How to Read Food Labels for Healthy Eating (Nutrition Facts Explained)

– Let’s talk about food labels, because there’s a lot of
misleading information out there if you’re not careful. Some food labels have hidden ingredients that are not Code Red approved. Under a different fancy name
or they claim it’s sugar free, so here’s how to read a food label for healthy eating and some
nutrition facts explained. But before we dive in, I
have a challenge for you. Click the link below
to learn more about the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown challenge. So, you wanna read a food label. Let me tell you, so many times
people ask me this question, and you know what I say? I’m not teaching you how
to read a food label, ’cause you don’t need to be
eating anything with a food, listen I can’t pronounce half
those words on a food label, and neither can you. Guess what, I don’t even
know what they mean. They are that big for a reason. They’re there to confuse you. There’s no way that that
crap can be good for you. That crap is made in a
factory and you don’t need it in your body. So if you have something on a food label that you can’t understand, don’t eat it! Don’t eat it, eat real food. Don’t eat anything with a food label, there’s just no other way around it. And you know, everybody wants to learn. Bottom line is, none of us should be even consuming that crap. That crap is not good for us. The items on a can, or a
box, that have a food label with all those confusing words, guys, that makes it shelf stable. Those chemicals make it shelf stable. So do you really want
that stuff in your body? Even if you could read it, even
if you could understand it, even if you could pronounce
it, do you really want that in your body, no. The answer is no and especially if you’re a Code Red Rebel, the answer is no. I don’t want it in my body. I can certainly promise you that. I don’t want it in my kid’s bodies. You don’t like that answer, don’t join the Code Red lifestyle. Can I just straight be honest with you, because that’s the bottom line. There are plenty of
nutrition programs out there and they’re gonna give you a food label reading demonstration. They’re gonna teach you
how to read a food label. My answer, stay away from
anything with a food label, and stay away from anything
that has a food label with a word on it that
you can’t pronounce. Bottom line, you can’t pronounce it, you don’t need it in your body. You wanna heal yourself, you
wanna stay free from diseases, you wanna make sure you
steer clear of cancer, you wanna make sure that you live a long, and healthy, and vibrant life,
eat real food, not this crap. Here’s what’s wrong with a food label. It says sugar free, it’s
really not sugar free because it has components in
it that will trigger insulin. The calorie claims are bogus on it. That’s really not true. And people think, well the
FDA’s got my back, but guys, there’s so many misleading
things about a food label. This is just not the way your
body is gonna react to it. Your body’s gonna react to the ingredients in a lot of processed foods the wrong way. You’re still gonna have
inflammation, you’re still gonna have chemicals in your body
that you don’t want in there. And those chemicals are in
there to preserve the food. So if you absolutely
insist, on eating a food that has a food label,
then I would pick a label that has the fewest ingredients in it. And I would pick a food with a label that you can actually understand
and pronounce the words. If you’re gonna look at
any part of the food label, look at the sugar. Make sure that you’ve got,
it’s as low as possible. Don’t forget, you don’t
need anymore than 25 grams per day of total sugar. So, follow what it says, make
sure that it doesn’t have a lot of added sugar. When you’re on a nutrition
plan and in weight loss mode, it’s best to stick to the foods that are approved on the plan. It can be tempting to see
something new at the grocery store that claims it’s healthy
and it looks healthy, but many times it’s not approved
by the plan that you’re on. You’ve already got a lot going on. You don’t need the extra
guesswork and the risk of derailing your weight loss journey. This is why with Code
Red, you have a coach to keep you accountable, to
guide you through every step of the way. So if you’re ready to adopt
a plan and really stick to it so that you can finally
reach your weight loss goal and keep it off, I encourage you to join the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown challenge. Click the link below to find out more. If you like this video,
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tell me what you think. Do you ever read a food
label word and you don’t know even how to pronounce it or what it is? I wanna hear thoughts on
food labels, comment below, I wanna hear from you, and
I’ll see you in the next video. (gentle ambient music)


  1. it's absolutely crazy the weird ingredients that are in foods – I LOVE this!!!  I have always felt that way and had been told by people in the past – "but it's…. diced tomatoes (for example) – those are healthy.  it's fine!!!"

  2. Very true Christy! Thank You for what you do.😊

  3. I was just talking about this yesterday in the groups! Stating on the perimeter of a grocery store keeps you away from having to read labels. 🙂 Love this video and so important to let it sink in. Thank you!

  4. Love your directness. Amen and amen. Don’t eat what you can’t pronounce and better yet don’t eat anything packaged. Always love your videos

  5. Since joining the Code Red lifestyle, I have learned so much about what is real and what is frankinfood. It's crazy that I look at everything these days and how often I see a label that says sugar free but in reality it has hidden sugars in the ingredients list. This is a great video Cristy, thank you.

  6. Thank you for this "real" information! All your effort is greatly appreciated.

  7. Stop climate change! GO VEGAN! Please share my site

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