How to Prepare Meals for Bodybuilding

hey everyone we're here at Jonathan's kitchen Jonathan's going to show you how to make your meals for the entire week we're not so much the entire week but for a few days at a time so yeah I ate a lot of food so my one serving is like three meals for somebody else so we're going to cook a large amount in one time and then separated into different meals put them into different Tupperware sections and whatnot we'll show you how it's done cool that's good so this is always this first step obviously cut off all the fat or basically anything that's white for me I'll just do it that way pull out your scissors they're actually made for this the reason why I chopped it up this way is because it actually number one I could season a little bit easier and then secondly it's easier to cook meaning that since they're in smaller pieces so instead of one chicken breast taking 20 minutes the tiny little pieces might take like 7 to 8 minutes yeah sometimes with a bigger pieces it takes longer to cook on the inside you might see the outside be cut then once you cut it open the inside still unhooked yeah exactly so this is a it looks gross but so the thinner is easier to cook so we buy the big the big thing is a chicken just because I go through them so quickly and it's cheaper this way and this is like my offseason plan you're not going to see a lot of vegetables in my meals I do eat a lot of like rice potatoes and whatnot just complex carbs but I don't use so many vegetables just because all it's going to do is make me full and bloated I still need to eat the rest of my food throughout the day now I thought we're dieting it obviously see that it be different but they wanted you know you wanted to eat vegetables just all these throw in vegetables exactly every individual is different I just know that they're gonna say something and wash your rice Jonathan why isn't he washing his rice I don't care get a rice cooker I bought the rice cooker we bought the rice cooker ok I guess I guess all y'all bugging about it yeah made me get one so you hurt his feelings I did but you know what I actually liked it I'm not gonna lie my mom hates it when she comes around I still cook for thrift with a regular regular way up a stove that's just how I was taught that's how my grandma still does it and everybody else in my family said I've gone Asian in essence at least hang around hon all the time but let me obviously get the point here just chopping this bitch up small pieces is key just like I said you'll see whenever I season it because what I like to do is I like to season it all at once and and then actually let it sit in the fridge probably overnight and then I'll cook the rest of it but obviously I'll do this a little different today that way I can see each step this is like almost six pounds of chicken for about ten bucks it's pretty legit you get rid of this those in the garbage see what I do is I'll rinse out the chicken it makes a lot easier for me to season this it's chicken – so these are my staple seasonings I know y'all seen this before this I logo I recommend everybody else to go get some glassware y'all would not be disappointed that's why I my staple seasoning anyway so I'll just put it all over mmm a lot mix it up do it again you're not going to season your food enough to where you put too much sodium in your food now if you go out to eat for every single meal then yes you're eating too much sodium because a lot of things they have a lot of preservatives in it you don't know exactly how they're cooking the food put a lot msg msg and a lot of these things so I mean after you eat out you know you get that sleepy feeling you know exactly I'm sluggish that's a lot of msg bloated I mean you feel like just right here it's not the case at all so what do you put in that pepper now some cayenne pepper I like my food spicy so I mean if you notice a lot of things that I eat man I'm Kye and out dude as you see it does leave a little red tint to it just mix it all over and then my favorite I'll have to do mrs. – I'll do the onion nerve today but I have like lemon pepper regular the original man a lot but that just kind of gives it that extra bit of flavor to it not everybody has to do this like I said but I just like it and then just mix away it looks nasty but man does it make your chicken taste good how long you let it soak in there for so normally I live I'll let it sit overnight um that way it kind of lets the the flavor kind of infuse into the chicken because you'll you'll definitely taste the difference but we'll cook some now obviously because we're just going to show you exactly what we're doing here but what we'll do is I'll cook whatever about and then have the rest for tomorrow that way I'll just fill up the Tupperware bowls for the rest of the days okay well now I'm just obviously I would put the nonstick spray on here have some olive oil flavor one I like tastes pretty good put it on medium heat on stove it's just how I like my chicken cook not only is it extremely tender but it cooks so much faster and the best part is cleaning is easy so I just line it up man let it fill up the whole pan put the top on mostly leave it on medium heat so what that does just let it cook it's not too high not too low it'll probably cook for about 10-12 minutes and it should be done basically it's going to steam it all the way through so that's the reason why I don't flip it do I need to wash the rice I guess I'm a watching just for you guys how about that he's watching the rice just for y'all I'm gonna agent people out there like yes I don't watch my rights I don't care of it it is what it is get the extra starches out of it and I noticed that sometimes like depending on what Bryce you get sometimes a little thirty year might have some bugs or whatever in there that's true so on the safe side I guess we can watch the rice so we have three cups of rice in here so four cups of water now since I got the rice cooker brothers