How To Sell Nutritional Supplements On Amazon FBA In 2019 w/ Alun Edwards

oh good all that yeah it man you good I'm good I'm good bro we're actually recording now so feel free to get the swear words rockin and rollin drop no see oh good fucking out does that I love a good dinner as well for good fucking pleasure yeah oh fuck fucking cold fucking top I've got to tell people before before a school alum was like am I allowed to swear on it and I was like fuck yeah you are so buddy what's going on how's you i PT game game bro yeah good mate you know just changing lives and all now you know no I like it obviously realest yes yes that's good um yeah like dogs it just it is what is like survey helps he tell helping guys who just don't do stuff they wouldn't do by themselves I mean the dream obviously as well just really sort of getting better like so change it like so the habits in my insect and obviously yeah like I have more confidence more ngel see getting stronger mean etc that's the sort of they're gonna have to when this when this video uploads they're gonna at YouTube we're gonna have to put the text like sentences because people aren't gonna fucking understand the way we talk in detail so my fucking problem is if you're watching this and you want to click off because please keep watching is it's gonna be a Alan's going to share some good info on the stuff that he's done with Amazon so yeah this people want to meet Alan I've came from like same background so both of you being in the personal training world Alan still in there in the in the PT world work so actually you can you can tell them argue you go ahead bro why does the back stories in like way I'm at the moment yeah yeah sure like ultimate like a personal trainer my my own personal training business I based in the gym just obviously work with just a again guy a surveyor of groups earth groups guys basically so again like I said you wanna sort of just like they're busy illegal jobs they want to sort of like have more confidence more energy it just sort of enjoy like how can enjoy their life it's not all about truth I don't work with just women you're welcome initiative like though she'll and just bar bit different things around the people it needs to if they're just Jenny guys just want to proof it lifestyle you know I can serve like necessary but compete the bodybuilding or sports is just served yet then Warner perhaps gave Beachbody like look good feel good and obviously still enjoy life as well and so that's why I'm at and I think it was burn year ago two years ago when I first met Chris I think like knows in Starbucks just on my laptop she wasn't working then this fucking in I ate phones and I was like fuck's going on here and then this guy pulls out with the worst fashion sense of ever seen have fucking psyched as long as I'm caught I'll be called my trouser I was like who is this guy comes in sits down and just I get I think that's a guys he jacked me at the time and I'm just like what the fuck is this like like you should set it down on his laptop drinking his fucking things like a typing away and things went to my head I with the first thought was like fucking daddy's car second thought was like this guy's watch too much power and think he's a fucking dis stroke or food again this guy don't know selling I fucking don't and so the obviou elected to the third one and yeah I'd like to absorb life success on said his car so I googled and I was like what the hell is this mean for starters and then it came out obviously something to do bamas it was like Amazon okay well fuck's that mean yes after by then just message him and I was like hey may just like toward creepier soy in Starbucks bit fashion advice for first but then secondly it may just like yeah what you do you mean that I'd say drive my age you looks like what the fuck you do it like you just difference the grain googled you too juicy Amazon said what is this like tell me more or just like at that time I wasn't removing interests in almond then it was a case of I want to show just being around this guy as long as he's doing well himself he cooks me I'm gonna me and me to buy some new clothes but then I'm just like I don't wanna so I want to be around this guy what a metric with this guy I wanna serve like just bounce off in sponger like to if I'm doing for him and I think and just like back and forth few times I think and then I'm so I've just messed up what I like so props a few months later I think it starts then he found me Cardiff and met up but again no sort of intentional amundsen here I didn't mean nobody didn't I say and she starts dropping their bombs and their Sun God yeah I sell stuff on Amazon the house I got great Oh certainly happy day son of a fuck um I think that sounds of an Amazon and just like supplements of the things you could do the same bro and just I don't know they say you should get paid every two weeks and just like blah blah blah and I was like okay great then I just kinda don't talk about my stuff B she's like where I'm at and that more my vision is everything um and they just come away from her then and just like just become yosity I guess just touches on this living here just like this so he starts to a group in my Amazon I got apartments and stuff and looking at mine just like wow you look sure like obviously the potential of it and like should have how many yeah how big it is these days and I was the witan way sort of like social media social media but live technologies of bats and just so I ease in the side reading sort of like jungle scouting things and like I told my dad about Dan just he said you know I think only like my dad's he thinks he's proper to me if I'm meek the pale its he grins the fuck up so he went and researched it as well just I came back yes it's great this sort of like it's a