How To Start Eating Healthy (in 4 simple steps)

what's up guys welcome back to another video my name is Lexi Sparrow of wild Sparrow wellness I'm a nutritional therapy practitioner I teach people how to eat with confidence which means I teach them how to eat real foods so that they can look and feel their very best when you google how to eat healthy you are going to get a million different opinions there's everything from keto paleo vegetarian or this new weird thing where people only eat meat yeah that's a saying apparently and so it can be really difficult to determine where the heck do I even start when trying to make healthy changes so today in this video we're gonna break down how to start eating healthy my top tips for what you can do right now that are really gonna count towards you being healthier and happier if you stick around by the end of todays video you're gonna learn the toppings that I wish I would have focused on in my own personal nutrition journey years ago and the find most effective when I implement them early on with my nutrition clients alright let's dive right into it starting with number one eat real food yeah it can literally be that simple forget going keto or paleo or this or that and literally just look at the foods that you're already eating what do they look like are they real food or are they a bunch of junk food real food means that it was grown from the earth where it ran across the ground or it grew from a tree right so you're looking at fruits and vegetables and animal products not stuff that comes in a cardboard box that's been refined or processed in some kind of mill or factory somewhere and definitely not something you're gonna pick up in a drive-thru you are smart you're really smart you know what real food is and you know what not-so-great crap food is I know you do so start taking a look at your diet already what is in your pan treat what is in your refrigerator do you know what's in those foods flip over the labels start reading the ingredients do you actually know what is in these foods that you're eating start there before you even commit to any other kind of nutrition challenge or diet start with eating real food this also means getting rid of sugar you don't need it it causes inflammation in our body it makes us crave and want more things with sugar it is not our real food so ditch the white stuff ditch the brown stuff ditch the syrups and the sauces and go for things that are not really sweet with fruit with honey maybe you're feeling desperate with a little bit of pure maple syrup but ditch anything that ends in OSE like malla toast and dextrose and if you want a whole inclusive list of different ways sugar can hide in our foods check out the comments down below I'm gonna leave a link to a resource that I have for you guys number two the second way that you can start eating healthier starting today is to choose your own adventure this is what I have all of my clients do and this is what I wish that I would have grasped the concept of way earlier in my own personal nutrition journey and that is you get to decide how successful you're going to be based on the adventure or the path that you choose so what do I mean by that well you can choose to walk you could choose to jog you can choose to run or you can purely sprint in your nutrition journey and the one that you choose is gonna be based on quite a few things it's gonna be based on your knowledge of nutrition and how much you still have left to learn your previous experiences and your personal experiences when it comes to food and cravings and habits your lifestyle so are you already working are you pretty active or is this a whole really big and overwhelming and challenging you know I like that you have to keep in mind things like your emotions do you have an emotional attachment to food and what are the other people in your life feeding like are we gonna have to change their habits a little bit as well or are you gonna fight some resistance on that so when you're choosing your own adventure in your nutrition journey especially when you're just starting out you need to pick one that is realistic to where you are right now but that over time is going to get you to where you want to be so here's a few examples if this is very overwhelming and you feel like you have a lot more to learn simply just start by eating real food cut out as much of the crap as you can get rid of the sugar start drinking more water those things alone you're gonna see major improvements in your house with and then as you start to pick the pace of a bit and you start to jog then you can start to realize okay maybe I can take out dairy maybe I can stop eating so much bread maybe I don't need cheap meals all the time and I can make a healthier version of my favorite things eventually you might get to the point where it feels like you're sprinting so you're ready to actually jump in and do a 30-day challenge or sign up for a program or start working one-on-one with somebody and that's a great time to do a complete 180 turn but you don't have to start with the very strict diet you don't have to start with the very specific food plan just start with these tips that I'm talking about today and you are definitely going to see some success with that the third way you can start eating healthier right here right now is check the quality of the food that you're eating so a lot of times are very concerned with the quantity or the number of calories that we're eating right but to be honest who the heck wants that calories all day not me and so I have people actually check out the quality of the foods and the ingredients that they're eating so again turn the nutrition label over can you pronounce the ingredients in there do you know what makes up the food that you're eating and secondly do you even know where it came from for example where do your eggs come from this is a big one so are you still eating the cheapest eggs that you can get in the biggest pack that probably come from one of those videos that you've seen on the internet of the poor chickens packed into these warehouses where they never see sunlight or are you getting them from a local farmer who lets their chickens run around and live happy little chicken lives where they not only eat grass but they also eat bugs that's supposed to be in their normal chicken diet not just vegetarian feed so when are we looking at quality of what you're eating it's really important to do a little bit of research here and again you're smart you can realize that a chicken who is allowed to run around in Rome is going to be happier and probably reduce better eggs and a chicken that's locked up in a cage or in a pen filled with thousands of other chickens another thing that's great about focusing on the quality and the source and the ingredients of your food is that you realize you can eat a lot more food don't pay attention to the calories pay attention to the ingredients and the source and you're gonna find that you're gonna be eating way more food than you could imagine on your so-called diet or nutrition journey lastly go with what makes sense to you this is the biggest thing so in my own personal nutrition practice I work with people who eat all different types of diets whether that be for personal reasons that'd be for Health protocols that we have them on maybe they have certain sensitivities maybe they just have a connection to eating a certain way so at the core reason for it whatever the case you're not going to be able to stick to anything long-term if you yourself can't buy into why the heck you're eating it in the first place so if eating really high fat and super low carb makes you miserable and you don't understand the concept it's gonna make it a lot harder for you to stick to in the long run however I think we can all agree that living off a fast food and cardboard box food doesn't make anyone feel that great so we can eliminate that one right away now go back to all those other steps that we just talked about and you can start implementing a plan that actually makes sense to you and the day you are a very intelligent and smart human being you know what real food is you know what crap food is you know when your body feels good and when it does not feel good and so that alone is a survival instinct if you can just trust that then you can slowly start to eat with confidence because you'll know that you're choosing the best source the best quality ingredients that are gonna make you feel really good and ditching all the crap that makes you feel not so good essentially if you can stick to that then you can really truly make long-term nutrition changes well that about wraps up for this video you guys I hope that you found this interesting and learned something no matter where you're at on your nutrition journey I think if you follow these steps you will be on great footing to have a long and stable nutrition journey again give yourself permission to play with this put one foot in front of the other and just start making changes nobody got there overnight and nobody changed their body in a 10 day or 30 day challenge that was not sustainable long term this isn't on a sprint it's a marathon it's your body it's your life so just start making small changes and I promise you they're gonna add up over time and then all of a sudden you're gonna be looking back and these things are gonna be super easy because they're engraved into your daily life so again thank you so much for watching this I hope you found it informative if you like this video and give it a thumbs up so I know to keep making videos like this for you guys and as always you can leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to answer any questions that you have all right I'll catch you guys in the next video

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