How To Relieve Heal & Ease Hip Bursitis Pain 😖 Hip Bursitis Yoga

welcome to jivayogalive I’m Hillary
this yoga flow is going to be helping you today with some pain with hip
bursitis it’s a been made especially for all levels and ages we’re going to use a
chair and a block to support the practice so go ahead and grab those and
let’s get started thanks for joining us here at Gao go
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about future videos namaste namaste welcome to your practice today we’re
gonna be going through a flow that targets some relief or pain from hip
bursitis so before we start our practice today I
just want to invite you to maybe set a mantra and intention for your practice
remember that we’re here to help ease the body from pain by giving it love by
giving it attention so maybe just take a moment to think about what your
intention is for your practice today and when you’re ready we’re gonna start by
using a chair and a block for our props if you don’t have that ready yet just
press pause on the video grab it come back and meet me by your chair so we’ll
start with a simple Mountain Pose Tadasana and we’re just gonna use the
chair for support we’re gonna inhale bring one arm over the head lift really
tall through the spine and then exhale begin to reach over extending through
the arm and through the side of the body using the chair for support as you need
inhale to come up and exhale the arm down we’ll take that again inhale we
bring the arm up looking our gaze of her head and exhale extend through the side
of the body maybe tuck the hips forward just a little bit exhale the arm down by
your side one last time we’ll inhale the arm overhead
reach a little further up and extend over inhale up and exhale the arm down
I’m gonna turn around we’re gonna do this on the opposite side so we stand in
Mountain Pose we’re nice tall and aligned and our feet are planted and our
legs are engaged we’ll inhale the arm up overhead lengthening exhale stretching
through the side of the body inhale to come up exhale the arm down again we
inhale the arm length and tall and exhale stretching over through the sides
of the body really getting a nice Bend inhale to come up exhale the arm down
one last time we inhale really lengthen through the arm through the side of the
body exhale fold over inhale coming back up exhale coming down
really good so our next pose is really gonna get into the hips it’s gonna
stretch the sides of the outer hips really where you feel a lot of that
bursitis pain this poses a pyramid pose it’s also known as intense side angle
side stretch pose so if it feels a little and too intense for you feel free
to back off we’re gonna use our chair for support so go ahead and come to the
chair where you can rest your arms on it step one foot back behind the body and
then just take a moment to bring the hands to the hips or to the waist square
the hips forward we want both the hip points going in the same direction we’re
gonna inhale lift the chest and as we exhale from the hips
we hinge forward we can take this pose as deep as we need or as little as we
need if you extend the arms forward onto the chair help you get a little deeper
we really want to press into the of the feet and pull up energy through
the sides of both of the legs if you feel like this is not stretching enough
you can simply take the foot back a little more and if you really want to go
deeper you can extend the body further down the leg into a full expression of
intense side pose I’m sorry intense side stretch so we’re really
feeling that stretch right in these muscles at the top and outer sides of
the hips when we’re ready we’ll use the chair for support to come up coming out
of the post the same way we came into it lifting the torso from the hips and
we’ll step the feet together inhale the arms up exhale through heart center good
and we’ll repeat on the opposite side so again if you want to use your chair
maybe now you understand where the pose is going to move to so adjust yourself
as you need I’m gonna step a little further back away from the chair I’m
going to extend the opposite foot this time bringing it back bringing my hands
to the waist I Square my hips activate through both legs drawing up energy from
both of the feet lift my heart as I inhale I exhale folding from the hips
folding over using the chair to support my posture really feeling the stretch
through both sides of the legs I’m tucking my navel into my spine and
allowing my whole torso to be extended forward really feeling the stretch in
the sides of the legs keeping the hips squared breathing here if you feel that
the stretch is too deep simply bring the feet closer together you can lift the
torso find what feels good we’re here for pleasure not pain and
when we’re ready we’ll bring our hands to our hips we’ll inhale to come up
exhale step the feet together and hail the arms above the head exhale through
heart center very good now let’s go ahead and grab the block that you have
on standby because we’re going to come down to the mat and you won’t need your
block right away but let’s go ahead and come to a seated position and we’re
gonna roll the body down extend it fully onto the mat we’ll move into a few leg
lifts to activate the core to activate those hip muscles the hip flexors the
outer hips so what we can do is just bring the hands under the body tuck the
arms under the back really engage the core here tuck the navel into the spine
and inhale lift the right leg as high as you can exhale bring it down and we’ll
do it with the left we’ll inhale the left leg up and exhale lower it down
again on the right side and Hale exhale switching sides maybe going a
little higher inhaling exhaling it down really feeling the engagement here and
the lower abdominals feeling strong through the groin through the inner
thigh keeping the foot flexed pay attention we want to have both of our
feet flex both of the legs engaged one more time on the left side inhale exhale
lower down again on the right side we’re going to inhale up and this time we’re
going to not bring it all the way down we’re gonna do a few pulses so lowering
the heel about an inch or two above the ground
inhaling it back up exhaling it down one more time inhale up and this time we’re
going to lower really slowly and release this time on the left side inhale the
leg up exhale bringing it an inch or two above the ground and inhale it back up
exhaling inhale engage the core one last time we’ll inhale the leg up and with
control slowly lower the leg down very good now we’re ready to use our block
we’re gonna move into a variation of bridge pose so go ahead and grab the