big thing like you can sell any and everything and I was like oh okay that and then just like a went for me and I was okay Chris try another coffee mate they're just sweaty so I was like yeah one and I will meet up I won't eat I missed a flight so I'm really I'm having to pay a few times I know you sure yeah busy guy and stuff as well let's see um I'd one just like that takes time just really good after the day and stuff because I know that you induced human so I'm taking the time is the same for me I was like I'm in the same sort of position people on my tiny I'll give it to up at the end I gonna get more food best I knew that straight away because else is what I do so it's like mayor Whelan like us however much as for now as I get cool send me the link I'll meet you and stuff you you the thing with thing with what you've done most people want to hear about this Amazon stuff they'll just want to go and sell anything you know a coffee mug and no part of whatever it is but you tell them about like the base that you you weren't missing one crucial element to the business you have you had the social media you were always posting videos and you still do in your groups on your Facebook all over that sort of stuff fitness-wise the one element that alum was missing was the product itself that he could have enhanced all of that Wiz so you had the community ready to buy your product which which was the missing ingredient so Alan being in the health and fitness industry all that he he wanted to do and he didn't he didn't want to just earn you know tens of thousands of pounds on this he put a product that was going to serve people in the right way and not just himself financially so tell him a little bit about that process because you engineered a product and you formulated a supplement of suet supplement and you brought that to life because you knew that your audience your community would benefit from it yeah I totally made so I obviously like said like I know Chris it on someone's before like easy self she suggests to me and there's like settlements amazing that Dottie being in that my game I've taken several months like over 10 years I know so a really quite good idea the market Oh Abdi why the pink wall work she need them things and every like sort of look at the different things board work I was like perfect yeah I know sure if like I said I've not been left with the people a group of people who serve who live by community as well and work with basically and obviously could suit those as well and so if I know perhaps I said just what what moves me in why I'm looking for perhaps why I'm had before I like how I solve people's problems perhaps like different things of people so the problems people have where this energy with time different things a battle with I had deal with nutritional dangers like the common sort of problems people face when it comes with it again for the day their lifestyle different things like that and I go how conserve there's several months I was sort of humming is different okay and that's a sort of that's the main thing just sort of looking at right how can I make this different the sort of tailor towards sort of perhaps more to a guys we've probably I want to get in shape different things like that and things that I've been taking supplements for like when I music when I was younger when I first started I spend so 2 ^ month on supplemental bullshit and just because I believe by I believe the marketing and stuff everything there and just I all differ have to protein tweets and stuff so I'm gonna experiment with them things so I knew what I was looking for what I wanted and again what I sort of in the men is just like I was fully passionate by I knew like this is gonna be a fucking amazing product and just sort of benefit people as well and like sort of the way came to life then as well the same thing I'll just if flyzone's just better I hoped and yeah like who loves you a lot of my guys taken out as well and benefit from because yeah like service cross pollinate obviously it's a serve like it's not a case of like selling a spatula as I got guys going by the spatula it's gonna really it's not a really healthy gains like will it cook it but yeah a sort of making making something again it's just it's just for a really sure of yet it just it syncs up well basically and yeah that was the main thing like I had sort of I was on like so on social media stuff I that's like that server following and again it's just it's just a basic in it on 0 I was in those sort of another stream of income as well yeah and you didn't really do like a launch for this video you just carried on doing your thing and you subtly and slowly just dropped like the product you were working on there wasn't like you know first of July emerge in this product you just very subtly added it into already what you were doing and you started to gain the sales and reviews and overall momentum in that sense so that's refreshing for other people like everyone is on this launch day just like what do island in and just subtly add it into what you already do it yeah yeah totally yeah I said it wasn't a lawn chair just a case of speaking to you and I was like crystalline emails and they said this is ready to go as I is they said you said yeah just go sell enough oh fuck so yeah for me again I just make such an order my sort of like all kinds of things and my my nectar base and there's like guys I've been moved in on this for last few months as a way for us for me help you I'd be me deserve like appreciate grateful if you could obviously best in this as well and then York City I take it and I drop review as well and give me your thoughts mazing and ass again I just I don't see build initial sales like to start getting a momentum that was a it wasn't smooth and I said I'd put a link