How to spot a fad diet – Mia Nacamulli

Conventional wisdom about diets, including government
health recommendations, seems to change all the time. And yet, ads routinely come about claiming to have the answer
about what we should eat. So how do we distinguish
what’s actually healthy from what advertisers just want us
to believe is good for us? Marketing takes advantage of
the desire to drop weight fast, and be stronger, slimmer, and brighter. And in the big picture, diet plans
promising dramatic results, known as fad diets, are just what they seem:
too good to be true. So where do diet fads even come from? While the Ancient Greeks and Romans rallied behind large-scale
health regimens centuries earlier, this phenomenon began in earnest
in the Victorian Era with crazes like the vinegar diet and the Banting Diet. Since then, diets have advised us
all sorts of things: to excessively chew, to not chew at all, to swallow a grapefruit per meal, non-stop cabbage soup, even consumption of arsenic, or tapeworms. If the idea of diet crazes
has withstood history, could this mean that they work? In the short term,
the answer is often yes. Low-carbohydrate plans, like the popular Atkins
or South Beach Diets, have an initial diuretic effect. Sodium is lost until the body
can balance itself out, and temporary fluid weight loss may occur. With other high-protein diets,
you might lose weight at first since by restricting your food choices, you are dropping
your overall calorie intake. But your body then lowers
its metabolic rate to adjust to the shift, lessening the diet’s effect over time and resulting in a quick reversal
if the diet is abandoned. So while these diets
may be alluring early on, they don’t guarantee long-term benefits
for your health and weight. A few simple guidelines, though,
can help differentiate between a diet that is beneficial
in maintaining long-term health, and one that only offers temporary
weight changes. Here’s the first tipoff: If a diet focuses on intensely cutting
back calories or on cutting out entire food groups, like fat, sugar, or carbohydrates, chances are it’s a fad diet. And another red flag is ritual, when the diet in question instructs you
to only eat specific foods, prescribed combinations, or to opt for particular food substitutes, like drinks, bars, or powders. The truth is shedding pounds
in the long run simply doesn’t have a quick-fix solution. Not all diet crazes tout weight loss. What about claims of superfoods, cleanses,
and other body-boosting solutions? Marketing emphasizes the allure of products associated with ancient
and remote cultures to create a sense of mysticism
for consumers. While so-called superfoods,
like blueberries or açaí, do add a powerful punch of nutrients, their super transformative qualities
are largely exaggeration. They are healthy additions
to a balanced diet, yet often, they’re marketed
as part of sugary drinks or cereals, in which case the negative properties
outweight the benefits. Cleanses, too, may be great in moderation since they can assist
with jumpstarting weight loss and can increase the number of fresh
fruits and vegetables consumed daily. Scientifically speaking, though, they’ve not yet been shown to have
either a long-term benefit or to detox the body any better than
the natural mechanisms already in place. Everywhere we look, we’re offered solutions
to how we can look better, feel fitter, and generally get ahead. Food is no exception, but advice on what we should eat is best
left to the doctors and nutritionists who are aware of our
individual circumstances. Diets and food fads
aren’t inherently wrong. Circumstantially,
they might even be right, just not for everyone all of the time.


  1. Keto!

  2. Honestly I don't get why everyone is so crazy about losing weight. Like, I get if you are obese or largely overweight or are unhealthy, however I do not find attractiveness in people purposefully making themselves as wide as Planck Length. Weight does not correspond to attractiveness.

  3. I.e. People thinking they're suddenly allergic to gluten.

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  5. It's simple:
    – eat (foods that aren't bad for you) whenever you're hungry, don't skip meals
    – have no psychological issues whatsoever

  6. 0:24 Bra flies out of he screen.

  7. yup that's me i eat lots of food and never get fat infact i get skinnyer

  8. Those characters looks like the 'Mumin trolls' (Or what they are called)
    So cute!

  9. "Lowers its metabolic rate to adjust to the shift" Ted Ed just lost all credibility, do research before you make a video. Your body doesn't just stop using its organs and doing normal functions to lower its metabolic rate because you eat less, why do you think the body stores fat in the first place?

  10. Fast metabolism, boom! Best diet: ANYTHING!!!

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  12. Spinach is actually not the super food you thought. The researcher working at the lab misput a decimal, so it seems spinach had ten times the iron. In reality, a hearty broccoli will do just the same.

  13. So what I'm hearing is, use fad diets before a high school reunion for quick, easy, yet temporary weight loss?

  14. Nutrionists are fine, but don't listen to doctors, they have less then a days worth of nutrition training in their 5 year medical school.

