hey what's up everybody this is SSG be here again and my wonderful assistant and today we are going to talk about the basics for PT test prep now I've been in the military for 18 years the best way that I found to get ready for the PT test is to actually do the events themselves now there are supplemental exercises that can help you improve your pushup count your sit-up count and your two-mile run and we'll get into that a little bit later but in this video we are just going to cover the basics because we want to get you ready for the PT test now there are ways to improve your endurance ah's and things like that and I'm going to try and cover a little bit of diet recommendations and things of that nature but for right now we're going to stick with the basics so when we get into the PT test later you'll know that there's two minutes per event with the exception to the run the run is time your start to finish but you'll have two minutes to complete as many pushups as possible and you will have two minutes to complete as many sit-ups as possible so here in just a second we will get into the actual start positions for the pushup and the sit up so that you're aware that so that way you know how to properly practice all right everybody when it comes to the weight-loss portion of this I recommend picking a diet that works well for you that you know you're actually going to be able to keep up with and I recommend that you keep up with your results because if it's not working for you then you need to change it up so that way you can get to where you need to be to join the army and stay in shape and keep it up while you're in the army so I don't recommend like a grapefruit crash diet or something like that you need to be able to keep the weight off change your eating habits and you know stay healthy so what I do myself is a variation of the key nobody died it involves intermittent fasting so on the days that I'm not working out I'm fasting now that worked well for me and it helped me cut about 35 pounds and months I wasn't necessarily overweight but I wasn't where I wanted to be and that's just not that mean that didn't work well for me so that being said I'm gonna show you all a couple of the supplements and things like that that I use and you know if you guys can recommend some better stuff feel free to leave some comments some links down in the comments and show us alright so these are the supplements that I use and these are my daily multivitamins so GNC product I'm a GMC customer most of the time I'm buying stuff from them online I like the pro box that they ship me and this is a shaker I got from them as you can see it sticks in the rubber base very well this is in fact a glass shaker I like it because no matter what if I had leave some protein in it or something you know the lid unscrews I don't have to worry about a smelly cup it's not gonna retain any of that gunk that like the plastics will so if something happens and let's say I leave it my gym bag right it's gonna be fine I don't have to worry about it smelling I just hit it with the scrubber and the dish soap and it's done this is just some nitro tech that I picked up it's not a bad way protein a lot of people have their own like personal mixes and things that they use I'm not that into it this is just something I use to follow up my workouts with and it works out really well for me now this is beyond lit excuse me beyond raw lit this is what I picked up from GNC it is a pre-workout and I do recommend the gummy worm it's actually a really great flavor I know like a lot of pre workouts are really sour and tangy and whatnot that's not bad so this actually is it's nice to have the funnel so that way when I'm mixing and my cup here I don't have to worry about spilling crap everywhere this is my multivitamin which is really nice because it is all together I love that like I don't have to open up 15 individual bottles like I used to it's all right there and if you're shopping around you're looking at GNC like all the ingredients are listed on the outside so you know before you buy it exactly what's in it and what good it does you so when doing the pushup the idea is that you break the plane for those of you who are unfamiliar with doing that it is best to have somebody sitting next to you watching you and tell you when you go down you know hey you've broken the plane you're good to go so that way you know when you're doing the test you know exactly where you need to be because unless you break the plane they do not count so I'm going to go to the start position this is how you will start you keep your body in a general straight fashion remember this no this no one-arm none of that okay so this is how you're gonna practice so that way when the test comes around you're good together all right so I'm gonna go down and then back up see how my body remains in a generally straight fashion you're not those don't count so what I'm gonna do here is I head on shot so you know exactly what I'm talk about when I'm talking about breaking the plane okay again generally straight line you know neck back body things like that we prefer you to keep your head up and down you go break the plane come back if you don't break the plane it doesn't count now if you go all the way down your chest hits the ground when you haven't broken the plane obviously there's nothing you can do there that one's still going to count as long as your breaker is paying attention so one of the best practice method that I found through the years for practicing the push-up is actually the perfect push-up the hand holders I'm not sure if that's the technical term or not but I will try and link the description or something in the actual description on the video anyway they actually they help save your wrists while you're doing