or the drop drop it into a few videos of hopes idea that's it I didn't sort of I didn't give up I think I went and begin a November so I bought awesome the case of like over trial or this day and just build the Lord of sort of traction and serve I meant to pint that launch day know it's just it's always just been a role in thing and it's case if yeah when I was live is cases yeah right okay right selling like zoos on I think I think my mom locked him to say loss on page 12 was I was it's Marvin no it's fucking bought the Emma and yet so initially implicated yeah was sort of just a messaging like sort of friends family like say clients and stuff and just say look yeah that both is create this product it's on Amazon check it out if you want to get if you want to purchase it amazing it would also benefit you as well and then if you drop me review as well I'll be amazed and I really appreciated and and that's always he just what I did that say like speaking to sort of my clients again so my initial base of people like so if you got like you found your friends like people trust you which is still just like leverage your surroundings that's exactly what you did even though like you know there's some Amazon limits that you shouldn't do the friends and family like look we do what we have to do to get that product sell and that's exactly what we did you're not doing it right like fuck all the other tactics it's working you're making sales you're on the first first place yeah I was just like yeah you can do em I'm sure there's loads different like launch strategies and like software and different things that like so like yeah discount you product and sort of like yes it's like sell it our way as well didn't turn for something use different science whatever but again the sooth like you still speaking the people who trust you that is still gonna like it can buy the product and it's a little benefit them as well okay there's nothing to if there's nothing shady but I was just looking Anika that's all so you've just you are helping those people and then people who trust you they gotta fucking do it and you're gonna want us to do if they're gonna help you like if someone reaches out and asks of like yeah give me a hand with something like how often you say no you never gonna be safe you know you're always saying oh yeah sure like you want to help a person so that that's again we're starting up well anything what was what are some of those struggles and like timeframe from when you into the struggle is obviously before get slams unless so the struggle was getting in manufacture then there's manufacture process like manufacture process for my name is about six or seven weeks and then before that as well just battle for supplier it wasn't it was hardly attraction it was hard to get momentum unless can you remember who you're like I was hot enough yeah I need I need to pay you to come up to Cardiff for now I need you down as well can we saw the people listed that you like no I don't know what that is alright 750 pounds I'll do a few money and you ask me the question on track [Laughter] absolute comedy go I know yeah yeah just like I said I paid by the God did you do any cyber yeah like it was them I think obviously that sounds a big fingers like of the jewel of zu t but from geared community every was interesting stuff in like a box you ever was a jump on Amazon and again what happens is people get ready to free be trained and it'll actually I love this was what I do with my shirt I hope it is that Sam I sort of like to as I do it PT saw a thing like to the background I have a way I am it just transfer it so easy in cases I know how much difference when you should I invest in and stuff when so I like to get a coach like Chris and you just fucking jumpstart everything accelerate so much quicker yeah and I'm sure if you can ask Chris free advice and he probably just drop a few sentences in Facebook and everything is great but I wanna fucking pin him down I wanna fucking I asked him I want his knowledge I wanted to fuck it yeah just do shit for me I don't you know our painful and but yeah that's a big thing I think it just terms of like the struggle yet people soon will struggle because they'll just go back and forth they won't regain you won't get any traction well it will get started because they didn't know where to start they did they fuck they all want to do and where they go in but yet literally the fucking start they could be through generous nobody can watch YouTube all day they can do shit but like I was like I'm from the horse's mouth Christmas by fucking I want to do this a schmuck and make it work and but into news that again there's still strength and still highs and lows and again it's just true with the supply yeah that sounds a big things it was just like meshing back and for emails email them and then drafts fucking five days go by immense weekend and I was like ah come on fucking email and then just like like me like yes and I was that and then just it just like trying to sort of get traction from here there's a how much of this and obviously now looking back I've learned to just like to eat I look back where is it my emails obviously dead they've learned from that because I just sent in one question email also ain't boy it was incident it wasn't urgent enough space he wasn't serve like I just a short cut out to a foot three four months now but then he has a case of you guys getting attracted going in a surf right Fred what don't you do now goddesu products of I've got a the idea of it right down that's what I put into production what else do I need and I was like Chris what do I need and things like we need sort of designed this and I was like there's back of all the designer then when I was a half Fox thing like weeks go by and it's just like yeah