  15. I know this sounds like a fad diet, but just go paleo it works so well, I swear, I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks!

  16. cough*non-celiac-disease-gluten-free-diet*cough

  17. Hi Ted-ed, I have a question.. Where does sexism come from? I mean do god just create woman just so man can think lesser of us? If no where does this believe come from?

  18. why some people eat fast foods and what ever want and don't get fat and please don't say to me because they are active and athletic my brother is skinny eat what ever he want and he's very very lazy dude


  20. the 21st century needs this

  21. At least we are mostly sure about not to eat.

  22. Here is why fad diets do NOT work: first of all things like burgers with less calories have more salt and sodium so u don't have as much hydration left so u thin out

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  24. I'm okay with gaining weight/mass as I need more strength/size. mobility/cardio are a second.

  25. you shouldn't trust all nutritionists some of them get paid just to further promote a product like supplements or something

  26. health food vegan diet is ideal for all.

  27. Spot이 아니라 stop아닌가요?

  28. I wholeheartedly disagree with your conclusion. There is absolutely no ground for us to trust the doctors to know what is good for us. Let's all remember the nice little war on fat waged in the U.S. and, by extention, parts of Europe. It only saw the percentage of overweight and obese people soar. The hard truth is that where certainty of pathology ends, doctors are largely clueless.

    Otherwise, given that everybody has an access to a medical professional nowadays, don't you think we would all have learnt to eat a little heathier by now?

    Me neither. And I have been able to confirm this countless times, ranging from veteran doctors to my acquaintances who study medicine, nobody really has a clue. A practical doctor is not a nutritionist, and you should only weigh their advice as you would anybody else's. If they look like a raisin with a sagging midsection in their early forties, chances are they wont offer you any solution that you can't already figure out for yourself.

  29. 0:42 Wuh… Can these guys seriously date everything back to some guy a couple thousand years ago? *But where did the ShamWow come from? It is said in Hindu folk lore passed down through generations of man that the ShamWow was a token that could absorb godly amounts of liquids with ease*

  30. I'm on a all cake diet it makes me thin!

  31. happyface

  32. Diversity is the key to a good health.

  33. You have no Idea what you are talking about. you never mentioned the fact that there are 4 blood types. Are you that stupid? Remember the word DIETBYDNA. You should stop making videos about things you do not understand.

  34. I don't understand how a diet can improve your brain capacities as mentionned in this video. The idea alone is ridiculous…

  35. #EveryDetoxIsALie

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  37. I've been on the South Beach Diet for over 10 years, and it has served me well. More research could have been done in regards this diet.

  38. Trust chew each bite about 17-20 times and you will be less hungry (100%), can never put on weight while having this habbit :C

  39. I follow The China Study. So many doctors aren't properly educated on nutrition. I really like the animation in this video, but I ended up disappointed.

  40. So much flaw in their argument.

    4:07 Hah. Backtracking your statement already?

  41. It's not sodium that causes a diuretic effect. It's the loss of glycogen in the liver from eating fewer carbs.

  42. Yet there are shit loads of doctors, nutritionist and scientists instigating all the FAD diets, its all economics like every thing else…most often there is money behind them to make them say that…and by the way, science is crap nowadays…they just do math correlations and associations in human study's or analises of biological function's in animals like rats and pig's…they don't know shit hehe, its sad but its a reality…

  43. How much do you weigh isn't important at all. Only size does matter.

  44. Green Tea is my superfood.

  45. god just use the japanese porn star diet you can eat as much as u want but only paper

  46. Does anybody other than me think the representations of people in this video look like the Pianta form Super Mario Sunshine? I think so.

  47. I'm that guy who can eat whatever he wants, and then it disappears in my stomach.

  48. Ted ed is the one source I really trust im happy they made this video

  49. I literally eat ice cream and pizza every week. I also go to the gym regularly so i got a muscular physique. You can whatever you want as long as you go to the gym.

  50. Hilarious but very informative video – many thanks for uploading!! 😄👍🏽

  51. My mom is on atkins, and it has worked wonders for her. There might be a plateau, but you can help fix that with a "carb-up" day

  52. what about fasting?

  53. Atkins works though

  54. My mom and brother religiously and periodically go on the south beach diet even though as soon as they stop they ALWAYS gain the weight back. I have tried telling them this doesn’t work and the best way is to have a healthy lifestyle but they just don’t listen. It’s so frustrating because those types of diets are so bad for your body.

