How to prepare for physical training for Police, NDA and CDS | By Kautilya Academy |

hello everyone there are numbers on Sandia make or delegate removal fits the physical trainer room is filled up lobotomist fields if he said the Salas is wrong wrong arts all campus training experience a K 11 7 FS nutrition course Kiowa or scale I wanna play battle to make national football player who court illness mi casa de la corte will give me n da CDSs I interview HS cream a physical training urato physical training up Keeley Q necessary physical training is necessary up K Conference cobalt Goethe a P personal Diego belt cutter or AB physical activity may I give a lotta a map to physical training given about at home I met training T bathroom the seven days may come six days but Joseph training karate harden homologue body part to hit Kurt say Monday upper body chest biceps triceps shoulder years of chest just army may 5 inch chest wound up Hodja Rory yes Liam Moscow upper body may hit Carter they said push-ups pull-ups shoulder keeper go to karate upper portion improve nexium lower body before curtain like legs legs strong Nebojsa yeah because legs is strong when I say I'm running a chi 3 cos carpet a long duration pay or shortened running car buying a third day ham cross river karate he part X is coming sure exercise hotel is common circuit training we get their job how my body my strength or stamina go develop kurta dokie exs can si within a month after strength or stamina develop Julieta next three days i'm same access repeat curtain like upper body lower body and crossfit Sunday comrade skirt because rest Bahji yuri depth agra sniggering a body growth in agree is Kawada may upgrade ity Madonna Chatham and I'd dope rock are guilty eat veg or acknowledge Johar think veg Kiva Carew to her diet may two types of protein nota first class 14 or second restoring vets ki baat karu to first class port in Eponine rata or second class was missed routes dal tomba 2 becomes link artificial about you say Tom and gooey but I think he abou first class 14 apna diet we include our na UK in dental chair may protein Kaku is Passini our boss re Mitzvah Indian culture may key protein kinase a kidney Revati arrow Thomas cobalt can go some shot a key protein we have seen a couscous ahe's mms a hick today my appetite for you scurrying a top killer benefit happy growth up custom nest and still develop Olga non-veg ski bath Karuma – no invasion Baha sorry options are like chicken fish egg it's specific about to top and MH hey gram protein Jota or chicken get hundred grams chicken may be super cheesy I'm can the protein Jota is maybe in first class 14 a second blastboarding Jota the sticky first class warden will get chicken egg fish up boss sorry Mitzi a Giga yellow part Neha not serious a white person at sea but snae Jessica must cook meals with the white color Jessica but chat 4 mins later or egg barn may have teeny HR and Aharon Thomas K yellow part of use cursor or a bee fitness goal Pratap Nagar cocoa fat loss Karma – yellow avoid her a kiss yoga weight gain karna the yellow copy indict me include cannot say it study case the Hammond kids it may be one key life MAME it's a diet cola k one-on-one counseling car gay home also door curtain Escobar nagoba da do he caught a leaky that up say as one week up go free trial they are a physical training car up our core telomere hair every quarter in Sbarro Papa gay quarterly key number back on tape turkey ham say one week trial except a rock Oh Achille actor Tom 17 yourself


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