sometimes just like and I just like my mom like Amazon thing going on yeah so I gave that one day and I know you started to do yes lose that traction you lose a momentum and he lose a sort of getting looms that sort of the excitement you had its beginning and because you're just in the trenches though and I just think the Chris stone again and just seems like I just let you keep where they made again just because I think there's no fun it wasn't fuckin hard work it's just emails if you break it down it's just I make a decision to take responsibility like take it and taking the risk and it's not like hard we look like a fucking a lady breast fucking hard work fuck I like it just like normally want making the decisions and know how did you like I know we went through some of the ingredients stuff together but I didn't help you much with like the formulation of ingredients so you know I might name this video or something like how to sell sports someone's on Amazon FBA or something like that so how did you kind of dissect the ingredients from the competitor who you were going against knowing that person was the best to make him yours as good if not better yeah so I said this thankfulness for a while and again obviously just really way of like what's in the market was sort of what I take and a wife perhaps why would they like to perhaps away where my gap was and perhaps again problems people are still having in like so my trans where they tell you just for their lifestyle that stuff for just and and then I was you're not gonna say what are the competitors what a sort of doing how they should've was ingredients what's that dosage like what's the brand in like I just was there all set up like how many take to take one a day to take two three times a day like all these thermal energy look at the price point as well and and just let's say I just really look at gold and down there so I want everything down they like fuck here I'll show you the answers issues just my homeroom I wrote down two of like again just all ingredients from like different brands like so 5-10 brands from like first pajamas and wrote them down and just like worldly God like what was hidden they thought that how much and then inside right where's the truth with the gap to or like how can I improve this how can i soothe what people aren't using miss I could implement this um and this or leave them everyone seems to be doing this but this doesn't need to nestle be in there okay so I was like I could serve a can that this or I could treat this and there's an tailing it towards this whatever it likes over several months here perhaps I'd lot of sink like the sons of more towards I don't know like health and wellness perhaps all the people browse I know I want to tell him or for practice for the gym or game for like the demands of life and yeah you you branded it in that sector words well you didn't just change the ingredients to fit that profile you change the profile of your visual appearance and your brand to fit that as well and I think when people scrolling in your category you all stands out like a sore thumb it's good looking sore thumb in the in the and you know a loud and noisy busy crowd so yeah perfectly done a much fucking doctory for like yeah that's the vision a handful for the company so when I said this is why I wanna so targets know about just create as for that known today making money or as X I want to write this is the brand-new for the brand stands for the file used to be this is what so I'm aiming for like so I think I sort of I work with the canvas as well like they cannot add the contrary to their lines this is war sort of I want to stand for or nor looking serve just like everything on the market was just like the classics health and wellness again I just feel – I mean you were just like no no fuck like an Enya render scale everything looks live like very evil and they're easier of like a scary just like just like dating but as if you wanted to get like this very spiritual vibe you either get a pharmaceutical vibe you get a very aggressive bodybuilder type vibe yeah yeah very subtle clean approach to a refreshing element of brand name with yours yeah a totally me yes is ever sort of some building yoga on it or there's some guys who've like yeah yeah just like with muscles or muscles basically and so again it's just more design feel I get just skies are just still I sure have a busy lifestyle things at and just go to the gym and so people are just the majority people just like front of my eye so aged 20 to 40 to 50 whatever they sort of yeah like the demands of the lifestyle weather so they're working or family or kids and he said want to go to the gym as well just have an acid you never gets air and that's more like like the brand so who I wanted to convey and stuff as well a target and yeah instead of being us at like I said the two opposite ends of the spectrum and what what sort of so you sell you sell your products around 20 pounds 20 pounds what kind of profit margins after PPC are you looking at per sale so I guess both 90 97 20 quid um I think it's about say Amazon him me about 1450 pounds they think mom's about six farm they say the cost of profit is about five farm and then so he gave me down to about nine 10 pound then with I can't PPC is for about say for three pound 2006 power thing so which is about is still about 30 percent margin I think gimme a sec like I was he be seeing like all see the the market and stuff easily find you Anna Anna obviously optimizing all the time and like a star who's do that quite obviously I wasn't making money for me I was just because I was just moon and they spend more money to get attractions doesn't just like a spectacle onus off fuck you know this is bad betting my eighth course is fucking I kind of do percent as in properly