How to Play Baritone Saxophone : Baritone Saxophone Tongue Warm Up Drills

For Expert Village, I’m EJ John Erickson with
Vital Flame Productions, and thank you for joining us on our sessions focusing on the
baritone saxophone. So we’re moving along kind of quickly. You’ve made a sound, you’ve
gotten your fingers to move real basic; just getting things going. Now, everything that
we’ve talked about so far you’re just blowing, and keeping the air going while you’re moving
your fingers. Nothing else. Your O, and the teeth on the mouthpiece, O, is the same. We’re
going to talk real briefly about tonguing. Tonguing gives it the staccato and the punch,
that especially for a bari. Sax you’ve got; you know if you’re going to play like Doc
from Tower of Power, you’ve got to know how to tongue. So, that’s pretty critical. So
from what we’ve talked about for embouchure, O, its TU, and you literally take your tongue
to the bottom of that reed, and you go TU. You come right back; you aren’t stopping the
air support, you’re not going HU, HUHUHUHUHU, you’re not huffing. You keep that support
in the air and you’re going TU, TU. Now if you want to do a short one you go TUT, and
you go TUT, but the pressure is still right behind the tongue. So let me demonstrate that.
Here’s no tonguing, just blowing and moving the fingers. Except I tongued a little bit
at the end there, hard not to. O.K. so lets talk about; well let me do the first three
notes we talked about between slurring, tonguing and tutting. That demonstrates the three, let me do it
again, slur, tongue, tut. Which, I’m basically taking my tongue off and slapping in right
back down, still keeping the air pressure behind that tongue. TU, TU, TU, TU. TUT, TUT, TUT, TUT. TUT, TUT
looks like rain, got to have that.


  1. lol at 0:51

  2. omg, i think this has to be the first coherent, and actually useful video that has ever come from expert village. touche salesman

  3. lol press 2 repeditavley. or go through each number from 1-10 pressing each one individually and repditavely… lol its like a he's showing a whole new how to vid…

  4. omg you know absolutely nothing about playing the sax

    All people you need the tip of the tong to the tip of the reed

  5. anyone else think of this in a really wrong way?

  6. what sax stand do you use?

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