back one put on white rice I guess that's what makes it so easy you just clip two buttons BAM right here we have our suit days I actually already baked them earlier just for the fact of video purposes that way did take because these obviously take a lot longer than everything else so we'll move on to that whatever basically just gets to packaging our meals together alright next while we have the the chicken cooking here on the stove we're going to go ahead and throw some tilapia on here this is a pure tilapia loins they don't look as big as a filets but they're a lot more meteor so I put these directly on the pan never like that and then again alright I put my basic seasonings on here this thing is a lot easier let it set easy to clean Stowe's already on I put it on like three or four because it burns a lot easier than the chicken death and we'll just let that cook again cooking time while it's already defrosted is very short seven eight minutes so it won't take that long get off now that makes basically all the food is cook the rice is almost done go ahead and step onto these potatoes so my my diet calls for two meals and potatoes so what I'm going to do is be as exact as possible twelve ounces so we're going to put it on once's here this is my digital scale and then we're just going to go ahead and start throwing these bad boys on these are Japanese sweet potatoes hence why they're purple I just like the flavor a lot more it tastes amazing all right well we're slightly over so you get the point so I'm gonna go ahead and do this again my pal Jeannie this is 12 ounces per meal so that's a about three quarters of a pound put on 12 ounces exactly go ahead you one more like I said we're we're packaging for basically there's many meals that we possibly can so here we go so we're good with this now this actually made the potatoes ahead of time because they do take a little bit longer what I did was I preheated the oven for 400 and once once it was go I opened it up obviously just I just threw them on the pan let them sit there for an hour and a half and they cook to perfection the way you check on them is literally you literally just stick a knife in them and if they can if it's if it goes all the way through then we're good but that I mean that was pretty much it on these now to the proteins the meals that I have the sweet Ted is in I actually have beat that are actually precooked as well earlier like I said I made ahead of time for video purposes next we're going to go ahead and measure in the tilapia I'm gonna make sure it's on zero again zero down and then it's just like I said I measure everything so here we are that's about perfect usually it's ten ounces but we're a little over one day being off season I'm not really we're really cutting too much about it that's good and then let me go ahead and throw some chicken on here on the next ones as you see man I mean these things are pretty much this fork tender I mean they just rip apart super good and I never flipped it as y'all notice you can if you want to but I don't zeroed it out and then we just measure away this would probably give me one to two meals this took about ten minutes to cook so not very long at all it's very time efficient what I'm going to do with the chicken is go eight ounces we're just slightly under but that's okay we do it again so this is how you prepare your meals guys it's not that hard it's very simple just try not to make a mess but I want you guys to understand is that the amount of food that I cooked right here is going to be basically more or less for your entire week for everybody else's entire week as opposed to mine because my food portion is gonna be a lot bigger so as you guys notice you know I'm eating eight to ten ounces of proteins you guys probably more or less would be eating is anywhere close to four to five ounces so these amount of meals would spread throughout the entire thing this is going to last me two to three days because these are my during the day meals where I have chicken rice fish potatoes etc my morning meal is eggs and oatmeal like typical but you know you don't want to make that precooked and as well as my my post before I go to bed meal as a shape it's a peanut butter again you just prepackaged those I like to stick them in like little Ziploc bags and whatnot and just have it ready for me so remember this is Jonathan's food portion so Jonathan's a big dude he's like 200 150 pounds something like that not everybody is 250 pounds if you look at all the pro bodybuilders you look at Ronnie Coleman Jay Cutler's all their diet videos you see that they have a huge plate of food it doesn't mean you have to eat that huge plate of food because you're going to go the bathroom next three hours you eat that food portion so right here this is Jonathan's food portion and what he made you guys probably would make it this would probably be people's meal in about a week but for him he has to spend a little more time to make more food because the bigger you are the more you have to eat exactly so I said if y'all notice the way I portioned out my meals the the proteins are going to be anywhere between eight to ten ounces you know for the typical average person that's just you're looking to get in shape I mean you know you'll eat anywhere between four or five six ounces at most as well as the carbohydrate portions mine my potatoes are twelve ounces you know you're more or less kadhi somewhere in between four to eight at most so like I said even though this is going to take up two to three days for me this will last you your entire week so that's what we're kind of trying to show you is obviously how to make things a lot more simpler and quicker and and something to taste as well so that's pretty much it for this video you guys liked it give it a thumbs up and check out John's channel it's a the link below and John's got a new fan page his other fan page something's wrong with it so 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