so again it's just just ruining and refining it but I just was I gonna say fucking lose my trailer for Thunder six coffee so I feel ground and caffeine back you know bro you know you know bleh you know Blair you know beer ya know check them out yes but it's for thirty percent margin and yeah right dude rum question or do we just keep on talking yeah I was gonna say what was your total start-up like your initial base about order with minimum always angular board it was five hundred units which was cost about two point a cane so yeah like some 500 units that's a two point they came with I loves you with shipping with v80 and stuff everything as well so obviously they ship this straight farmers own house at all cost and just four point eight K and obviously I said more and more was like a peaceful forty a specialized formula so again they sort of yeah you can obviously do this money and staff Yoyogi for the best more but you couldn't do it on with a lot less as a lot lower budget as well and like yeah just all in more of a sort of a normal sort of form when I guess or whatever I've tried if you do in the able to use like next whatever and be an asset sue that's a initial founded units I was a minimum order quantity and so I get cool and to Monday K and there and like any labels there and I think the late was about hundred thirty and graphics and stuff everything with the man dunk yeah that's about I think that's a four five hundred I think it could just play even more with them I'll just do like back like extra ten things I've been making tweak and stuff and I was like not really happy and just like Christmas I just pay and you were thin as I get like now just like fucking out yet because that stand injustice is amazing and I think yeah so Prime oh I just don't start out to serve it's boiling for three and a half K like a nice excluded last resort just for again at times ourselves you about anything for you and any electrical option and stuff whatever no because I paid like we played out two or three coffees I did the list him and you did that I did three months like email stuff and everything oh yeah probably like a grand yeah probably yeah yeah boy I said the to say two or three coffees promises did list and stuff I think the dream yeah point well 800 but won't be surprising is a grander stuff whatever and so people are really with like with mentoring or whatever you want to call it but if you're looking sell supplements your prom you should probably budget around a four and a half K if you're looking new things right for four or five K right yeah like I said I wanted to do it right and also if you can get and get graphics that on fire and stuff like that for three quid and obviously you only sell fuckin Photoshop II think what odds but again a 10-day you should've today guess stuff like you gotta look at the list and other graphics and stuff on my list in and so on Amazon and just a brand itself just yeah this fucking this worth the price tag and what's in line so if that's that's everything that's like the first thing see so it's like if fish shit just that you just want to scroll past it and that's the first thing you captors you because he can be opposite by over eyes and just yeah before anything else doesn't know fuck what's in the product it's just like oh what the fuck is that it wants to stop scrolling in and just you go on it like I like the list it's probably got a few seconds to grab your attention like just visually okay before you scrolling because it's gone it's true it's gonna sell you just scroll down and see what the fuck it is um cuz I game then you flip through the pictures and just like but this is how I buy anyway if you want a flick through the pictures and pictures of shit you should go back but my reward is yummy so you guys the visual things are just the nanny look okay right okay sis much okay then scroll down so using props week with booms whatever and then you should make a bad decision so yeah as long as you the visual thing comes back to it but in terms of startup yeah 20 minutes aloof I'd say if semaphore K but again it's completely dependent on obviously you a market you're going to like the amount you in the bunch of investors product you serve how the universe of high and stuff whatever I know so if one of my guides one my kinds easy he's actually done anything is sort of like a meeting pilot sort of reading by the cheek basic need for like I guess a grand and everything yeah I know he likes to for selling that's a sonic my salons and then he's doing really well um but yeah I'd say need to serve a good food k basically it's again set up unlike just a bit Security money yeah yeah yeah because it can you just see though this is staffing company for then you've got paid flight and of descent abusive you setting up a business setting up sort of like be published by a website a domain name and the money for like that like just kind of like a bit of capital NGO saucy for investing so marketing uh stuff painful your barcodes paying for like lots of different things a pop but basically they have to do we have to soothe subscriptions or like add-ons you need to pay for and stuff whatever like I said it's just yeah if you've got an idea for K and stuff obviously again I paid a sort of incrementally as well to lose more and more suppliers and yeah everybody getting few feet that's us to serve one point where you're going to be looking at yeah what's the plan for moving forward bro ones one second release time when second product for this time Juno is port my supplies last week and he said I like yeah we can get all the stuff this is the to nine times per second but back to stock your washes to plan so next product then I was like oh wow and yeah because that's the thing it's just like look in this room yeah with the brand