How To Start The Ketogenic Diet | What You Must Know!

In this video, I’m going to give you a comprehensive
breakdown as to how to start the Ketogenic diet. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel, as always, it’s
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going to help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about how to
start the ketogenic diet. This is a big question a lot of people have. As a matter of fact, I see a lot of people
who tell me that they’re following the ketogenic diet and then as I ask them more details,
I find out whatever they’re doing, in fact, isn’t the ketogenic diet at all and they’re
kind of lost because a lot of resources out there on the ketogenic diet are bits and pieces. So, the intention of this video is to kind
of break it down from A to Z and tell you everything you need to know. We’re going to talk about why you do this
and why people follow the ketogenic diet. We’re going to talk about the breakdown of
the macronutrients, what you need to avoid and then, after all that, I’ll clear this
and we’ll talk about the foods that you need to consume while on the ketogenic diet to
help you get jump started. First of all, when we look at the ketogenic
diet, a lot of people ask, “Well, what is it?” Essentially what it is is it’s changing the
way that your physiology and your body is working. So, instead of burning sugar for energy, your
body is burning fat for energy. Most people who are on the standard American
diet or on any standard diet are consuming a diet that is very high in carbohydrates
and a diet that is very high in sugar. So that means that their body is burning sugar
for energy. Now when you switch, and you start following
the ketogenic diet, what happens is you’re taking those carb out of your diet, you’re
taking that high amount of sugar out of your diet and you’re adding a lot of fats into
your diet. So, as a result of that, your body starts
burning fat for energy. So, what happens is your liver starts breaking
down fatty acids and turning them into ketones. These ketones are used by the body for energy. They’re used by the brain for energy. Now, this is considered to be a much more
efficient fuel source for the body. People who start following the ketogenic diet,
they feel that they have more energy, they feel that they don’t crash as much. They feel that they have pain that just starts
to melt away. Anyway, following the ketogenic diet helps
a lot of people. Let’s go ahead and talk about the why behind
this because a lot of people look at this keto thing and they go, “Well, why would I
even do this? What would be the point? This seems like a lot of effort for nothing.” Well, the “why” behind it is because,
first of all, when we start following the ketogenic diet, we start decreasing inflammation
in the body. Now, as you may know, if you’ve listened to
some of my other videos, inflammation is the root cause of many of these different diseases. First, it starts with an inflammatory problem
in the body and then from there, it spirals off into many different health conditions
like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, neurological
conditions and also epilepsy. So, when we follow the ketogenic diet, people
are recording that not only if they had these conditions they’re able to start reversing
them and start seeing great progress in the recovery of this disease, but what they also
find is that their biological risk factors for these different diseases start to go down
in a big way. So, following the ketogenic diet is scientifically
proven to reduce the risk factors of many of these different conditions right here and
many more that are not even listed on the board. Another reason that a lot of people really
like following the ketogenic diet is because it is incredible for weight loss because what
happens is when your body starts burning that fat for energy, it starts burning the fat
all over your body for energy and as a result of that, you lose a lot of weight. So, now that we’ve covered that, let’s go
ahead and talk about the macronutrients here. So, what this is, is a 3000 ft overview of
how you’re going to eat while on the ketogenic diet. Let’s go ahead and get started with this. First, we’re going to consume high fats. I already told you this is a high fat diet. We’re going to consume a lot of really good
quality fats. Next, we’re going to consume in this diet
moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. When we break this down percentage wise, we’re
going to be right around 60% fats, we’re going to be right around 30% proteins in our
diet, and then 10% of our diet is going to be carbohydrates. So, now let’s go ahead and break that down
even a little bit further. Let’s start with the protein. When we’re looking at how much protein we
should consume on a daily basis, what we do is we look at your lean body mass. So, I’m going to give you a quick way to figure
this out. Let’s say you’re 180 lbs. and you feel that
you have 10 lbs. that you can lose or maybe even 20 lbs. you can lose. So, that puts you at a 160 lbs. In order to figure out how much protein you
should consume, you take 160 x 0.8 and that will give you the rough estimate as to how
much protein you should consume on the ketogenic diet. So, there are more precise ways to go and
figure out your lean body mass but once again, I’m trying to get you started so let’s go
ahead and use the method that I just mentioned there. Now, when we look at carbohydrates, what we
want to do is we want to be at 50 grams or less of carbohydrates. The reason I didn’t mention fat yet is because
what I do is I tell you to figure out the protein, figure out the carbs and then fill
the rest in with fat. Now, here’s the thing. A lot of people come onto my channel and they
say, “Well, you’re saying this number and another doctor said a different number and
