How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle!


  1. The audio😫😫😫😫

  2. Just a little tip: try not to talk so close to the mic because. It kind of gets staticky but other than that pretty great vid👍🏻👌🏻

  3. waaaay too close to the mic damn….

  4. i wasn't planning on starting a healthy lifestyle but now i am
    this video was inspiring

  5. I love your name lol. We have the same middle name too! 😂💕

  6. Thank you for sharing….

  7. What was the waffle recipe? I wanna try !

  8. Your really pretty❤️😘😍🔥

  9. I'm watching in 2016

  10. Hi, I''m from VTV. I ask permission to use your video.
    Thanks a lot!

  11. I loved this video so much! It was sooo inspiring!

  12. Hey Kaylee Marie, I love you´re videos, I´d really liked to have this picture you made to print out, but the link isn´t working, can´t open it 🙁 Could you like make it again or something haha

  13. You're so inspirational <3

  14. Thank you so much 😂❤️

  15. Kayle Marie

  16. We have the same first name☺️

  17. The image doesn't work 😓

  18. your make up!!<33333333 what color is your eyeshadow?

  19. hi Kaylee! i love your make up in this video, that is sooo adorable!! can you show us the steps?<3
    greetings from INDONESIA btw!<333

  20. Loved it! You deserve more subscribers <3 Now following and looking forward to your next videos 🙂

  21. The picture link isn't working for me :"(

  22. Hey! love your channel and editing! Would love to collab 🙂 message or tweet me 🙂

  23. Hay Kaylee, I just recently found your channel and love your fitness and health videos, i've really been wanting to add more vegan meals into my lifestyle so i'm definitely going to keep watching 🙂 I also just wanted to say hi because i barely know anyone on YouTube and i feel like us smaller YouTubers should stick together 😉 So feel free to talk to me when ever <3 lots of love Isabella xXx

  24. I loved the video so much! Also, I absolutely love your journal!! Where did you get it?

  25. Why did her voice sound like that

  26. I just adoorreeee you and your videos! 

  27. Your videos are so cute 🙂 My videos are based around a healthy lifestyle like this video.

  28. Q&A question: Do you get stressed out by school? What ends/ lowers the stress? 

  29. Hey! Just wanna say absolutely love your videos there amazing! What are your tips on starting YouTube without getting hate??

  30. love your channel you deserve so much more subs

  31. Q&A; coffe or tea?? ilysm 🙂

  32. kaylee this video was extremely helpful you are such an inspriation and i love watching your videos
    Q&A; does keeping a jurnal help you stay focused and orgainzed and do you do it often? ilysm

  33. Love this girl !! 😘💟

  34. I loved this video! Having a healthy is one of my resolutions but going into it slowly because I'm a full-time student and haven't worked out in awhile.

  35. I love the style of this video ! Thanks for uploading girlie ! Xox

  36. You are literally so gorgeous. I loved this video! ❤️❤️❤️

  37. That's my goal too, great video it was inspiring 🙂

  38. Omg! I just subbed I love this vid! I hope u sub back? If you don't mind do u mind watching my first video? I love your YouTube acc btw!

  39. those pumpkin spice waffles look amazing! love this video <3 hope you have a great new year!

  40. Love this! Great start to the new year ❤️ 🙂

  41. Love this video. My goal is also start to live healthier, doing excercises etc. haha. thanks for sharing this video! <3

  42. Loved this video! I have a few youtube question for you if you could follow me on Twitter that way I can dm you the question? It's @Nicolehoffman12

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