knows gone idea where what a gold products want to go into and yeah I guess it's a movie again again the wheels emotional around as well because again that process is going to take up to two or three months I like building this roof building again build in the project and they're not to get any manufactured and then Schiff yeah perhaps over the service this month next month now is the case of really am yeah looking at sort of obviously this one is to do I keep it's like sailor to improve in and really sort of monitor that and I sort of see stay on top of it like so else you reinvest like obviously my name get a star get the second batch of stock as well and and yes it's looking at the sort of that second product as well as you mentioned three of a week and I was like ah yeah okay you don't serve you start looking at something because this skin it's it's really like such a timely of which normal sort of thing hardest part is it's just emails like and again I don't see the product I don't have any stuff it's just like it just emails back home making decisions and then like transfer in many different places and then um again instead of is to same process and so when it's on Amazon I hope you can use PPC II get reviews and stuff like that initial sales and yeah just obviously you just you refined it like so I know that the process now I know so probably quicker this time for if I do a second product um but you know it's just growing it basically yeah it's a fucking super process and then it's simple it's not fucking easy that's the difference it's like this like get in shape anything it's like getting in shape it's fucking simple it just it's just we follow the process you do the steps you go to Jimmy lifts and you stop eating shit but again it's hot us again it's quite hard to do on a daily basis and last way like by I said just like it's a simple process right contact supplier you serve you build sort of ingredients stuff like that then you sort of I guess the labor said then you do the graphics and ain'tcha Thomson that is the process is there's nothing you need to complicate more than that but when it boils down not it is fucking hard because yeah and you Rick encounter all the sort of challenges in terms of perhaps the communication for starters really supply in just half fucking out get back to me will you prick um or like they they they price they come with or just they can't do this there and then you go make like adaptations you got me but change and then you go your Labor's and just I don't want Able's you want what size labels you want what sort of achievers do you wanna like fucking fucking labelmate and Jeremy and I just want a fucking label because you came they have all these things if these two fuckers can do it fuck off mate I'm fucking smart like you see my bench fucking no fucking sugarcoat shit on gma-7 yeah that's it just it is I said it's a simple process things and it's all approach this is on fucking jungles captain stuff for anything but the whole thing of doing it is freely fucking different game last year the fuckin challenges and the mines and that's what the booking about the struggles because like I said in face supply is the communication they perhaps if you do an Alabama and Chinese and there's just like all time frames and just message you around like priced is payment and actually get them upon that this is sort of that you want the solar car manufacture the product you want then it it's designing the whole thing and just getting a decent graphic designer or whatever and then just you're back from there and then try and manage all these different people in just 10 or together scoffs fuck and then this happens and then some is delayed and it's always different like so a little curveballs and that's why sort of makes it I thought makes a challenge in basically and cuz that's where you just got man oh fuck it's like just just to read ego you still go like stay on it as much as you can and just yeah because there's so many times where I was like ah this is this fucking guy man we're gonna get Amazon a walk there's always next week next week next month and then man I'll try and get on advice to buy my birthday in July I know or buy some holidays no oh fucking customer Christmas and I've always you know them as a fucking out come on when I was amazing then I was like you actually fucking telling them this is where the fuck's the hearts like yeah yeah and it took off for you pretty quickly didn't it well when is on there yeah yeah no wait wait went well yes enjoy the pages of it so if I don't know the numbers our like for the first month and stuff forever but yeah like swag or should've Messier oh my god is the stuff and that's where I got a good sniff yeah 20 or there's at least they're different Stan getting attractions or a thing and we've been props the first one or two weeks and you just who's cool and just think I've seen that like yeah this is confirming your belief and confirming the whole vision it's like wow someone just bought my fucking product like set the sound people are buying product names like I know that person Archie's best German said actually scare she is James for buying guys I know all family and friends but then when people sort of or like a little fucking scanners and I said like I've have any fellow farmers and just like you probably must be dispatched to so fucking Manchester I was like fuck fuck I was like random people are buying my fucking product and I'd wake up in the morning as I fuck I've got two waters gone through when I was a fucking asleep and that's when I say is just like fuck shit fuck and that's when it just like it's like like what well interested I've gotta push speech you stayed on its and go this way like just fucking hustle Slough and I said just Chris was right and his case