ten pounds maintain that lasts for over a year but 50% muscle and shrunk my waist from 32 all the way down to 26 inch simply by living a healthy lifestyle with my heavy is being a 135 I started my healthy lifestyle at 133 and then two months came all the way down to 120 2.8 oh I cannot want to show you guys how I studied my healthy lifestyle and how you can start yours so without further ado let's get started out with the bad and it is good this is a lifestyle and not a diet so we're not eliminating things our diet we're only replacing them for example replacing fried foods with grow foods soda with salsa and Frappuccino who's been coffee with a cup of tea keeping up with your new diet at first can be extremely difficult which is why every week once a week i milk rep my parking was the key to my weight loss journey and the foundation of my healthy lifestyle it helped me manage my portions allowing me to reach both of my health and fitness goals milk rat to your lifestyle if you cannot no pep every Sunday to last throughout the week let me then you can always milk prep 3 days in advance or even the night before to last you for the following day as long as you're preparing your breakfast lunch and dinner making sure to eat three times a day you should always love or what you eat so now let's talk about breakfast I kept my breakfast high in protein very nutritious but very delicious breakfast I love the having fluffy balls with fruit inside strawberry vanilla smoothie so green smoothie turkey bacon cheese veggie omelet peanut butter and maple syrup oatmeal oh that's my jam rice cakes with peanut butter and a side a try to blacklist cinnamon banana pancakes trust me guys this thing will change your whole entire life and last but not least Greek yogurt strawberry shortcake during my weight-loss journey four days of the week I thought fermented my breakfast for my GNC protein aleem shape for the remaining three days of the week I treated myself and had one of my healthy breakfast recipes let's talk about less keeping it high in fiber and very colorful playing with lots of fruits and veggies for lunch I loved having a variety of soups pita bread and sandwiches and wraps and amazing salads during my weight loss journey I mainly stuff two salads starting them in mason jars and changing the recipe every day if you would like to see how I make my healthy tasty salad I will leave a link out burn you can also check down put our and the descriptions on its didn't I'm I'm making the foundation of my plates of veggies putting them first on the plates before adding in my choice of any clean lean meat this ranges anywhere between and grow chicken turkey sausage turkey meatballs shrimp turkey burgers even chickpea burgers I prepare and cook all of these meals breakfast lunch and dinner without using salt but using natural instead now it's snack time I like to snack in between every meal so that's just about three snacks a day keeping each snack extremely healthy but very delicious I love to have fruits in mason jars strawberries mangoes mixed fruits pineapples and green younger nuts Craven's and trail mix granny smith apples with a little bit of peanut butter on the side was so bad veggies with my spinach and garlic avocado dip boiled eggs just a little bit of cayenne on top my Greek yogurt with strawberry jam and just a sprinkle of chia seeds and granola bars during my weight loss journey I also had my chance eat protein lean fries water is the key to a healthy lifestyle I drink water every time I eat including snacks that's about 6 cups of water a day if you're finding drinking water a little difficult try throwing in some lemon and even some berries trust me you'll love it the healthy lifestyle would not be complete without exercise get fit get active and get out there and have fun right at least three times a week I work out three times a week at the gym and you need to make sure if you're someone that likes to work out alone or in groups or I like to try something new every day try and work out class try a new sport as long and you're getting out there and being active and lastly the most important part of a healthy lifestyle is you always have a resting stretch do yoga just relax never forget to make time free and that's it I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please don't be shy to enlighten comments and subscribe thank you guys so much for watching and never forget the lips I love you


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