I’m so confused because everybody has a different opinion.” So, as I already mentioned, this right here
is a good rule of thumb to go off of, but the thing is, is that everybody’s body is
different, and everybody’s daily activity is different, so this will vary. If you’re an athlete and you’re performing
at a high level, you might need more protein, you might need a little bit more carbs, you
might be able to handle more proteins and carbs and not fall out of ketosis. Maybe you’re someone who’s sick and you have
some insulin resistance issues. Almost anything’s going to throw you out of
ketosis in the beginning. So, here’s the deal. It will vary based on you, based on your physiology
and what I’ll do at the end of this video is I’ll give you some tips as to how you can
really dial in and know whether you’re in ketosis or not based on some different apps
that we can use and some different instruments to measure the ketones in our blood. As a rule of thumb, this is a great place
to start but it will vary based on the individual. Once you become good at ketosis, you’ll really
be able to dial yourself in. Let’s talk about some of these foods here
that you need to avoid. So, the foods that you need to avoid while
on the ketogenic diet are, first of all, high sugar foods. Then, second of all, high carb foods because
if we’re consuming a high amount of sugar and a high amount of carbs, we can’t be in
ketosis. Our body will switch from that fat burning
state to that sugar burning state, knock us out of ketosis and all that hard work is done
for. When we look at foods that we need to avoid,
we’re going to think bread, pasta, bananas. Now, bananas are on there because we’re referring
to high sugar fruits. So, high sugar fruits would be grapes, oranges,
bananas, so on and so forth. Then, we also want to avoid sugary drinks
like sodas, juices. I know that it comes from oranges but it’s
still a high amount of sugar or any other type of juice. Then, we also want to avoid candy and beer. Okay, so now that we’ve covered this here,
let’s go ahead and talk about all the foods that you can have while on the ketogenic diet
and also talk about the different bonus tips I have for you to make this so much more manageable. Let’s go ahead and have a look at some of
the top foods and beverages that people are consuming while on the ketogenic diet. Now, this isn’t designed to be a comprehensive
guide but a quick start guide to give you the top foods and beverages and if you’re
already on the ketogenic diet, it’ll be a little bit of a refresher for you. So, first of all, when we look at the different
beverages that people are drinking while on the ketogenic diet, we’re sticking to water. We’re drinking coffee with a little bit of
cream or just completely black. Also, tea, and then, dry red wines and then,
apple cider vinegar drinks. As a matter of fact, I did a video on this
on a great apple cider vinegar drink that I really like that you can consume while on
the ketogenic diet. I’ll put that in the description below. So, check that out. Anyway, this is what people are really sticking
to in the way of beverages. Now, when we look at fruits. The fruits that people are consuming while
on the ketogenic diet ideally, is berries. The reason that we stick to berries is because
while on the ketogenic diet, we want to keep our sugar levels low in our body and berries
are low in the glycemic index. Now, berries are also high in antioxidants
and nutrients so you’re kind of getting more bang for your buck there. So, concerning fruits on the ketogenic diet,
just think berries – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and all the different
berries out there. When we look to some different nuts which
are really great to snack on, we’re looking at nuts such as pecans, macadamia, and Brazil
nuts. These are really great because they’re low
in carbohydrates but also, they have high amounts of fats on as well. So, these are some really great snacks to
have and also great foods to eat while on the ketogenic diet. When we look to the meat, one of the things
that we’re going to consider here is we want to always have pasture-raised or organic meats. The reason that this is important is because
we don’t want to be consuming these meats that are coming from farms that are using
different pharmaceuticals on their animals and also farms that are using a lot of GMO
crops and different pesticides and all those things in the feed that they’re giving to
their animals. We also just want to make sure that we’re
eating sustainable food as much as we possibly can. When we look at the meats, we want to consider
beef, chicken, lamb, and also wild game. Those are some of the best meats to have while
on the ketogenic diet. Moving over to vegetables. When we look at vegetables, we want to think
above ground vegetables. Above ground vegetables, once again, very
nutrient dense but also, the other thing that’s great about them is they’re low in carbohydrates
which is important on the ketogenic diet because we’re going to be consuming a lot of vegetables,
but the low carb ones are going to be the best. So, we’re looking at vegetables such as cauliflower,
cabbage, avocados, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, kale, and also green beans and Brussel sprouts
are great too. Once again, this isn’t all the vegetables
that you can have, but these are some really great ones. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the different
fats you can have on the ketogenic diet and also, the different sweeteners and the bonus
tips that I want to share with you. The top fats that people like to consume while
on the ketogenic diet are fats like butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, olive oil. Your high-fat oils are going to be very powerful
on the ketogenic diet because they are very high fat, so you can sprinkle some olive oil
on your salad, use it as a dressing, coconut oil’s great for cooking with, avocados are
