How to Run a CNC Mill Warm Up – Grainger Ask the Experts

– Hello, and welcome to another edition of Grainger Ask the Experts. Today, we’re talking about
running a warm-up cycle in your CNC equipment. Runnng a warm-up cycle
in your CNC mill or lathe is essential in order to
establish a stable temperature throughout the machine. A machine that’s changing in
temperature as it runs a part is going to result in an
inconsistent part quality. First, start the warmup cycle
by cycling X and Z axis, and if possible, do that throughout their
entire range of motion. Next, begin the spindle,
but start at a slow speed and gradually increase the
spindle speed over time, and at some point during that process, engage the coolant system
because you want the coolant also to achieve a stable temperature before you begin to run your parts. Depending on the equipment, a warmup cycle could take 15
minutes, perhaps 30 minutes. So maybe at the end of that, you could move from the
warmup cycle and dry run, or dry cycle the first
program that you’re gonna run on the next part, and you
can use that opportunity to continue to warm up the machine, and then watch the program, and capture opportunities
to improve efficiency in the process. With a simple warmup cycle, your machine is ready
to run precise parts, and you prolong the
life of your equipment. Thanks for watching this edition
of Grainger Ask the Experts For more helpful tips and videos,
check out the full series. (guitar music)

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