How to Start Eating Healthy | Lifestyle & Recipe EBook!

hey you guys it's Katie and I am so excited to share the Gillis nutrition lifestyle and recipe book with you I love the LSF lifestyle that I've created and I can honestly say I love my body and I think that that's something every single woman around the world should be able to say and truly feel about themselves learning to love your body starts from the inside.what you're nourishing your body with what you're putting in it so if you feel like eating healthy is boring or too expensive this guide is going to change everything you think about food when you're eating healthy food that's good for you and you actually enjoy it yes like being able to enjoy the food you're eating is very important you feel good and that good feeling gives you confidence that confidence builds motivation to keep you going so that you can reach your goals I know it might seem hard and maybe you've tried to make like real lasting lifestyle changes and it's just tough but that's why I made this guide it has everything you need to make those changes easier more practical and to fit into your life I just look at all this delicious food you guys this is the kind of stuff you still can eat on this plan we have Rose Bay and cheese and pink this is what I use to lose 45 pounds and how I keep the weight off every single day and I want you guys to learn to love your body and live this LSF lifestyle with me there is so much amazingness inside this guide like there's so much you guys I can't even believe it there's over 110 recipes we have dinners breakfast snacks like pre and post-workout snacks desserts and even some really good cocktail there are so many things I love inside this guide but a few of my favorites are wearing show you why you get crazy cravings and how to get rid of them I give you a full grocery shopping guide and how to shop on a budget plus there's meal prep to make it simple like we don't all have crazy amounts of time in the meal prep or simplifying it and showing you how to cook when you're short on time this guy has everything you could possibly need and knows all the heavy lifting for you so you can find the guilt free lifestyle that you'll absolutely love don't wait another second you deserve to feel healthy and happy and love your body starting right now so joint emails have grabbed your guiltless guide below click Lync start living the guiltless life and if you want even more you can bundle this with a hot body sweat guide and the fourth meal plan for the ultimate LSF lifestyle makeover those all together are going to give you the absolute best results and really jumpstart everything you need for a healthy lifestyle all right guys so click that link below you can grab either this guide by itself or the bundles if you want to save a little cash and get even more out of it and I cannot wait for you to get started on these I'm so


  1. Comment below if you are ready to #LiveGuiltless !

  2. Are you planing to make it in Spanish 🤩

  3. Each day u should film making a recipe bc I don’t have money for the book and I hate my body

  4. I really want it but it's just sooo expensive. Especially for an Ebook???

  5. Will you do a videos for each book showing what is in it

  6. why is it so pricey? 🙁

  7. Whens the best time to drink Acv

  8. I'm sooooooooo impressed with the guide. I'm so excited to have it! This guide has it all!

  9. Hey katie.. first of all your channel is superrrrrbbbbb… your channel has actually given me the motivation to start working on my body..
    I have just started doing your workout regimes.. but there is one thing i wanna know.. what should i eat before working out ? Or shall i do it empty stomach? Is a glass of milk with 10g of plant protein fine?? I am vegetarian.. please help.. will be looking forward to your reply..

  10. Sooo yummy😊

  11. Just a suggestion why not do a book launch opening and serve samples of your 10 best recipes.

  12. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. You are so vibrant and healthy! I love it! 🙂

    If you have a minute, I would love if you checked out my channel too! 🙂 <3

  14. Would you ever develop an app that has all your workouts on it? Cause people like me, who adore your work, unfortunately have limited internet and watching 45 mins – an hour worth of exercising videos everyday makes it a bit difficult 😀

  15. Great video so happy for you!

  16. Are there Vegan options?

  17. Good on you for coming out with a cookbook. That’s great.

  18. Hi… how to stop bloating and constipation and which diet is best for it and my belly is swallen And which antiaging drink or smoothie is best??😚

  19. This have really helped me, thank you😚😋❤

  20. I'm ready

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