really great, too, and then, I also included eggs on here. Now, eggs aren’t just a fat alone, they are
high in fat but they’re also high in protein and I included it here just simply because
I didn’t put it anywhere else. Many people who are on the ketogenic diet
really like to eat a lot of eggs. The next topic here is sweeteners. Now, remember, while on the ketogenic diet,
we are in the metabolic state of fat burning. We’re burning ketones for energy and if we
consume sugar, it’s going to throw us out of the state of ketosis. So, what we want to do is we want to actually
use sweeteners that taste sweet, that give the perception of sweetness, but they do not
raise our insulin levels and they do not raise our blood sugar levels. If they do raise them, raise them in a very,
very minimal amount compared to the different cane sugars and other things out there. So, first here, stevia is a great one. Monk fruit is also a great one to use. Many people like these two as their favorites. The others one that you can use are erythritol
and xylitol. These are sugar alcohol. Some people don’t do that well with them. A lot of people tend to shy away from them. I personally use them because they don’t affect
me negatively in any way. Anyway, these are great sweeteners to use
while on the ketogenic diet. Let’s talk about a couple of the bonus tips
that are going to make following the ketogenic diet so much easier for you. First of all, there are a couple of apps that
you can use. You can get your phones, download these apps
and it’s going to help you manage the diet much better. First, the Carb Manager app is really great
because it’s going to allow you to see what you’ve eaten and also just manage the foods
that you’re eating in the beginning because when you first start the ketogenic diet, you’re
going to be kind of just trying to wrap your head around it and how much of this that I
eat, and how much of that. Eventually, once you’re good at it, it’s just
going to all be in your head as far as what you need to do. You just know. So, Carb Manager app is very powerful for
tracking food that you’re eating. The Cronometer app is really great because
when you’re looking at trying to identify how much fat is in different foods and how
much protein and so on and so forth, and how many carbs, the Cronometer will break that
down for you. For instance, you can take an avocado, how
much fat’s in it, how much protein’s in it, how many carbs are in it, and that will break
down food for you and it’s going to be very important when you first start doing this. Now, the other thing that I want to mention
here is, first of all, you should take a multivitamin while on the ketogenic diet. It’s good to just have good nutrients flowing
through your system during this time and so taking a multivitamin is good. Taking electrolytes. So, you can take electrolytes in a couple
of different ways. First of all, you can use an electrolyte powder. I personally use one because, between exercise
and the ketogenic diet, I find myself just constantly low on electrolytes. So, I use an electrolyte powder. I’ll put it in the description below. The other thing that you can do is you can
just make sure you’re consuming a lot of good Himalayan pink sea salt. Put it on your avocados, put it on your meals,
make sure you increase your sea salt intake because you’re going to need those extra electrolytes,
or you’ll crash. Now, another couple bonus tips I’ll mention. I have a few that just came up off the top
of my head. So, first of all, I had mentioned to you when
you start the ketogenic diet, you’re going to have to just kind of move different percentages
of foods around and you’re going to also have to maybe, have more protein or less protein. You really have to figure out what’s right
for you. You can use the Precision Xtra meter which
is a way to measure ketones. So, you basically use your blood, you’ll measure
the amount of ketones that are in your blood and then it’ll tell you whether you’re in
ketosis, whether you’re not, how deep you’re into ketosis. Anyway, using the Precision Xtra meter is
going to be powerful and then you’re going to be able to kind of mess with your percentages
of foods and figure out where you need to be as an individual. Once again, you’re going to find all the different
variables out there as to where you need to be. You’re going to see different percentages
but at the end of the day, it’s all about you, it’s all about your physiology, it’s
all about your activity level. Along with the Precision Xtra meter to measure
ketones, I really recommend getting a good diet guide as far as a cookbook that is just
a 100% keto based that’s going to give you a lot of different recipes and maybe even
some meal plans. When we look at Pinterest, for instance, you
can go to Pinterest and type in a lot of different keto ideas and they’ll have a ton of recipes
that will pull up. I found one of my favorite fat bomb recipes
for the ketogenic diet right on Pinterest. One of the things you do need to caution yourself
when it comes to Pinterest is that there are a lot of things that claim to be keto that
is not. My wife and I went through Pinterest and found
a lot of stuff that there was just no way it was keto. Matter of fact, it would knock you out of
ketosis. So, this really wraps up the quick start guide
and the 3000 ft overview of what the ketogenic diet is and what ketosis is. Be sure to like this video. Share it with your friends because they need
to see this as well. Like I said, many people aren’t doing the
ketogenic diet properly. They’re doing something that is just totally
out there but it’s not keto. Subscribe to my channel. I do greatly appreciate that. Check out my other videos on things like intermittent
fasting and one meal a day because that’s also very powerful when you’re following the
ketogenic diet. I’ll see you in the next video.