the pushup so it's not quite as hard on your wrists and that's something that kind of matters when you get a little over the years like me so again generally straight body link plank down break the plane come up it's a lot easier with these so they're not a bad investment but you know if you don't have the money in our money but it helps you get ready and you're still breaking the plane that's still the same general motion now the next exercise that you'll be doing will be the sit-up so best practices for the sit up again on the actual event itself now there are weight assisted situps and different exercises that you can do to enhance but it's best to practice the exact same way you're going to do it on the test so again I have my wonderful assistant here and we're going to go through this now when the Army has the PT test and you're required to do the sit-up you're going to be doing it fingers interlace behind the head so that's where we're going to start this out now the requirement is that you break the line here with the base of your neck and the base of your spine so if you want your feet out here I wouldn't recommend it because you have farther to go but once you break that plane you're fine so there is no regulated way on how to get up and sit up sit down it's however you get there as long as you accomplish that and keep your fingers interlaced we'll get in that later on in the PT test coverage later this week but this is a good setup you're all the way down you make contact the back seat of shoulder blades are good up you go again down just like that so this doesn't really count but if that's what you need to get up and you get it up here and you break that plane you're good as long as you keep your fingers together interlace behind your head you're fine all right guys now that we've covered the push-ups and the situps all this left is the run so the best way to practice for the run just like every other event is actually doing the event now to get into the run again it's time start to finish it's not a two-minute event so what's going to benefit you the most here is going out and going to like a doctor Scholl's you know insole machine or going to a particular shoe store where someone can actually look at your foot and tell the pressure points on it and you know assess your arch and things of that nature so you can get the shoe that it's best going to suit you in your particular run style because the shoes make a huge difference don't go down to the store pick up some cross trainers from somewhere and think oh you're good don't just go buy some new Balance number two billion and think oh yeah that's best shoe ever we all might run and walk similarly but no one runs and walks the same so what's going to matter is how all that lines up it's gonna make a huge difference I used to think that all if I go run I've just got some cross trainers they're Jordans they look awesome I got done and I always thought hey you know it's normal for some joint pain and some things to hurt no that's not always the case now while running will fatigue you yes that's gonna happen but your shoes and the way run make a huge difference that's gonna matter enormous ly in the end so get some good shoes and to develop a good program I would say you gonna start off with like if you have never really run before in your life start off with a half mile work your way up in increments half mile you know do that for a week two weeks if you're really sucking at it and you can go to three then I would bump up to the mile within you know this couple of weeks and then again just like start now you're gonna run that mile for a couple of weeks and then you're gonna bump up to the half another half mile excuse me so you're gonna be running a mile and a half of a couple of weeks it sounds like a lot but it's really not that much because the armies base is two miles that's what they're gonna assess you on so once you've gotten to your mile and a half mark in a couple of weeks you're gonna want to bump up to the two mile and do that for a couple weeks and keep going exceed I would say to at least two and a half miles to three miles because you don't want to have mismeasured and you know adjusted your time and time yourself at exactly what you thought was two miles and then you go to do the test and maybe the test is a little off you know that does happen or maybe you were off on your measurements and now your time is going to be off so you were just barely at the passing time now I'll sudden you're late so on our next video we will actually cover the time requirements that's what you're going to need to shoot for there's going to be a variation of time for age and things of that nature all that will matter but again move up in the increments and if you're having trouble with it you know get into the forums online you may up with some questions if you have some questions about any of these exercises that you've seen maybe you're seeing something that you think I'm doing wrong hit me up there might be a reason I'm doing it might be because that's the way I've learned it you know and maybe I am doing something wrong so hit me up ask questions find me in the comments section hit me up on Facebook you to Twitter any of those I'm on Instagram as well my links will be posted in my bro my profile excuse me and you'll be able to find me there everybody have a great week look forward to seeing the next video on Wednesday and the next video will cover the test itself the different sections and things of that nature and what you need to be looking for for when you get to that level and you are ready to take the test what we're actually going to be grading on so you're familiar with thank you and everybody have a great week

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