How to Start Calisthenics | Best Beginner Workout Routine

what's up guys it's Michael and yamakawa here from kinesthetics family welcome to this informational video if you want to start with chemist Enix but you don't know how then this video might be very helpful for you why because in this video we are going to explain three different topics that are really important to know if you want to start with calisthenics and we're also gonna explain the routine that we did in the beginning and we're gonna tell you why you should try this routine as well so stay tuned and enjoy video you alright guys so today we are making this video because recently we got overwhelmed with a lot of comments on a recent Body Transformation video if you haven't seen that video then we suggest you to check that one out first you can click on the link here in the corner and then we can move on to this video alright so today first we will start with the three really important topics that you should know if you want to start with calisthenics and at the end of the video we will also give you a routine that you can use for yourself if you want to start with calisthenics for body weight training in general but before we get into this video please consider to subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet and also don't forget to like this video if you find this video helpful so without further ado let's get right into it alright guys so the first topic also our advice to you guys is to master the bodyweight basics first with the basics we mean the exercises such as the push-ups the pull-ups and the dips before you start with calisthenics it is essential that you master the basics first but before we get more into this topic we can say that two different groups that are watching this video right now the first group are people that have never actually trained before for example the people that are quite young let's say 14 years or younger or people have just never got into sports and want to make a change now for those people it is so important to work on a solid butter its strength foundation before you will get into harder stuff because if you don't chances of injuries are really really big also if you find yourself having over weights probably due to a lack of training experience it is so much more efficient and logical to start training which are on body weight to burn off those calories why because it's so much easier to create an effective high-intensity workout for the people that have overweight then instead letting them do low intensity gym exercises on a machine for example another reason why we think it's important why you should master the basics is because it's the more natural way why should you train with extra weights if you can't even train with your own body weights just yet just about it so a short start and master the basic bodyweight exercises first why to prevent injuries to lose overall body fat quicker and because it's the more natural way to Train first body weight then extra weights all right so these we're our recommendations for the first group for the people that don't have any experience training experience just yet then for the second group the people that already have some kind of training experience for example people that are going to the gym or doing any other sports we actually belong to this group as well because when we started with calisthenics we also went to the gym before from our experience we learned that it's still super important to get back to the 40 weight basic exercises although you might think that you already are pretty strong why because form technique and execution of the exercise can always be improved especially for this group that probably does push-ups or pull-ups with half range of motion just like we did in the beginning and that's exactly what we don't want with get aesthetics we try to do every repetition as clean and strict as possible so you will get strong in the full range of motion of the exercise which will be really really essential in the latest stadium and when you're doing calisthenics if you want to work up to exercise like a muscle up a handstand push up or other advanced exercises alright guys so let's talk about the goals that you should strive for with the basic bodyweight exercises before you get into the more advanced Callanetics exercises the goals that you should strive for are a minimum of 10 Strickland pull-ups 15 strict form dips and also 20 strict form push-ups if you can't do these yet there's no reason to work on harder exercises such as the muscle up exactly for a handstand push-up or anything else alright so that was all about the first topic now let's move on to the second topic and also our advice to you as a beginner is to work on a really really strong core why because with calisthenics or bodyweight training the core is always involved there is just no way to neglect the core and anybody exercise we will give you a short example just look at a push-up and the branch press for example with the bench press you just lay down on the bench and kinda deactivate your core and only give power with your shoulders arms and chest well in a push-up the core is really active because it needs to hold up the entire body this small comparison is just a quick example how bodyweight training works and why the core is always involved just a quick fun fact when I personally did 110 push-ups in a row and when I fell to the ground it was actually not my arms shoulders and chest that gave up but it was my core I couldn't hold it to stay in a plank position and anymore and that's why I felt on the ground so this is the ultimate proof why the core is so important and should be trade very very hard with calisthenics or bodyweight training but of course guys the push-up example is still a relatively easy exercise that doesn't need much core strength but if you really want to get into the more advanced skills like a front knee for or exactly for or even a plant or a human flag then a strong core is really really essential why because with these kind of exercises the feet are not grounded on the floor anymore just like with the push-up but they are actually in the air so you can already imagine how much core strength is required to keep those legs up in the air right so that leads us to the next step which is don't train for a six-pack don't train the apps but trade for a really strong core guys we see so many people that wants to get a six-pack and start training their apps by doing these kind and gym exercises like those exercises with a dumbbell on the side cable sit-ups and of course you can make get a 6-pack with these exercises but they will just not give you the core strength that is required for calisthenics exercises that you might want to learn so instead of doing these kind of ab exercises please start doing exercises like leg races those two bars hollow body holds Superman Holt's elbow planks sight elbow planks and if you do these exercises guys in combination with the compound bodyweight exercises we promise you that six-pack will definitely come so what are the goals that we recommend you guys to strive for with the core well we always say strife at least for a one-minute elbow plank a one-minute