  55. I recommend "The Obesity Code" by Jason Fung.

  56. Healthy food can make you gain weight, too.

  57. Shared this with my clients. Thanks

  58. I lost 30 pounds in 1.5 months cause of low carbs high protean. Cut down to 50 grams a day, but not completely out. No carbs will mess you up hard.

  59. terus aku kudu piye??gaboleh kabeh

  60. yeah i had fry brassel sprots and french twist bun for breakfast

  61. So……is this video flagged? Seem like it should.

  62. Why not exercise?

  63. Go live in the wilderness for like a month

  64. Oh i found something you made wrong DETOXS ISN'T REAL

  65. How to spot a fad diet; it's called the Paleo diet.

  66. Is the Paleo Diet a fad diet, then? I've been on a modified version of it that allows me to eat legumes

  67. NEVER DO “CLEANSES” OR DETOXES PEOPLE! THEY ARE NEVER EFFECTIVE AND CAM HARM YOU! Watch the Adam ruins everything video on this.

  68. Ok but like having lots of proteins and veggies with some calisthenics (push ups, squats, dish) will give you a nice tone right?

  69. Doctors get close to no nutritional education though…

  70. 1:11 I'm not doing either of those things, thank you.

  71. Let's all photosynthesize like plants

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  73. 3:44, what was the animator thinking? O_o

  74. If you want to copy ancient people copy them completely… If you can't find your own solution…

  75. The characters are so cute

  76. You can be very thin, but not be fit. you can be healthy, but not have the body of a supermodel. You can be super swole, but be unhealthy. – jaiden aniations

  77. I had tape worms….once…

  78. Tapeworms and arsenic are dangerous

  79. just go to the gym

  80. Ketosis y'all

  81. 0:08

  82. I like this style of animation.

  83. Is it really possible to change your metabolic rate? Is there any empirical evidence of that?

  84. What about “never eat the same thing twice until the day after yesterday”? (For example: eat a strawberry on Monday for breakfast, and u can’t have it again until breakfast on wendsday or later)

  85. My mom is on the keto diet

    she lost wheight

  86. This video is part of a new fad: Eat everything in moderation. I have tried this new fad and it make my brain foggy. Back to keto.

  87. 2:26 reminds me of dhmis

  88. I’m 10 years old and on a diet. Is that bad?

  89. Fad diets are a total waste of time and do your body more damage than good. But the MOST important factor is the psychology. You lose weight. And gain it back. It's not SUSTAINABLE. The key to making progress is sustainable lifestyle adjustment. This involves looking at your whole diet, everything you eat and asking 'is this what my body needs, and is this something i should eat for the rest of my life for optimal health?'.
    Knowing WHAT to eat and what NOT to eat can be complex for many people. In my Facebook group "Secret Body Transformation Principles", we discuss these topics and the psychology of having the body you want. It all comes down to feeding your body what it NEEDS. We will support you along the way and get you to where you want to be and we don't ask for any money off anybody.

  90. Vegan diet is great

  91. Instead of "Marathi" subtitles, you can put Hindi which is more spoken in India.

  92. Is exercising really that bad? I exercise on a non-regular basis, (running & skateboarding whenever I feel like it) & I love it! Running is especially good.

  93. why do fads, just snort drugs

  94. *Diets are the work of REGISTERED DIETITIANS

  95. The perfect diet is the one that works for you

  96. You just gotta prey for jesus to be slim

  97. That's why I eat fast food when I diet 😀

  98. I am sick of these diets that tell you to totally eliminate this, never eat that, no this, no that. No human being can live like that forever unless they have no other options, and most of us in the developed world do have them. The interesting thing is that I never see celebrities push a diet that forbids liquor in all forms. They brag about not eating meat or not eating sugar, but they never say they've stopped drinking alcoholic beverages. It's funny how the tables of so many Hollywood vegans and vegetarians at award shows are covered with cocktail glasses. No diet can guarantee a long and healthy life. There are too many other considerations, such as lifestyle, exercise and activity, occupations, stress, heredity, allergies, environmental factors, and congenital conditions. They will take my double cheeseburger from my cold, dead hands. And no cracks about how that's going to be soon if I keep eating double cheeseburgers. If I want to be nagged I'll ask my wife. She does it gladly.

  99. The Keto eating style (not diet) is not a fad diet. Just saying. Carbohydrates are not essential unless they are in vegetables – which also has fiber.

  100. The problem with videos like this is they rely on the same age-old data that may be doing more harm than good. More nutrition-based empirical data is being uncovered regularly, so keep up to speed on the online journals (there are free ones) to know how to determine, for yourself, what is good for you and bad for you personally.

    One diet does not fit all, but there are general rules that can apply.

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