How to Reduce Stress – Healthy Habits for a Simpler Life you can do Everyday

reducing stress does not have to be hard and everything I want to share today are practices that are really easy to incorporate into everyday life reducing stress while keeping it simple let's dive in the past seven years I've dealt with the after-effects of severe stress and exhaustion and it's not always fun but it's given me years of experience in dealing with stress pressure and priorities so I hope you find saw this helpful the first thing we're going to do is to schedule out a week with a bit of flexibility I usually sit down on sundays and i roughly plan out my week and you should applaud any times for a break so I know that I have time to breathe mentally one thing I don't particularly like is that I get tired in my head faster than regular people so I usually schedule one hour of doing nothing everyday before I pick up max from daycare and this is just to make sure that I have time to regain my energy before I go get him as a family we make sure not to over schedule our free time and weekends we want time to just do whatever and be spontaneous number two is to go for walks get out and get some fresh air and move that body around I actually find that when I walk I talk out loud to myself but if I'm stuck mentally or practically in some kind of problem then it actually helps me to just walk around and talk it out with myself I find that when I walk around and talk like this it gives me a new perspective and when I get back I feel a lot better and I might even have solved the problem completely so am I see here but try it talk to yourself when you go on walks number three is to get things out on paper if your head is cluttered it helps a lot to just get it out of here and down on paper if your head is filled with practical things and make it to-do list get it out of there and make space mentally and then just get the things done if it's more emotional thoughts that's cluttering up your mind than journal I'm a big journal er I'm not even sure that's a word I think it's a word but I write down all my emotions my frustrations I just get it all out of there and I feel so much better afterwards this is something that has really worked for me and it might work for you – there's something therapeutic about getting things out of your head down on paper shift your focus what you focus on gross and I usually do this by practicing gratitude a few years back I used the five-minute journal it's a book that gives you directions to just like write down three things I think every day that you're grateful for and a few action points in there so I'll leave the link to that book down below but the past few years I've personally just gotten in the habit of saying out loud three things I'm grateful for usually right before we go to bed we'll usually do this together more than I when we're going to bed so randomly I'll just call out give me three things and then he knows that it's three things that he's grateful for or three things that have been good during the day and we really love doing this together because it kind of puts us in a positive mindset right before we go to bed so we find that that works out really well we don't do it every night but at least a few times a week another way of shifting your focus can be to choose to experiment when you're doing your things I've mentioned this before in a previous video and I find that when I apply the mindset of experimenting it frees up a lot of the pressure because experiments they can have different outcomes it can be a or beef but they don't fail so I can't fail and that just relieves a lot of pressure and it makes it easier for me to try something new so consider applying this mentality of experimenting and see if it works out for you number five is meditating now I'm no pro at meditating but I've been practicing mindfulness on and off for the past years and there's no doubt in my mind that it works I prefer the meditations that helps me let go of thoughts and feelings and just refocusing back on the breath and the body scan meditation switch helps me relax my body and just turn my head off for a bit I found a few short ones that I like and I'll leave the link to them in the description down below if you're interested another way that can really help reduce stress is to limit your input streams the more information I fill my head wet the more I have to process I tend to stay off the news and social media as much as possible and try to limit my use of social media to mainly Instagram and then I have the facebook Messenger app primarily just because it's super practical that people can reach me and I can reach other people whose phone number I don't have other than that I really try to stay off social media completely I'm not saying be uninformed I'm just saying be conscious of how much you ask your head to process of new information every day primetime news and rain on social media is just more data for my brain to process and it makes my stress level go up find a good in-depth news program that you can watch or a documentary or maybe listen to an audiobook these are all things alone for me on things but it's a lot more conscious choice and you get to weed out all the clutter number seven is so simple and probably the practice that I use the most it's deep breaths deep breaths calms my body and refocuses my mind when I take just a few seconds to reconnect it releases a lot of the stress in my body and in my mind and it's so simple I hope you found some of these practices helpful if you have more to add then please leave them down in the comments so we can all benefit from them I also just want to say that if you watch my videos on a regular basis and have them said hi yet please do so down in the comments I love getting to know you guys and hearing your stories as well so please do that if you feel like it and I'll see you guys next week have a great weekend bye you

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