How to Sell Supplements Online (From Working With Fitness Influencers to Shopify Stores!)

today I'm going to show you guys how to build an online fitness supplement brand that you guys can grow in scale working on a Wednesday then up again and egg today so much–so is poppin min I skip them nightly leg day we're gonna talk to you today about how to sell fitness supplements online that is one of our special pieces that we do inside of our agency and our businesses we not only own some of our own supplement brands but also we help people like we helped the company recently go from thirty thousand dollars a month to over three hundred thousand dollars a month selling their fitness supplements online and this is exactly what you need to achieve the same results now if you're looking on how to start a supplement company from scratch to formulations and all that kind of stuff I will be making more videos specifically on that topic but I want to make sure I cover the basis of what you need to get started to grow and scale a supplement line now with this now don't forget to subscribe like and hit that notification bellow so you will be up to date with all of the content that we keep putting out here every single week okay so if you want to learn how to sell a fitness supplement products online see the first thing you actually need is an audience one of the big things that I see a lot of people do is they see other people like on it first form different companies like that and they're like I want to do it I want to sell supplements online there's a lot of little skeezy dudes on the back of stuff selling stuff so that gives it a bad name also so it can be good and it can be bad but the one thing that you need to do if you want to do this the right way is you need an audience if you don't have an audience if you don't have community if you don't have a list if you don't have this asset you really can't do it it's gonna take you a long time effort money and there's significantly different things that you can do that will build you a more profitable and scalable business so life for sure which starts there but if you do have an audience and let's assume that you have our audience now you have to think through channels what are the channels that are going to be selling my stuff on right what channels am I gonna sell my supplement brands on two main channels that we focus on specifically to get things started our Shopify and Amazon now these are two different beasts and I'll probably be breaking this down in other videos but I want to give you a more general video specifically on what you need to do you need to be focused on one channel do not jump into both channels at this time selling these things cost money time effort in focus so if you can't do one really really well you're for sure not gonna do both because there's different things inside of these like keywords traction growth Instagram etc so focus on one of these two channels whether you want to do Amazon or you want to do Shopify for the sake of this conversation I'm gonna say that we want to do Shopify for the second thing that we need is we really need to establish some sort of a brand what's our brand what's our presence what do we sell what's our focus specifically I would get started on something that is more niche niche whatever you want to call it doesn't really matter tomato tomahto potato then doesn't matter you gotta focus on a niche so I'll give you an example we sell these this BHB this is beta-hydroxybutyrate you really don't know what this is unless you're in a niche that niche for us is Quito so we do a lot of stuff in the ketogenic diet we have hundreds of thousands and millions of people and followers and stuff like that inside of that specific space anywhere from groups that have 70,000 people plus to 400,000 plus email list to a network of all our social presence and stuff in the millions right so we knew we had an audience we had a product we had all these things we had the traffic internally we had the audience we decided after that okay it makes more sense instead of being an affiliate to all these other people we don't know what's going on in there how to make it we worked with formulators particularly created our supplements is for this niche so we had the audience the second thing is we built a brand we started working on the brand and we started thinking about the message what is the message of the brand for us it's the most complete line of ketogenic products that you can find available anywhere in the market and we built a brand presence we built all the social we started creating content like this you can actually check some of my Aikido videos over here and you can see that not only myself but some other people that we worked with started creating that kind of content the third thing is we focus on channel distribution so we built a Shopify store you can see it here and it has all of our products now for us to get distribution on that we did two things specifically to get started we worked with online influencers in the fitness space and then we sent them products for reviews when we sent people products for reviews a lot of the people that really in that space had really good raving reviews why because it was a good product very good ingredients and really good taste all those things matter as well so once they started making videos for reviews and stuff like that we set up our second phase which is creating ads now we built a system where we were selling content first we were putting the content out on Facebook we had nothing for sales so people were viewing their content educational based stuff and then we were retargeting people inside of that same platform with later on an offer you can see people like dr. axe doing this you can see people like through from organifi doing this you want to create value first and educate people on what you're selling let them know why you need it talk about the benefits talk about exactly what it is that you have why it works and why you're selling it give people value once people have seen those videos you can retarget them into an opportunity of selling the products that you have so we did this and we started telling bundles bundles that made a lot of sense for that we also bundled it because it allows you it will it allowed us but it also allows you if you do the same scenario to build a higher order value the way that you're gonna be able to spend money on ads is to have a decent average order value a lot of people go negative on the front end and it's okay because with these kinds of things you can focus on recurring thankfully for the most part we do not go negative because we build a good average order value and we focus on very specific niches very specific bundles to a very specific market once you exhaust that market you can go a lot more general but you can make millions at the beginning focusing on that particular market so the three things specifically that you need to get started on selling online fitness supplements in 2019 you need an audience you need to focus on channel one channel first and then you need to focus on your distribution method whether that's gonna be working and talking with influencers having them look at your content having them look at your product or running media at scale and you can start slow no one starts huge you got to have big budgets to have huge success immediately right so if you have an investor or something like that maybe you could do it but you would still want to start slow because you want to get that data you want the average order values right you want to know how things are converting if you want to really narrow down your audiences and be able to scale slowly but surely from there let me know in the comments below guys if this was a helpful video how this helps you and other Fitness things that you guys want to learn and do not forget to subscribe and join the notifications so guys if you like this kind of content and you want to see more of 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  1. Stripe does not process payments for for high risk products such as cosmetics or supplements, so what payment processor do you use to sell supplements on Shopify?

  2. I definitely learned something! Thanks!

  3. Ahhh finally someone pronounces 'Niche' correctly. Its a french word people, like 'C'est la Vie'. Say it right, smart people will respect you.

  4. How did you overcome the payment method issue with not being able to offer credit card payment method since supplements have a payment restriction on shopify?

  5. Hi! Thanks for a really great video!

    I have just started my Shopify store with the niche weight loss products, we’re going to sell for example garcinia 95. We’re going to sell in our own brand. And I was wondering gow to contact relevant influencers to lift our brand. Aa well I was hoping to maybe get some tips on how to choose the targets for Facebook and Instagram ads. Looking forward to hear from you! Is it possible to maybe have a chat and get some tips?

    Best regards


  6. Do you think that college students for under 25 years with tight budgets is niching enough? I am planning selling bodybuilding supps whey protein for starting?


  8. Great video. I've been selling supplements on Amazon for a little over a year. I might make my own videos about the journey as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Just starting my own supplement business. Taking in as much as I can and your video was straight to the point. So thanks for that. I have 5 supplements in production right now and the business goes live in April 2019. Just a one man band with no investors, but I’m putting a few tens of thousands in myself. I hope to have 10 products on my site, eBay, Amazon, within the first year, and I can survive without taking a wage from the business for 2 or more years, so as you can see, slowly does it. It’s like you say, a little bit at a time in order to take everything in and get to grips with it. Cheers

  10. What types of supplements are you thinking of selling? Drop your niche below and let's have a chat!

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