more about that journey I’ve been on. Yeah, that’s all from me today. And remember, train right and stay fit. Bye.

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