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  88. Once we calculate the protein Is it amount of protein for the day or just a meal

  89. Thanks for the information. U explain things simply without involving too much science. 👍. Dr. Plz inform if I don't exercise, while I m IF n keto, should I still be consuming electrolytes or is it OK juz increasing the intake of Himalayan or sea salt to avoid keto flu?
    Secondly, if I take bone broth in fasted state, would it replenish the electrolytes?

  90. With my epilepsy I tend to build up a tolerance to all the AED drugs I've been on so far. If the current ones stop working the next step is brain surgery – which I don't want. My neurologist has suggested I give the ketogenic diet a try. Here goes…

  91. me52kg my Goal 45, 44kg keto DIET best but more then 4 day's I can't 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢feel death

  92. Awesome video 👍👍

  93. I'm really interested in starting a ketogenic diet (great video btw) but as a new vegetarian i honestly don't know from where to get my proteins as most alternatives are high in carbs. Any ideas guys?

  94. You showed us how to figure our protein but what is the formula for the carbs? Thanks great information!

  95. How does keto affect a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic?

  96. Doc, you explain most things very clearly. However, I think you left one thing a little unclear. You said you calculated protein intake by lean body mass. Then you immediately went to an example of 180lbs needing to lose 20lbs which brought you to 160lbs. So, 160lbs would be the new total body weight, NOT the lean weight because lean weight is total pounds minus fat lbs. One would never diet all the way down to lean weight but would rather diet down to lean weight PLUS a healthy body fat %….

    So what is 160lbs in your example? Lean weight PLUS healthy bf% or are you just using that as the lean weight number?

    I know for a fact my LEAN weight is 210lbs and, unfortunately, my actual weight is 355lbs thanks to a large 6 month course of prednisone (I'm off now). So should i multiply the 210lb * .8 = 168g OR since my total healthy weight at 13% bodyfat would be 237.5lbs – should i be multiplying 237.5 * .8 = 190g?? And would that mean if 190g is 30% of intake, that fat at 60% intake is going to be 380g? And carbs at 10% about 60g? So…

    a. 190g protein * 4 = 760kcal
    b. 380g fat * 9 = 3420kcal
    c. 50g carb * 4 = 200kcal

    That's 4380kcal. Is someone smoking crack???

    I'm told i should have about 1800-2000 kcal/day. So, if we do 60/30/10 then that would be…

    a. 1200 cal fat / 9 = 133g
    b. 600 cal prot / 4 = 150g
    c. 200 cal carb / 4 = 50g

    Seems to work better when you start with daily caloric intake versus lean body weight.


  97. Fish was not mentioned at all yet it can be a very healthy choice on the Keto diet. Any idea why no mention?

  98. Can i use table salt?, since Himalayan salt kinda hard to find

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  100. Sooooo proud that the world has YOU. God bless you !!! 0094772603617 viber.

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