How to prepare Idiyappam Recipe-Nool Puttu Recipe By Healthy Food Kitchen

Idiyappam Flour – 200 g ( Measures the quantity of a glass/ tumbler) Idiyappam Flour is available ready made in the market Small Onion – 8 Green Chilli – 2 (Slit length wise) Curry Leaves Add the hot water little by little to the flour and knead it well If the amount of water goes more then the idiyappam will turn messy If the water your adding is not sufficiently hot then you will find it hard to press it using the idiyappam maker Add a 2 spoons of oil to the flour , it will prevent the dough from becoming dry The dough should be in the consistency of chapati dough When the idly maker is sufficiently hot prepare the idiyappam using the idiyappam maker Wait until the first layer gets cooked , before preparing the next layer Since we have added the water of correct consistency , our idiyappam is smooth and soft. If the water is not sufficiently hot the idiyappam will be dry and coarse Allow it to cool down In 2 cups of drinking water add curd , salt and mix well Add the idiyappam and make sure that each part gets immersed well in the curd mixed water Following this method will not allow the idiyappam to get dry Check the salt taste in the idiyappam if required add salt in the curd mixed water and add the idiyappam once again in it Heat 2 tsp of oil Season it with Mustard Seeds -1/4 tsp and Urad Dal – 1/2 tsp Add Small onions , curry leaves and green chilli Add it to the idiyappam and mix well This Idiyappam goes well with Kathirikai Kosmali / Brinjal Gothsu Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!


  1. Hi aachi… today i prepared this… it came out very well. .. Thank u so much. .. munadilam suthama puliya varadhu… kastama irukum… but 2day sema easy… nenga sonna mari try panen.. ☺☺ im so happy 😍😍

  2. Super

  3. Wonderful video with great tips and explanations. Nandri sis.

  4. What is the name of the pressing tool?

  5. plz upload iddiyappa flour

  6. thanks mam

  7. udanai sapptta buttermilk poda vendiyathu illai thanna mam sollugga pls

  8. Yesterday I tried dis recipe but it does not came out well…. first I tried in wooden presser I cannot press it well so I tried with normal murukku presser it came out well… may I know y dis was not worked well in the wooden presser…??? I newly bought the wooden presser…. could you please help me on this mam….

  9. wow super..,👍

  10. Mam please upload idayappa flour

  11. I made it today it came out excellent. Thanks for showing easy way to use idiyappam kattai.

  12. can u tell how to make idiyappam flour at home pls

  13. hai mam ur recipes really super taste
    can tell how to make rice flour in home

  14. Hai mam,I prepared this recipe came out very well.Thank you

  15. Sister I tried. Suthama puliyave mudiyalana. Enna mistake senchiruppen? Pacharisi ura vechu onarthi mixiela arachi lighta varuthu senchen. Plz tell me. Konjam kooda puliya mudila. Rendu moonu drop thambi than vandhuchu. Murukku pulila deva thattuthan potten

  16. Hello Aachi – Thank you very much for all the chettinadu recipes you sharing here. That's really nice of you. Keep up the excellent work. I was looking for aadi kummayam recipe in your channel but couldn't find it. Please share the recipe when time permits. Thank you!

  17. Thelivan vizhakkam nanri thanks

  18. why do use buttermilk?

  19. how to prepare idyappam maavu mam

  20. Mam,your idyappam looks so good .Can u pls explain how to make the idyappam flour.

  21. Wow super

  22. Achi THANKU v.much much for ur prompt reply,actually I also bring from ponnamaravathy only,where do u buy ,as my mavu even added oil doesnot look like urs.heard about attiavikum idiyappam is also v.easy as v people stay outside India ,sometimes our mavu thirthupoyudhu for this if u can teach another method .as the mavu v get here from shops r made with patcharisi.

  23. Unga mavu parka nalla vellai ya iruku,entha uril nenga vankuveenka,thanee romba kothicha idiyappam romba soft a onodu onu ottikumnu solranga,is that so.because my idiyappam is not coming like urs.

  24. Achi can u show us how to make ati avikum idiyappam .

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