hollow body hold and also 10 leg raises if you want to work up to more advanced skills such as a back lever for example alright guys so that was all about the second subject why you should strive for a really strong core and now we're going to move on to the next subject and our next advice and that is that you should work on your flexibility and mobility if you are a beginner at calisthenics at least why if you don't have any training experience you probably have tired muscles such as tight hamstrings for example but also people that do have training experience for example the people that go to the gym often have even more stiff muscles and joints due to all the isolation work and not stretching the muscles after a good gym session in mobile shoulders are very very common with this group of people it was the same I'd like us when we started with calisthenics and only had gym experience but first let's have a closer look to flexibility what is it and why do you need it as a beginner calisthenics athlete flexibility is the amount of stretch that you can get in the muscle also called the muscle length with kinesthetics a large muscle length or flexibility is essential for certain exercises for example a handstand or a back lift which requires hamstring flexibility to straighten out the legs and secondly mobility what is it and why do you need it as a beginner calisthenics add me mobility is the movement capacity of the joints so it tells you how far a bone can move in a certain direction so the more mobile the joint is the further the bone can move a large mobility is essential for calisthenics because you ask your body to move in unknown positions for example think of a skin the cat where your complete body hangs upside down on your shoulder capsule so working on flexibility and mobility is really important because it just helps you to move better which is so important with calisthenics and next to that it also prevents injuries alright guys so that was all about the first three topics that are really important to know if you want to start with calisthenics first of all working on basic bodyweight strength secondly working on a really really strong core and at last working on and increasing your mobility and flexibility so now what kind of routine should you do if you want to implement all these three aspects in a weekly workout routine well there are endless possibilities that you can think of and also what we have tried consider for example a split routine where you train each muscle group separately or a push-pull leg routine or an upper or lower body routine however from our own training experience we notice that a routine that works with a sequence of one training day and one recovery day it works best for calisthenics why because with calisthenics you always train multiple muscles at the same time because it's a functional way of training and we also know that the body needs at least 48 hours to rest to recover in the most optimal way so therefore we created this own routine for ourselves like two years ago and that is exactly what we recommend you to do the same so let's have a closer look to the actual routine the first day you focus on the basic body weight strength it is your strength training day then the second day you focus on the core and flexibility for example forward folding and back bending then the next day day three your muscles should be recovered from the first day so you can work on the basics again then they fourth you can work on the core and the flexibility and mobility again and then on day six you can work on the basic body strength again so in total you will be training the basic body weight strength for three times in a week which is more than enough if you want to with get aesthetics and like we said guys we tried so many different routines and this routine it was just a routine that works best for us and that we still do mainly I think also because if you work on a sequence with one day like a strength training day it is also mentally easier to fully focus one day on one strength training day and then the next day you focus on more the core recovery flexibility and mobility and then the next day you are just completely ready for the next strength training day so that is what we do we don't say that this is the best routine but it is just what we do and then we advise you to do the same alright guys so that was it about this video we actually made a free calisthenics ebook which you can find all this information that we just discussed in this video again you can just easily read it and there's so much more information in this free ebook for example about nutrition different training principles and also the workout routines that we share today and other routines just laid out for you that you can just easy implement for yourself so definitely make sure to check that one out you can find the link down here in the description it's the first link you can just download it and it is free so that was it about this video we hope that you like this video and if you find it informational or helpful for you please please like this video and subscribe for new videos in the future and that was it guys peace out peace out guys alright guys first of all thanks for watching this video and one important thing one update that we want to make we are currently organizing a calisthenics Fitness retreat and one really cool update is that we are going to organize this together with Stan brownie he is going to join us and organize this retreat the retreat is basically four days with us and Stan brownie of working out workshops classes of course enjoying at the beach doing some cool activities as well and it is actually for a really really good deal now we don't make any profit out of this anymore so if you're interested in this just check the link in the description and hopefully you can come with us and have a really really good time with us and a pizza so that was it and we check you in the next video guys peace out peace


  1. What's up guys! This video is a follow up from our Recent Body Transformation Video. We got many comments & questions about the topic: How to start Calisthenics. So we decided to dedicate a full video about this. We did the video in English again because we can't just see all you guys responding and giving so much love our our video, while doing nothing back…

    So here it is: "How to Start with Calisthenics?"

    0:14 Intro

    1:31 #1 Start With the Basics!

    1:44 Prevent injuries

    2:18 Burn Fat Quicker

    2:42 Natural Way of Training

    3:18 Improve Form & Technique

    4:21 Bodyweight Basics GOALS

    4:48 #2 Work on a Strong Core!

    5:02 Push up vs Bench press Example

    6:62 Don't train for 6-pack Abs, Train your CORE

    7:15 Core GOALS

    7:43 #3Work on Mobility & Flexibilty

    8:21 What is and Why Flexibility?

    8:46 What is and Why Mobility?


    11:56 Free Calisthenics Training Guide Explenation

    12:45 Ibiza Calisthenics Retreat Announcement (Stan Browney).

    We hope that this video will help you out to start with Calisthenics. Please like, comment and share the video if you find it helpfull! We would really appreciate it.

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