yeah just this is such a fucking opportunity it's amazing yeah yeah it's just games like super ninjas is just building it from there like saloon in like Obama's and advertising then the PPC learn in there just again just the whole way to operate some things and then moving up the page listings and yeah they're just I know no GM and the one I'm track and I know no more the way arms works right the case of how they serve like I don't just the whole account of Enochs the payments and stuff for money that only they work they're just good Luna near let's serve it could become better and we will find it and just be optimized stuff better so there's a case of rice you can improve sales by maximizing margins basically and because obviously once is only the only things you can control over your number of sales and not see like the amount you spend on ads basically expenses there's a pretty much fixed research I was trying to widen that gap as much as you can and do many people know you're selling arms and the people just know that it's Alan he's got he's got a supplement line out now the people know like Amazon seller mounted to the islands that use he's got a great product though yeah I don't coach and everything they know survives I'm selling vitamins know what names like I was gonna retire from bitumens fucking true that's why yeah yeah that's obviously a lot of like what people in the sort of like them I found in everything no but like no I just absolutely fan I like so crazy you know I just start to just I'm said not much like so a lot of people are like stupid like tell some people we've kept that quiet I'm just like well yeah like joining all my fuckin tinder stories as well fucking out another conversation but me I got oh my god bet you got a bit bumble rollin we've got a bit tender oh we're on I'm all your boys I mean but you like bubbles its bumble good you like bumble no I don't touch I made yeah well I don't think it's not good no I'm just not that good looking and that's a lie because we're damn handsome yeah awesome bro I mean I'm gonna put us on YouTube that will help a lot of people and if there's anything else you want to say get out there to the world our go bro yeah the biggest thing is just like watch it and you feel like um you might feel good you feel excited you might fucking probably like with a fuck of these prep races like half hour of my life watching this or you might think alright I'd like to do this it sounds good yeah you're gonna get that sore a little sort of like that little gem a little oh yeah I should try this but I guarantee you a day or two days time nothing's gonna fucking like can happen like cuz you're gonna watch it you wanna feel good like watch it rockin for you're gonna feel good but I think I nothing's gonna really soak if you just gotta fucking take action like I say just a big thing it's just reach other front and Chris and if he doesn't reply to you just fucking hustle fucking let's just like pin him down I just run the fucker cuz I was like I know he's a busy guy Mikey impure I just stalk the fucker I just kept ringing like it's fucking four classes on ms2 active now I just run him and I was like message you know is like yeah you fucking will I was like we've also become like really good friends from that process which is nice no yeah yeah like so yeah it just is this is your great guy make there to stem yeah that's obviously a huge Mattel's just surely just fucking flows like just I just feel I said fee like this from yeah yeah just it's just fucking easy and but yeah like so if you if you watch this and just staying for the audio this is one what if I get this a great model I'd say if you're working on fucking 9:00 to 5:00 or you've got a job trust like once you will fucking will go in last you go look at weight like was your plan B or something like that or like what can you serve like for me it's just it's just as sort of it's an add-on as well because I'm gonna like agro-business items or untrimmed I couldn't control in my fight in terms of time and mobility and so I got off freedom but I so for people who say oh yeah I've got 95 or just you want sort of an extra serve like up to 500 pound a month or so they just help and perhaps bills whatever or to do something else like holiday um or you just want to serve flexibility at the time as well and just look fucking two years out of line you could fucking leave you a job like that's the reality as diligent about it serve if I sparks I mean you just want us to do again just you gotta take action I reserved a message Chris like sir yeah go on Soviet jungle some sort of research an Amazon because this is like sort of an instance of naps take action and just go through the fucking process go through the thick yeah it's gonna serve it so many times when you don't want to do any just want it so quick yeah when it gets slow it's gonna push on yeah I don't get you get it and if you want if you want if you want free money by putting in you know at twelve weeks of hard work to do that so yeah good stuff bro ending call that was awesome anyone has comments on YouTube or Facebook drop them below and yeah and then I'll get back to you keep the slide into our DMS whatever you whether it be hard fast and dry baby exactly how we like it and I hope you've enjoyed and I'm not even gonna apologize but square in f-bombs cuz I fucking loved it but I'll choose thanks so much I'll speak to you soon and I'll hit you up for coffee when I'm home she's made fuck off now

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  1. Hey Chris. Great video. I currently sell PL on Amazon and want to get into supplements. Does your secret academy focus on selling supplements on FBA? If I join, do I have access to you if I have questions?

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