block and then bring it between the knees and we’re gonna want to squeeze
the knees together squeeze the inner thighs really press against the block to
engage all the muscles in the groin and the hips even in the lower abs moving
into a bridge pose we will press into the feet press into our palms and lift
the hips straight to the sky really squeezing the block together
between between the legs here you may want to tuck the arms underneath the
body to open a little more through the chest and we’ll lower the hips down well
inhale continue squeezing raise the hips and exhale lower down keep moving
through this at the pace of your own breath we’re inhaling to come up
squeezing that block and really feeling the stretch inside the hip corners the
points of the hips feeling it in the hip flexors on the outside of the hips so
this is a great posture because it’s not just stretching
it’s also strengthening and a lot of times the pain that we’re feeling is
really the result of weakness in the body from over extension from overuse of
muscles that aren’t actually getting strengthened this is a really great pose
let’s go for two more inhale squeezing the block together lower the body down one more hold at the top take a few
pulses here one two let’s go for four three and four exhale lower down
completely really good so go ahead and take that block put it aside and then
we’ll go ahead and turn over onto the belly however it’s comfortable for you
we’ll move into a variation of locust pose so usually locust is going to have
your hands extended behind the body in both legs coming off of the ground at
the same time but we’re gonna go ahead and put our hands beneath the shoulders
for support we’re gonna take turns lifting one leg at a time so go ahead
and find what’s comfortable for you make sure that pelvis is anchored against the
ground the tops of the feet are pointed and flat against the mat the palms are
wide underneath the shoulders and the elbows are coming straight back away
from the ears and sort of energetically reaching towards each other we’re gonna
lift one leg on our inhale as high as we can and as we exhale we lower it down
and we’ll switch sides inhale as high as you can exhale lower it down so continue
with your breath inhaling as you lift and exhaling as you lower and really try
to feel that stretch coming from the lower side of the hip
underneath the hip with the hip abductors pointing the foot to extend
the leg even higher you’ll also feel the engagement in the lower back this is
really good for strengthening lower back muscles if it’s more comfortable for you
to press into the hands you can use your hands for more support or if you want
you can bring the hands down this time we’re going to hold one leg up and we’re
gonna take a few pulses one two three four five lower down and we’ll switch to
the opposite side raise the leg one two three four five and lower down again on
the other side one two three five and last time inhale the leg up one two
three four and five lower the leg down lower the whole body down take a moment
here to move the hips you can windshield wiper the feet just find a little
release there in the lower back and the hips remembering the intention that you set
for your practice go ahead and come onto your forearms and tuck the back toes
lift the hips and the ABS and really press into the heels press into your
hands your forearms you can bring the hands together for support we’re gonna
stay in this dolphin pose this is pretty intense but if we were stretching
through the flex toes if we’re reaching through the backs of the heels we can
really feel a good stretch in the front of the hips tuck the navel in using the
abs for support if you need to lower onto the knees take a moment come back
into dolphin pose really pressing through the elbows and the forearms breathing and exhale lower all the way
down we’ll press back into child’s pose and then come over sitting with the
knees bent we’ll move there a variation of half
lord of the fishes it’s a really nice spinal twist but it also gets into the
sides of the upper thighs and the hips so we’ll extend one leg out in front of
the body nice flex foot activated through the legs through the tops of the
thighs we’ll cross the opposite leg over to the outside of that knee want to make
sure hips are nice and flush against the ground and the point hip points are
squared in the same direction we’ll bring the left hand behind the body for
support well inhale bring the right arm up and
as we exhale just cross it over hugging that knee close to the body the closer
you’re hugging the knee into the body a little more deeply you’ll feel the
stretch in the sides taking in some deep breaths here looking over that back
shoulder inhaling lifting a little more and exhaling bringing that knee a little
closer to the body inhale exhale and release the pose we’ll extend the left
leg and cross the right leg over this time bring the right arm behind the
for support inhale the left hand up and exhale cross it over hugging that right
knee close to the body looking over the right shoulder breathing deeply into this posture inhaling feeling this rotation from the
lower abs and exhaling really drawing that knee hugging it closer to the body inhale exhale release the pose and then
lower down completely into our final relaxation corpse pose shavasana we
bring the legs wider than the hips the arms extend long by the side palms face
up allow the hips to feel open here allow the body to release any tension
take a nice deep inhale exhale sigh it out through the mouth again we’ll inhale exhale side out
take a moment remember your intention and then relax stay in shavasana as long
as you wish and whenever you’re ready to come out keep in mind what we’ve practiced today
I encourage you to take a few of these postures daily throughout your day
finding movement finding some range of motion really allowing some oxygen to
flow to those places where you feel pain in the hips doing a few of these poses
everyday over time is going to help reduce the inflammation it’s gonna give
you a little more range of motion and and flexibility and have you feeling a
lot better thanks for sharing your practice today namaste if you enjoyed
today’s video make sure hit the thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel and of
course click that notification bell so you don’t miss any of our videos hope to
see you next time namaste

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  1. Hello Hillary, this sequence is truly a blessing. Your instruction is thorough and gentle, and I appreciate that very much! Thank you!

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